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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 11/30/2005

Partial Face Transplant Done in France
Doctors use horse's ass to restore John Kerry's face.

Clark says: Saddam in Good Spirits
Great! Nothing bums a person out like a depressed mass murderer

Justices Step Into Abortion Rights Case
Justices scrape Pro-choice arguments off bottoms of their shoes

A challenge to see Muslims clearly
Try the scope on a sniper rifle

Ronald MacDonald Charged in Wendy's Theft
Supporters appeal to Burger King and plan Rallys in the Subway

Vatican Publishes Views on Gay Priests
Cardinals say proceeds from gay priests calendar to offset legal fees in pedophile cases

U.S. Relaxes Ban on Poultry From Canada
Move opens door to chickens from recently outed Canadian Parliament

Never Too Late to Quit Smoking
Unless of course you've just died from lung cancer

Rolling Stones to Perform at Super Bowl
Promoters order extra defibulators on the sidelines

Sony PlayStation to Get Parental Controls
Parents say new controls' simpler, bigger buttons levels playing field with their kids

Rolling Stones Announce European Tour
Having difficulty finding walker-accessable venues

Lingerie Store Window Has Live Models
Out-of-work GM autoworkers grateful for new job

Ride covers 50,000 miles and four years
Husband finally stops and asks for directions

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Peace Mother Sheehan Has a New Book

Cindy Sheehan has written a book. I have not read it so here is my in depth, chapter by chapter analysis.

Chapter 1 deals with Cindy’s loss and how she copes with clothing. “The Lyin Witch and Her Wardrobe” will move you deeply.

Cindy quickly moves on to Chapter 2 wherein she lays bear her soul about her brief incarceration for her cause and its effect on personal hygiene. “I Know Why the Caged Turd Stinks” is an eye opening look into this country’s jails.

Chapter 3 finds Cindy praising the entertainers, like Joan Baez, who stopped by Camp Casey and supported her efforts. “The Sound of Muzak” is a fitting tribute.

Perhaps the most introspective chapter is Chapter 4. Cindy exposes here private thoughts to her private parts which respond by telling her how it feels about losing a loved one. “The Vagina Dialogues” is writing at its best.

The book just builds from there. Other chapters include “For Peace Moms Who Have Considered Suicide When the Cameras Turned Away”, “Rant”, “Moonbat 21”, “Bush Hour 2”, and “Radio Liar”.

Cindy Sheehan’s book will go down as possibly the greatest piece of literary fiction ever written. This has been a Precision Guided Humor Assignment.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday Pi

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, here is some Holiday Pi. Turn up the speakers

Christmas Lights - EXTREME

This home is definately in the Christmas spirit. Check out this video. (Requires sound)

Monday, November 28, 2005

The First Noel

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It is that time of year. The season where the ACLU goes hog wild trying to remove God and Jesus from every instance of public celebration. I have a couple of new holiday items in my sidebar. They link to Stop the ACLU. Jay has a campaign this season to encourage all of us to decorate our blogs with Christmas scenes. Operation Nativity has these images for you to download and host on your blog. Do it because you love Jesus. The fact that it will make the ACLU's collective heads explode is just icing.

A O Way to Go Ohio

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Okay first let me apologize for quoting Chrissy Hinde. While I have enjoyed her work and that of the Pretenders in the past, she is a whacked out moonbat and I try not to associate with her. But the line fit like a glove so sue me. (Not really if you are some kind of a moonbat lawyer.)

Anyway, my beloved Buckeye State has license plates. They say “Choose Life”. Yeah baby! They were signed into law back in February and scheduled production started May 15th.

The Ohio Choose Life Website states:
860 Choose life plates have sold in Ohio as of November 22, 2005 raising $16,580 for Ohio’s adoption effort. Soon the plate may be available for commercial vehicles!! Spread the word and plan ahead for this option.

Tell everyone. Use church bulletins, bulletin boards, community storefront windows, letters to the editor, phone calls, email, newsletters and any other means possible.
Keep the prayers going please. Many want to stop us! Many seem to be against adoption efforts expanding in Ohio. You must help promote the plate to further the funds from each sale to your county all throughout the year. Your purchase sends your money back to your county and surrounding county agencies. It is vital that we all promote and purchase the Choose Life plate to grow the monies to be distributed across Ohio.

