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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My First and Hopefully Last Meme

I would like to thank Moe at Moe's Woes From the bottom of my heart. [/Sarcasm]

Well it seems I've been tagged with a music meme. Yea. I guess the best thing to do is to get it over with.
The last CD I bought:
was Jeff Foxworthy: Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered. If comedy doesn't count then I have to go back a few years to John Mayer: Room for Squares

Song(CD) That is playing right now:
Tank! by the Seatbelts on Dell MusicMatch media player. The cooler hipper beings among you would know that Tank! is the opening theme song to the anime Cowboy Bebop.

Five songs that I listen to a lot or that mean alot to me:
My ecclectic taste doesn't allow me to limit my favorites to 5 but I will list the five I have been listening to this week in no particular order or significance.
City Love: John Mayer
Mystic Voyage: Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Tomorrow's Girls: Donald Fagen
On the Boulevard: The Manhattan Transfer
Ana Ng: They Might Be Giants

And now the part that will likely get me maimed or killed. I need to tag three people. This will be difficult as all of the usual suspects have already been tagged.

So I will start with Harvey of Bad Example. I think of him as a professor of blogology and hopefully this will inspire the Blogging Tip: What to Do With Memes.

Next I will tag The Capitalist at Laffin at the Left. I hope he forgives me and continues to supply Headlines.

And Lastly I will tag An American Housewife at her new site. Just to show I am an equal opurtunity annoyer

Headlines for Tuesday 5/31/2005 (Guest Headliner!)

Looky what I found! As it turns out while I was being super lazy enjoying a restful holiday, The Capitalist form Laffin at the Left emailed me these headlines over the weekend! And what great ones they are! Boy that will teach me to check my mailbox each and everyday. So many thanks to TC and without further ado:

*Tenn. State Senator Resigns After Arrest*
Cites Difficulties In Conducting Senate Business From Jail Cell

*Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Son
In related news, son's school announces condom handout program

*Japanese Trying to Contact WWII Soldiers*
Official says "The Kamikaze pilots are the hardest to find"

*Bill Clinton Pares Down Maldives Tour
Big Mac Attack Forces Early Return To States

*Girl Who Had 2nd Head Removed Goes Home*
Feminists urge boys to have the same procedure

*Big Ben's Silence Baffles Engineers*
Housewife later admits to "unplugging the noisy bugger"

*Internet Report Says Zarqawi Back at Post*
Army Google-Searching for "post"

And as always, more headliney goodness can be found at the usual sources:
basil, moehawk, and Moe.

Revenge of the Sithees

Okay without going into much detail about how I managed to see Star Wars Episode III, let's just say for the sake of this post I did. I now offer up my 60 second analysis.

First was it worth the hype? No. It was far better than Return of the Jedi, and Episodes I and II but it really wouldn't take much to do that.

Was the story any good? No. Without spoiling anything, the story was exactly as was told in all the previous installments. The Jedi are betrayed and killed. Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, and the Emperor forges an empire. Everything in between was flashy fights and weak dialogue but no surprises. However; not since The Empire Strikes Back (my personal favorite flick of the franchise) has the tone been so dark.

Now the most important question; did Lucas use SWE3ROTS to take cheap shots at our President and current administration. I would have to say no. I have heard people make comments about Skywalker's "If you are not for me then you are my enemy" and Obi-wan's "Only Sith deal in absolutes" retort as being attacks on Bush. I think it is more of an attack on conservatism in general and not Bush specifically. Now was the emperor's whole "fabricating a war to steal absolute power" a stab at Bush? Hard to tell. I don't think Lucas is in the same moonbat league as Moore but it would follow the whole Bush = Hitler meme. Padme's comments during the Emperor's vow to keep the Empire safe had a liberal slant. I wish I had an exact quote but it was to the effect "See how we surrender total power. With the cheers of thousands” and "Thus we destroy the very thing we hope to save." If you have the exact words post them in the comments and I will update this.

When this becomes available on DVD, I will probably buy a copy; making the total number of Stars Wars films I own 3. Not because it was great cinematic fare but it was the third best film of the six.

Headlines Return

Before I get angry comments, I have not forsaken headlines. I just took a break over the long holiday weekend. They will return tomorrow. I have a couple Headlines related projects that I am also working on. More as they develop.

Eject! Eject! Eject!: Sanctuary

I read this over at EJECT!EJECT!EJECT! I've been meaning to mention it long before now but life happened and it was back burnered. First let me say this. Read Sanctuary Part I and Sanctuary Part II. Read the whole thing. It is very long but you have the attention span and the desire to better yourself by absorbing compelling essays such as this.

