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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 11/22/2005

Woman admits trying to open jet door for a smoke
Says "Yeah, I'm really that stupid"

Fake kosher marshmallows new threat to Israel?
Weapons of Fast Destruction

Twins Return to Egypt After Separation
Disney picks exotic "Sister Sister" reunion film locale

Testicular Cancer Survivors Have Higher Rates of Other Cancers
As if Testicular Cancer alone wasn't enough of a kick in the crotch

U.N.: HIV Epidemic Continues to Spread
Infected people continue to have unprotected sex

Oprah agrees to appear on the 'Late Show'
#1 of the Top Ten Reasons To Go To Bed Early That Night

Man Hit in Head by Train for Second Time
Man agrees to stop following those "strange tracks" he keeps coming across

In the Senate, a Chorus of Three Defies the Line
Rhythmless legislators spoil entire Senate production of A Chorus Line

'Corpse plant' draws big crowds
GM objects to new nickname of one of their 9 doomed facilities

"The World Will Know My Anger" Shooting Suspect Said
Suspect plans coming out party for Anger

Anger Dies at 85
Gee we didn't get to know his Anger for very long

Do Herring Fart to Communicate?
Possibly. Sound and smell is also reminiscent of Democrats talking

Man at Gun Show Shoots Himself in Bathroom
After 6 hours of surgery, doctors remove bullet from bathroom

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