The Choose Life plate raises money for adoption in Ohio. Naturally the baby murder promoters have their panties in a wad. The ACLU and NARAL have tried to stop the production of the plate not only in Ohio but in other states as well. The ACLU filed suit on May 2nd, just before production began. The Choose Life site says:

The Aclu Court Challenges Are No Surprise.
Ohio Choose Life, Inc. Views the Challenges to be Unwarranted
Three lawsuits against the Choose Life license plate in Florida have all been unsuccessful.
The U.S. 11TH Circuit Court ruled, "The first amendment does not require states to authorize the speech of those who have expressed no interest in speaking; it only protects the rights of those who wish to speak." This shows the application processes are not discriminating when the opposition does not use that process to apply for a plate and they should not claim standing in court unless the do. The opposition has only applied to get their specialty plate in other states solely to gain "standing" to file suit. If their bill does not move through the process for lack of support, such as NARAL claims in Ohio, that is not the fault of their so-called opposition. They can make another attempt at any time.

This court challenge by the ACLU as in other states comes just before production is to begin, and at the same time will interfere with extending the outreach of agencies assisting pregnant women and girls in need of support and necessities during their pregnancy. We need to work together to reach out to women and girls when they face an unwanted pregnancy. Why would anyone stand in the way of helping those in need? This specialty plate does not in any way take away the rights of women. Ohio's Choose Life adoption plate is very different from other states as it clearly shows our message.
The Choose Life kids are surrounded by the text "ADOPTION BUILDS A FAMILY".

Ohio's Choose Life specialty plate does not make a political statement as some have claimed. It sounds good, but this is not true. In Ohio, the motorists have made it clear they want this plate, the legislative procedure was followed and Ohio Governor Bob Taft signed the Ohio Choose Life plate into law February 15, 2005. That is the process.
The Choose Life adoption plate is an attempt by the Ohio legislature to meet the urgent need of many women and children.
This plate will assist agencies already helping women with unplanned pregnancies see the benefit of adoption. It is a choice we can all live with.

So all across the country, people are trying to raise money to promote adoption as an alternative to murder and the ACLU is screaming that it interferes with woman’s rights. Typical. Why is the loony left so opposed to alternatives to their philosophies? Why is a young girl with an unwanted pregnancy automatically suppose to kill her child without even considering letting it be born? The ACLU, NARAL and their kind are EVIL! Pure and simple.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I notice that a lot of The Usual Suspects have already made their excuses for light blogging this weekend due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I applaud their straightforwardness. I was just going to blog lightly and not say anything about it.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that all of you have plenty to be thankful for and that you counted your blessings today and gave thanks to God.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I See Why The Marines Want To Stay The Course

Michael Yon visited at least 50 Iraqi schools. He has a photo tour called Show and Tell: A Photo Essay You won't find pictures like these in the MSM.

Hat Tip Nickie Goomba

Headlines for Tuesday 11/22/2005

Woman admits trying to open jet door for a smoke
Says "Yeah, I'm really that stupid"

Fake kosher marshmallows new threat to Israel?
Weapons of Fast Destruction

Twins Return to Egypt After Separation
Disney picks exotic "Sister Sister" reunion film locale

Testicular Cancer Survivors Have Higher Rates of Other Cancers
As if Testicular Cancer alone wasn't enough of a kick in the crotch

U.N.: HIV Epidemic Continues to Spread
Infected people continue to have unprotected sex

Oprah agrees to appear on the 'Late Show'
#1 of the Top Ten Reasons To Go To Bed Early That Night

Man Hit in Head by Train for Second Time
Man agrees to stop following those "strange tracks" he keeps coming across

In the Senate, a Chorus of Three Defies the Line
Rhythmless legislators spoil entire Senate production of A Chorus Line

'Corpse plant' draws big crowds
GM objects to new nickname of one of their 9 doomed facilities

"The World Will Know My Anger" Shooting Suspect Said
Suspect plans coming out party for Anger

Anger Dies at 85
Gee we didn't get to know his Anger for very long

Do Herring Fart to Communicate?
Possibly. Sound and smell is also reminiscent of Democrats talking

Man at Gun Show Shoots Himself in Bathroom
After 6 hours of surgery, doctors remove bullet from bathroom

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Waaaah! Waaaah! We Were Set Up!

