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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chester Street: Once Saved, always saved

I've have been very lax of late with regards to blogging. For that I apologize. Thank God that others have not stopped. I was cruising the Blog Roll and saw that good ole Mark at Chester Street is still spreading the Truth and This particular Truth bears repeating.

Chester Street: Once Saved, always saved
After a very long and tiered conversation with someone who thinks they can lose their salvation, I will post this list [shamelessly stolen from Melvin's Essays] Link is Here.

Here is what must happen every time you sin and LOSE your salvation.

1. I have to lose my eternal life – which, or course, isn’t eternal if I can lose it.
2. I have to cease to be the new creation and become an old creation again.
3. I have to cease to be a child of God – He has to disown me.
4. I have to again become a child of wrath.
5. I have to cease to be a child of Light and become a child of darkness again.
6. I have to be removed from the body of Christ – un-baptized as it were.
7. I have to come alive again, outside of Christ.
8. I have to get unburied and un-united in my burial with Christ.
9. I have to take myself out of Jesus’ hand.
10. I have to take myself out of the Father’s hand.
11. I have to be transferred back to the kingdom of darkness.
12. I have to be unsealed for the day of redemption.
13. I have to some how come alive again to the power of sin.

...and of course, after I have repented, God does it all over again! Yeh, ok...
Thanks Mark! Strange though, I run into people who swear they can lose their salvation when they sin but they haven't lost theirs yet. Hmmm. You gotta love those perfect human beings.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, guy, but the apostle Paul himself said that he browbeat his body daily that he might not become disapproved somehow.
There are none sinless, but we do need to try our best to live up to God's standard. When we intentionally turn away from God, we can lose salvation. That loss is not necessarily permanent if the person repents of their sin and asks for forgiveness.
Jesus himself said that there would be those who were rejected for salvation. He said that there would be those who said, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name (and a list of other activities in Jesus' name)? "And I will say unto them, I never knew you."

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