Bill Whittle examines Santuary. He tells how Islamic terrorist, and insurgents have violated established sanctuaries of the uniform, of surrender and of mercy. He tells how the dessecration of these sancuaries led to the marine who shot an Iraqi in self defense because he had no choice. Then he brings it home to America and shows us how the left, in spite of all evidence continues to attack our military and our elected leaders. He takes the media to task, especially Janeane Garofalo and has an interesting view on the Freedom of Speech Award recipient. Here is a taste:

One last horror before we, if you will pardon the expression, Move On.

I had picked up a program. We were there for the Cheech and Chong reunion. But a centerpiece of the event was the dedication of this year’s Freedom of Speech Award, given to the individual who presumably has risked more than anyone else -- torture, beheading, prison – all to exercise the precious right that we all take for granted: the ability to say what we damn well please.

And the winner of the Annual Freedom of Speech Award? None other than that immortal beacon of freedom, that shining example of courage: Garry Trudeau.

Now I had met Muhammad and Omar, two of the brothers from Iraq the Model when they appeared at Roger L. Simon’s house in Los Angeles. These two ordinary men faced murder and beheading in their defense of freedom in Iraq, a nation awash in Ba’athist murderers, Al Qaeda savages and former Saddam secret policemen. These men stood openly for democracy in a land where simply being a policeman is likely to get you killed. Of course, this is merely physical and moral courage; the sort of thing easily dismissed in the sanctuary of Aspen, Colorado. No, real courage is awarded to the man who has taken the biggest pay cut in defense of free speech, and so the real honor must of necessity flow to Garry Trudeau -- a man who has dared criticize the President of the United States! A man whose endlessly repeated panels of the White House antenna farm reminds us of the true meaning of freedom and courage, for he, supported only by tens of millions, the entire celebrity universe of stars, the mainstream media and his multi-millionaire TV star wife, has selflessly risked …

I’m sorry, I drew a blank – I completely spaced!

Oh! I remember. A man who courageously allowed his secretary to selflessly risk irate e-mails in order to attack Chimpy McHitler, and who asked for nothing in return but a few tens of millions of dollars… that, my friends, is the standard-bearer for the modern liberal’s idea of courage.

Man I wish I could write like that. It really makes you think.

Post Memorial Day Post

I trust everyone had a nice Memorial Day. More importantly I hope everyone took time yesterday to think about why we have a Memorial Day. As a Christian it is a little easier to think on the men and women who gave their lives to secure our freedoms. Our God is a god of memorials. Throughout the old and New Testaments we are commanded to remember. God established memorials so that future generations would learn important lessons.

But are we learning our lessons? Increasingly the liberal left is rewriting our American history to exclude God. The very mention of God and Providence has been stripped from historical speeches like George Washington's inaugural address. Today school age children are taught that the pilgrims and puritans came to the New World seeking gold, not God. In this we have failed to heed the memorials.

I love to watch old WWII movies. It is refreshing to see the character and courage of the greatest generation portrayed in these old films. I helps me to think of the sacrifices made and the people who made them, to keep this nation, and the world free. But the left is working to tear down these memorials too. They emphasize the negative America of WWII, the internment camps, the segregation, the atom bombs. They would have you believe we deserved Pearl Harbor, that we were evil for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This thinking carries through to today, echoed by those who think 9/11 was our fault. I believe that those who think that way are the evil ones. They are seeking to destroy America, our America, the way our founding fathers envisioned it. They have started by changing our history, and put to naught the ultimate sacrifices of thousands of men and women. It is the liberal's fondest hope that the only things Americans remember on Memorial Day is to pick up enough food and where the picnic grounds are. But it is our responsibility and duty to remember much more. Remember and teach the next generation.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 5/26/2005

Tax may drain world's top sperm bank
This on top of the fact that you lose interest after you make a deposit

Hardcore teddy banned from bear parade
Kennedy barred from driving float when it was learned parade route crossed a bridge

Auction of late pope's car tied up in court
Seems John Paul II made arrangements to take it with him

Stem cell experts object to Bush 'unethical' label
Much prefer 'unborn baby butchers' for alliteration

Greenpeace launches 'prize' for Amazon destruction
Won't stop until online giant is destroyed

Suspect Still on 18-Story Crane in Atlanta
Atlanta seeks help from Tokyo on Cranezilla problem