Congressman John P. Murtha in a very publicized move, criticized the war in Iraq and called for the immediate withdrawal of our troops. Fine. Republicans then introduced a motion in the House to immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq. Also fine since we are after all a democracy and we decide issues of import by voting. The measure was soundly defeated 403-3. Surprisingly Murtha didn’t even vote for the move he inspired with his speech.

Now the Democrats are crying “Fowl! We were set up! This was just a political stunt!” And that’s were I got really confused. If the Democrats want our troops to come home then why would they not want to vote on it? The troops aren’t going to be redeployed without some sort of congressional support and a vote seems to me a logical first step. Why would they claim that this was a political stunt by the Republicans when all they did was vote to do what the Democrats wanted them to?

I think it is because the Democrats really didn’t appreciate the finality of the Yea or Nay vote. Incumbents were hoping to ride the rising frustration of the war into the 2006 election cycle. By claiming to be anti-war they hoped to get more of their base out to retain their seats. I believe they literally were going to rally around a “Bring Our Troops Home” platform all the way up to next November. Now they can’t. Not without looking (more) hypocritical. This “put up or shut up” move has let a lot of steam out of their anti-war movement. If they keep on about it now, their opponents need only point to the vote to show
a) Overwhelming congressional support for the war and
b) All but 3 Democrats believed (via vote) that it was not time to pull out of Iraq.

It was a smart move by the Republicans. I just wish it meant the end of all the anti-war rhetoric from the left.

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This is a Homespun Blogger Symposium question and OTB at Bloggin Outloud

Friday, November 18, 2005

Using Rosa Parks

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has a great article on WorldNet Daily called Using Rosa Parks. An excerpt:

Current liberal black leaders have accomplished nothing of value. They are like parasites, living off the legacy of Dr. King. In contrast, the black and white freedom fighters of the civil-rights era were men and women of character.

Jesse Jackson and other liberal black leaders never encourage black Americans to do better. They're motivated by greed for power and money, which can only be fed if blacks stay dependent – i.e., stay Democrats. Why else turn Rosa Parks' funeral into a political opportunity instead of a celebration of courage?

Good question. I have posted before about the lack of positive direction from the self proclaimed Black leaders of this country. They have laid the blame for the “black condition” at the feet of conservative Republicans. They refuse to tell black people that they are ultimately responsible for their own condition. And don’t let a black person try to tell black parents that they are falling down when it comes to raising their children to overcome poverty. They will suffer the “Cosby Treatment”. Every liberal black leader will attack them and “debunk” their claims. Even successful conservative blacks find it difficult to lead by example. Anytime they call for black people to better themselves through hard work and education like they themselves did, they find their very “blackness” questioned.

This is not surprising. Liberal black leaders want America to be a Socialist nanny state. Rev. Peterson explains why:

The modern civil-rights leaders are, one might say, the illegitimate children of W.E.B. DuBois. DuBois was a founding member of the NAACP, and notorious for his publicized attempts to discredit the late great Booker T. Washington.

Washington called on blacks to focus on hard work, character and increasing economic power, knowing that political power and civil rights would naturally follow.

DuBois believed in the higher education of a "Talented Tenth" of black Americans – a group of elites to guide black America into "higher" civilization. DuBois himself was an elite socialist who believed in racial and political agitation to achieve his ends.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farakan must see themselves as part of the “Talented Tenth”. Anyone who tells the other 90% of blacks that they are doing themselves a disservice by not trying to better themselves suddenly becomes the enemy. That person threatens the DuBois social order that liberal black leaders have worked so hard to set up. It is not about the betterment of black people as a whole, it is about being part of a liberal elite class who tells the other blacks what to do and how to live. Rev. Peterson concludes:
Of course, without political and racial chaos, there would also be no need for partisan, racist organizations like the NAACP. And that is why black conservatives are attacked to this day, while hateful, racial agitators are glorified.

The legacy and name of Rosa Parks will continue to be used to advance the aims of the corrupt liberal elite, specifically in the lead-up to the 2006 elections. Shame on them and their pretense of love for Rosa and for America.

And we see it already in the senate race of Michael Steele. Liberal blacks failed to condemn racist attacks on Steele and at the same time black Democrats say racial attacks are fair game because “Party trumps race”.

