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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where Are We Going And Why Are We In This Handbasket?

Well it is time for the first installment of 2010 of WAWGAWAWITH. Todays post is cutesy of Right Wing News Columnist Dr. Melissa Clouthier. In her post Abnormal Psychology Exists: You Are A Woman If You Give Birth. Period. she brings to light the situation of a legally married gay couple. Both born women and Thomas is transgendered while Scott, after having her 36DDD breasts removed, could not afford the gender reassignment surgery and thus has lived as a man in appearance only. They are legally married because some loophole where Scott, born Jessica, retained female status by virtue of her birth certificate.

Well the happy couple have decided to have a child. Scott is pregnant via sperm donation and is due to deliver next month in England. The California couple already has two sons from husband Thomas' previous relationship with a woman who has since died. Got it?
Clouthier says:
You know, there is such thing as abnormal psychology. This is NOT NORMAL. It is one thing to move to Funky Town. It's another thing to start a family there and bring children into this disordered environment.

Pretending that this is not so is akin to the government pretending that a dude with the name Mohammed who acts weird, says he wants to blow things up and then does it, isn't a terrorist.

Society cannot function if we don't have some agreement on what is acceptable social norms. Freaks do not tend to build society, they tend to be around the edges eating away at its success.
Amen Dr. Clouthier, Amen.

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