AT&T Worldnet Service - U.S. National News - Cellist Who Missed a Day in 35 Years Dies
Spokesman for family says she will probably miss next performance

Doctor Offers Advice to Severely Overweight Child
"Lose weight! You're so fat, If you ran away, they'd have to use all four sides of the milk carton"

Texas Family Finds Baby Opossum in Toilet
Dad remarks "I don't remember eating that"

These are courtesy of The Capitalist from Laffin at the Left
Austria Lawmaker Wants to ID Dog Droppings
CSI: Fire Hydrant gears up for first season

Senators Who Engineered Deal Aim for Trust
constituents say they missed the mark widely

And of course the headliney goodness continues at basil's blog, Moe's Woes and oystersnout. And don't forget to visit Laffin at the Left.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 5/24/2005

The Late Edition:

This just in; Blogger was down again, or atleast part of it. I couldn't get to my blog. The infamous "404 page not found" error kept popping up. It was the same for other Blogspot residents but not all. I was able to visit some of my neighbors. Well this morning everything seems to be okay so I give you the Headlines.

Buffett Acquiring PacifiCorp for $5.1B
The son of a son of a sailor is now corporate pirate looks at forty

Jackson Won't Testify in Molestation Trial
Lawyers say "We have this thing pretty much won so why ruin it with the perverts own admission of guilt"

Bugs in Termite Guts May Offer Future Fuel Source
If we are looking to fuel termites in the future

Leno Goes Back to Jackson Jokes on TV Show
Garners huge laughs at General Stonewall's expense

Woman Found With 250 Cats in Rental Home
"Where Are They Now" locates Pussy Galore

Killer Who Wanted to Donate Liver Executed
Liver delivered fried

Feds Move to Stop Viagra for Sex Offenders
Reccomends a different type of stiff penalty

New York Times to Eliminate 190 Jobs
Fact checkers to get boot. Weren't being used anyway

Reality Show Will Find New INXS Singer
Band wants full roster before fading into obscurity

Half-Ton Man Loses More Than 500 Pounds
Astounding natural process called "decomposing"

Irate Parent Rams Van Into School
Principal invites her to teach crash course

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bad Example (as in Harvey's blog, and not as something you shouldn't do)

All of my blogging technical prowess (such as it is) I gained from a single source. Bad Example has a series of Blogging Tips. These are indespensible for beggining bloggers. Topics include;

There are 11 topics in all and all worth reading. I have to thank basil for linking these post from basil's blog.

The feedback has been so good that Harvey has started a blogroll. BAD EXAMPLE GROUPIES are those blogs that have found Harvey's tips useful. Yours truly is on the roll. So check out Bad Example if you are thinking about starting a blog or you have started a blog and want to improve it.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Headlines for Monday 5/23/2005

Scantily Clad Saddam: Geneva Conventions Violation?
Forcing images of near naked dictator in magazine violated human rights of millions of readers

Schroeder's Party Gears Up for Elections
Faces stiffest competition from Snoopy with the woodstock vote

Newsweek Revamps Source Policies
The weekly magazine's remaing reader encouraged by new higher standards

Podiatrist Gets Death Penalty in Murder
That heel deserves it! May God have mercy on his sole.

Can Humans Live With 'Maneaters'?
waitress says "I see a man eating fish everyday"

Woman on British Reality Show Found Dead
Her tribe voted her off this mortal coil

Austria Lawmaker Wants to ID Dog Droppings
Governmanet forms new investigative branch; The Pooper Snoopers

Members of Bobby Brown's Entourage Stabbed
Singer wielding knife screams "It's My Prerogative"

Ill. Library Getting Fingerprint Scanners
Illinois serious about overdue books

Florida Man Accused of Poaching Alligator
Says poached alligator crucial ingredient in alligators benedict

Drug Dogs Trained to Find Talcum Powder
Police seek to end rash of sweaty offenders

Man Leaps From Car to Retrieve Cigarette
Death ruled "smoking related"

and a guest headline from The Capitalist:
US moves quickly against Chinese textiles
Two kimona's captured in daring Midnight raid

That's all the headliney goodness for now. For more see moehawk who subbed for basil over the weekend, and Moe. And thanks to The Capitalist from Laffin at the Left for his submission.

Headlines Snafu

ARRRRRRRRRRGH! I just finish a set of headlines and the Blogger lost all of my HTML code! Then when I tried to recover it dropped half of my headlines. Now I have to regroup and think which ones I did. Anyway, They will be a little late tonight. I am beginning to hate Blogger. One day when the Dane Bramage ship comes in, I will spring for my own domain and real blogging software. Provided of course my ship isn't the "Ship of Fools".