The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles

I discovered via site meter The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles. It has been a joy to read. Peace Moonbeam reported her experiences from Camp Casey earlier this year. In her latest post she rushes to France to help the misunderstood Muslim youths who are torching cars.
I’ve learned from experience that the quickest way to be regarded like a TIAP* in this country is to speak English so I was careful to speak the local language while checking in and later when I ordered our meals at the restaurant. I soon remembered I really didn't know how to speak French when they served me a carburetor with cheese sauce and a glass of phlegm. The other dishes weren’t much better with the exception of the bacon-wrapped hamster that although tiny, was very moist and tasty.

*Turd in a Punchbowl

Go read all of her stuff. It won’t take long and you will be glad you did.    

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 11/16/2005

Napoleon's tooth fetches $22,600
Tooth Fairy pays out; declares bankruptcy

Woman Drives Station Wagon Into Bookstore
Returns book on home brake repairs

Woman finds dead turtle in package of coffee
She was treated for shell shock and released

Researchers: Hops in Beer May Be Healthy
Later drunken researchers jump in wine saying it may be healthy too.

Television's Brave New World
Would be one with something actually worth watching on it

'Wasp Hounds' Sniff Out Trouble
White protestant groups upset. Sees move as profiling

Rolling Stones Spark Noise Complaints
Mostly from people who bought last album

Grizzlies Near Yellowstone May Lose Status
Move to hunt Yogi should reduce theft of pic-a-nic baskets

Delta Heads to Court to Cut Pilots' Pay
Now we know why pilots drink

Regis and Kelly to Host 'Seinfeld' Stars
Regular Regis and Kelly viewers are accustomed to shows about nothing

'Are Men Necessary?'
Somebody has to program the TiVo

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday

Yesterday was Dr. Condolezza Rice's Birthday. She is in my opinion one of the classiest women in the world. If only she would consent to be Mrs. Dane Bramage!

Happy Birthday Condi!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Headlines for Monday 11/14/2005

Today's headliney goodness is brought to you by Clipomatic. Literally. When I do headlines I scan through newsfeeds in my RSS feed reader. When I find a headline I like I open it in a browser window. Then I use Blogger's "BLOG THIS" to open another window with the headline and link to source in it. I add my incredibly humorous line and then cut and paste the entire thing into the Blogger post which is open in yet another window. Well the unimaginable happened. One of my Browsers windows hung! When I closed the unresponsive window, it closed ALL the IE windows! All my headlines were not saved and GONE.

Well I use Clipomatic a freeware utility that infinitaly increases the usefulness of the clipboard. It allows you to copy/cut up to 10 items and stores them all. You can then paste them in whatever order you want. There are lots more features so check it out. Every one of my headlines was still in the cache. Thank you Mike Lin. And both of my readers thank you too! Now back to the Headlines.

Arab-American Comedians Find Humor in Fear
Now it's the audience whose afraid the performer will bomb

Carter 'disturbed' by direction of U.S.
Forward has always confused former president.

Gere Researches Role in Albuquerque
Actor reprises "Pretty Woman" role as divorcee in sequel "Ugly Ho With Half My Stuff"

Lawsuit against Gene Simmons a go
Aging rocker looks to K.I.S.S. and makeup

Anne Rice turns to Jesus
Writing goes from drenched in blood to Washed in the Blood

McMillan confronts gay ex-husband
Audience agrees, husband was straight before marriage

Abbott awaits report into abortion drug
Costello remains pro-life

McMillan confronts gay ex-husband
Susan St. James discusses new McMillan and Ex-Wife series

Twin sisters try to fool judge
Plot failed when judged noticed Mary Kate Olsen looked nothing like Tia Mowery

1 square inch of land for sale at $1,500
Buyers hope to recoup cost by placing tiny red hotel and hoping people land on it

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veteran's Day

Thank A Veteran For Your Freedom
By J. L. Sager

It was a veteran, not a reporter,
Who guaranteed freedom of the press.

It was a veteran, not a poet,
Who guaranteed freedom of speech.

It was a veteran, not a campus organizer,
Who guaranteed freedom to demonstrate.

It was a veteran, not a minister,
Who guaranteed freedom to worship.

It was a veteran, not a salesman,
Who guaranteed freedom to own property.

It was a veteran, not a travel agent,
Who guaranteed freedom to travel.

It was a veteran, not a politician,
Who guaranteed freedom to vote.

It is a veteran who salutes the Flag,
Risks it all for the Flag,
And who is buried beneath the Flag.

Hat Tip basil’s blog

Ten Reasons to Stop the ACLU

Jay over at STOP the ACLU posts 10 reasons to stop the ACLU. Check them out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

RON Goes Down in Flames

There were four amendment proposals on the Ohio ballots yesterday and fortunately they were overwhelmingly rejected. The Reform Ohio Now initiative (or RON to its opponents) tried to sell the Ohio voters on the idea that our current election system was seriously flawed and prone to fraud and abuse. Where have you heard that before? Out of the mouths of Democrats after the last election. And not surprisingly it was liberal Democrats who sponsored the initiatives.

What caused voters to reject the measures was the fact that out-of-state special interest groups funded the campaign.  On one hand Democrats claimed that special interests had too much say in the Ohio election process and yet special interests were trying to change it. From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Reform Ohio Now, backed primarily by Democrats and unions, billed the four amendments, known as Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5, as a means to rid state government of corruption.

Ohio First, made up mainly of Republicans and business groups, used a sophisticated campaign to deliver a death blow to the measures.

State Rep. Kevin DeWine, R-Fairborn, who helped lead the opposition, said voters were united in their opposition across the state, and the four amendments were defeated in urban, rural and suburban areas. “This shows that ideas matter and that bad ideas lose,” DeWine said.

He said voters got the message the measures were being pushed in Ohio by out-of-state liberal groups.

Ohio First campaigned successfully against the issues by arguing that they would lead to more bureaucracy at the state level, strip away the right to vote, hand over important government duties to appointed boards rather than elected officials and give an edge to unions and independently wealthy individuals in campaigns.

Opponents also emphasized that the Ohio Constitution was not the proper mechanism for addressing the issues.

The Christian Coalition of Ohio also opposed the amendments and provided a list of the issues and their opposing viewpoint at their website:

Issue Two – No-Fault Absentee Voting
• Clutters the Constitution with election regulations on mail or absentee ballots and provisional ballots-regulations that could lead to election fraud and abuse without legislative recourse.
Issue Three – Deforming Campaign Finance
• Allows special interest, even those out of state, to give ten times more money to a statewide candidate than any individual is allowed.
• Allows those special interests to keep the names of their contributor’s secret.
• Wealthy candidates have no spending limits, but citizens are severely limited in donations, leaving a tremendous advantage to millionaire candidates.
• Clutters the Constitution with set-in-stone spending limits that won’t reduce the cost of campaigns.
Issue Four – Appointment Board and Legislative Districts
• Removes legislative district drawing power from well known directly elected officers and gives it to a politically appointed board whose members are not required to meet any minimum level of qualification.
• It uses a complicated mathematical formula to draw districts that has never been used in any state.
• This new bureaucracy in Columbus will be granted virtually unlimited power to spend Ohio tax dollars with essentially no oversight by Ohio voters, elected officials, or the state legislature. Could lead to fewer minority elected officials and reduced representation of minority communities in the legislature and Congress.
Issue Five – Appointed Elections Commission
• Takes away Ohioans’ right to vote for the state’s chief elections officer. Instead, it creates a new statewide elections board of political appointees who would never face election and would never be held accountable to Ohio voters.
• This proposal would give this new bureaucracy a blank check to spend tax dollars without oversight by voters or elected officials. Issue Five invites legal challenges at every election, possibly turning Ohio into a Florida.

No right thinking person would believe that these are real reforms. These are reactionary measures taken by the liberal losers of the 2004 election. They really didn’t want to help Ohio. They just wanted to help themselves. Why do liberals believe that if you can’t win a contest that you should change the rules?

This post was linked to Stop The ACLU Middle of the Week Open Trackbacks

Monday, November 07, 2005

Headlines for Monday 11/07/2005

In China, Hunt on for Loch Ness Monster
Hunters claim "The light is better over here"

Beach Boys singer Mike Love sues Brian Wilson
Demands Barenaked Ladies do a song about him too!