Friday, May 20, 2005

Headlines for Friday 5/20/2005

Shiites Stage Mass Anti-U.S. Protests
Same Shiite different day

Vienna U. to Produce 'Toilet With Brains':
Electronic voice instruct users to "Sit on my face"

Camel Sits on W.Va. Woman Painting a Fence
Woman comments; "I wuz thinkin I'd walk a mile fur a camel. Then after a mile thur it wuz!

Photos of Underwear-Clad Saddam Published
Former dictator launches new career as Victoria's Secret model

Parks' Sex Offenders Stance Draws Concern
ACLU defends rights of perverts to freely mingle with thousands of kids

Scientists: Stem Cell Work Will Aid Humans
"If we're lying may monkeys fly out of our butts!

New Monkey Species With Goose-Like Call Discovered
Scientist: "Ouch, my butt"

Exclusive: Michael Jackson Will Not Testify, Sources Say:
Jacko might say something stupid like "I like touching little boys tee hee".

Cruise Says Holmes Is 'Magnificent'
Actor fondly remembers late porn star's biggest moments

Aging Rock Acts Still Hot on Concert Circuit
Many fans looking forward to 2005 Senior Moments Tour

We look forward to bringing you more Headliney goodness. Be sure to check out these great sources; basil, moehawk, and moe.

JivinJehoshaphat: Customized or Cloned?

JivinJ at JivinJehoshaphat talks about the sudden plethora of articles about cloning, stem cells and embryos. Customized or Cloned? askes some tought questions;

Why isn't the headline "Scientists Create Cloned Human Beings and Killed Them by Removing Their Stem Cells" or merely "Scientists Create Cloned Embryos?"

Good questions. JJ's blog is a good read too.

To Err Is Human : Retraction

Okay I screwed up. I wasn't alone but that is no consolation. I linked to An American Housewife who linked to Balance Sheet about Marines praying and the ACLU getting their collective shorts in a wad over it. Well it was a hoax, an urban legend. Balance Sheet has links to urban legend sites refuting the story. One of them is which I have bookmarked and use a great deal. Now that I think about it I remember reading this exact story quite some time ago.

Oh well. Chalk it up to a senior moment (even though I am still a few decades away from being a senior). I promise to be more careful in the future. I just thank God that you my loyal reader didn't go ballistic and start rioting. Sheesh.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 5/19/2005

Lake disappears, baffling villagers
Her talk show stunk. Mystery solved

CSI Wireless Inc.'s Q1 earnings up
New computer Crime Scene Investigation show big hit this season

Promise Keepers to Host Christian Ethics Conference for CEOs
Promise keeping CEOs not an ethics problem

Angry jailers massacre inmate's pet pigeons
No explanation given for sudden coo

Image-conscious leader fights the flab
GW takes on Michael Moore in a No-Holds-Barred steel cage match on PPV

Antarctica scientists get big ice cube delivery
Sahara scientists anxiously await sand delivery from same vendor

'Vine that ate South' cuts drinkers' thirst:
Then it vipes their vindows

Crime-fighter acts on restaurant keeping tips
Batman takes on new arch nemesis The Cheapskate

Czechs cut down on red tape by cutting watchdog
ASPCA file suit against Czechs for pooch abuse

Union launches push for prostitute rights
Skanky Ho local 69 hosts fund raiser for cause

Toyota to make a hybrid Camry in Kentucky
Manufacturer displayed prototype on blocks in front yard

That's all for now. You want more? Come back later but while you wait go see basil, moehawk, and moe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

In Germany there have been a series of murders. The victims, muslim women who have renounced their faith and tried to live a normal life by western standards. In The Death of a Muslim Woman: "The Whore Lived Like a German" tells of the latest victim. (Hat tip Absinthe & Cookies)
In the past four months, six Muslim women living in Berlin have been brutally murdered by family members. Their crime? Trying to break free and live Western lifestyles. Within their communities, the killers are revered as heroes for preserving their family dignity. How can such a horrific and shockingly archaic practice be flourishing in the heart of Europe? The deaths have sparked momentary outrage, but will they change the grim reality for Muslim women?