Doctors Say ERs Not Ready for a Disaster
ABC and CBS offer no competition in medical show's Thursday night slot

Yahoo, TiVo Join to Blend TV, Web Services
Soon your computer will download and save other peoples emails that it thinks you would want to read

France PM: Curfews to stem riots
Forces extremists to riot during daylight hours only

Battered mail-order brides seek rights
Demand their shipping crates be marked FRAGILE, with increased padding and extra air holes

Escaped killer captured -- drunk
Authorities apologised for drinking inmate. Says they were really thirsty

Sri Lanka Candidate Offers Cows if Elected
Plans to give away all the cows the Democrats had because of the 2004 election

Three die playing catch with grenade
Community to encourage safer games in future like bobbing for french fries

Judge Aims to Prevent Dead Voters in N.J.
Equips all wards and precincts with crosses and garlic

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Praise the Lord for Good Friends

You know who you are. Thanks and God Bless!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Headlines for Friday 11/04/2005

Headaches Are Often a Family Affair
You tend to get them from your children

Man sues ex-girlfriend over glued genitals
Victim's attorney prepares special briefs for sticky case

Yoko Ono Apologizes for McCartney Remark
"I'm sorry if anybody named Paul took offense at what I said"

The heart of a supermodel
The brain of bread mold

Stopping Jet Lag Before It Starts
Take the bus

Michael Jackson working on Katrina single
"We are the wor..glub..glub..burble.."

R. Kelly Continues 'Trapped in the Closet'
Wishes he could come out like George 'Sulu' Takei

Mexico's Cemeteries Host Día de los Muertos Parties
People dying to get in

Witnesses Describe Ballot Fraud in Nineveh
Jonah arrives by whale to investigate claims

Scientists Find Fossils in Sexual Union
Senator Robert Bryd's sex scandal rocks Capitol Hill

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stop The ACLU:Democrats Call Closed Door Meeting in the Senate

Ever see a baby that didn’t get it’s way sit down in the middle of the floor and start crying? That’s the impression I get from the Democrats about a lot of things lately. And just to prove me right, Reid hijacks the senate with demands on behalf of the American people. Jay over at Stop the ACLU has this piece: Democrats Call Closed Door Meeting in the Senate Seems the donks demand to know why there is no investigation into the intelligence that led up to the Iraq war. I personally believe it is sour grapes over the outcome of the Plamegate and the nomination of Alito.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 11/01/2005

Fourth night of Cop vs. Muslim riots rock Paris suburb
Good thing its not a religious attonement holiday or anything

Seal bites off woman's nose
Singer claims he was inspired by his idol Mike Tyson

Woman in Witch Costume Robs Wash. Bank
Suspect fled the scene on a blue 2003 O Cedar Maxie Angler

Woody Allen Grateful for Wife Soon-Yi
Announces couple is expecting another wife in January

Workers spend 551,000 years reading blogs
Get back to work you slackers!

Three Stabbings Reported Near White House
Democrats grow more desparate in wake of campaign finance reforms

New Santana a big bore
Latest single should be called Oye Como Blah

Alec Baldwin, Basinger in Custody Dispute
Dueling dim-bulbs seek sole custody of a brain

Plan for World's Largest Wind Farm Generates Controversy
Many suspect farm will utilize illegal immigrant labor for sowing winds and reaping whirlwinds

Mattel rolls out an Elmo that Knows Your Name
Toy will sit on stool at Boston bar between Cliff and Norm

That's it for Headlines today. Wow! Headlines two days in a row! Must be all the inspirational comments! Keep 'em comin' And remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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What You Didn't See In the MSM News Yesterday

Bird Flu. Alito. These were the things the MSM were focused on. There wasn't so much as a peep about Three school girls beheaded in Indonesia. Why not? Well would it surprise you that the three victims were Christians? They and a fourth girl were on their way to Christian High School. Would it surprise you that the attackers are believed to be Muslims? Six attackers jumped the girls.

"But Dane! Muslims are such peace loving people!" you say. Well the report goes on to point out
Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, but Central Sulawesi has a roughly equal number of Muslims and Christians. The province was the scene of a bloody sectarian war in 2001-2002 that killed around 1,000 people from both communities.

At the time, beheadings, burnings and other atrocities were common.

A government-mediated truce succeeded in ending the conflict in early 2002, but there have since been a series of bomb attacks and assassinations of Christians. These included a blast at a market in Poso, a predominantly Christian town, that killed 22 people in May.
Ah yes the "Religion of Peace".

Hat Tip NewsBusters