What kind of moron still believes this whole "Religion of Peace" crap? Here are six women who had to dig up the courage to turn their back on a system they have indoctrinated in since birth and their families have them killed because of shame?
Days after the crime, police arrested her three brothers, ages 25, 24 and 18. The youngest of the three allegedly bragged to his girlfriend about the Feb. 7 killing.

The killer bragged about it. What kind of religion instills pride in a man for gunning his sister down on a cold German street? What kind of gutless wonder would feel pride at such an act? This wasn't just murder, it also created a 5 year old orphan. I wonder who is going to raise him now.
The crime might be easier to digest if it had been an archaic anomaly, but five other Muslim women have been murdered in Berlin during the past four months by their husbands or partners for besmirching the family's Muslim honor. Two of them were stabbed to death in front of their young children, one was shot, one strangled and a fifth drowned. It seems hard to fathom, but in the middle of democratic Western Europe -- in Germany, a nation where pacifism is almost a universal mantra -- murderous macho patriotism not only exists but also appears to be thriving. It may even be Germany's liberalism -- and its post World War II fear of criticizing minority cultures -- that has encouraged ultra-religious families to settle here.

Germany's got a problem. And their ultra-leftist philosophy is keeping them from even talking about it. It scares me because the same P.C. attitude is present today in the U.S.

Last Summer a German study showed:
that 49 percent of Turkish women said they had experienced physical or sexual violence in their marriage. One fourth of those married to Turkish husbands said they met their grooms on their wedding day. Half said they were pressured to marry partners selected by relatives and 17 percent felt forced into such partnerships.

I don't personally view arranged marraiges as a bad thing. I do believe that in the Islamic culture such arragengements tend to give the men a feeling of ownership. I believe that feeling leads to violence anytime the men feel threatened. You would think the Religion of Peace would equip it's men to deal with their feelings without resorting to physical abuse and murder. But as I pointed out here and here, Muslims are crazy about their faith and it's icons and will never hesitate to threaten or commit violence to preserve their system.

In Memoriam: Frank Gorshin

Frank Gorshen, the man of 100 faces died today. He is best known for his role as the Riddler in the '60s TV show Batman. Barking Moonbat Early Warning System has a tribute.

I remember also that Gorshin was a very accomplished impersonator. One of my fondest TV memories was him impersonating Kirk Douglas on stage with the real Kirk Douglas. Other accomplishments include a one man show impersonating George Burns. He was nominated for an Emmy for his role as The Riddler. He earned another Emmy nomination for a guest shot on the original "Star Trek," a 1969 episode called "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." Trekkers know Frank played a two-toned alien. He and his wife were married for 48 years. That's a real accomplishment. He is survived by his wife and son, and a sister. He will be missed. Pray for his family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 5/17/2005

Jowell wants Bond to stay in UK
African Americans raise funds to ship Julian to London

Court Rules Woman Not Liable in Sex Suit
But loosen her collar and ply her with booze then she's liable to do anything

Robot Guides Stroke Patients' Recovery
"Here I am, brain the size of a planet and I have to change grandma's Depends"

Aviary to Send Rare Bird Eggs to Russia
Putin to dine on rare omlettes in the morning

Absences Rob Teen of Valedictorian Slot
But at least his heart grew fonder

Lawmakers Propose High-Tech Medical Records
Bold plan means patients will be unable to read their doctor's typing

Pregnant Spears Appears on 'Ellen':
Thousands of believers flock to veiw the image and erect shrine at talk show host's feet

Drug That Treats Diarrhea May Prevent It
Company investors expect high liquidity at first followed by a solid performance

As always there's more Headliny goodness to be had at basil's blog, oystersnout, and Moe's Woes.

An American Housewife: Marines Praying and the ACLU having a fit.

I was playing with the my Link2Blogs blogtower and wound up at An American Housewife. She covered this story about Marines praying and the ACLU's predictable response.
"These are federal employees," says Lucius Traveler, a spokesman for the ACLU, "on federal property and on federal time. For them to pray is clearly an establishment of religion, and we must nip this in the bud immediately."

She had the Marines response to the ACLU:
Colonel Jack Fessender, speaking for the Commandant of the Corps said "Screw the ACLU."

AAH is also a member of the American Flag League along with yours truly. Check out her blog. She says "Get this story out!"

Monday, May 16, 2005

Headlines for Monday 5/16/2005

165 Pets Taken From Calif. Ex-Mayor's Home
Ex-Mayor claims she thought undocumented pets were in home legally

Minister's wife desperately seeking Madonna?
"Meeting her would be Just Like A Prayer", says wife, "I just hope Papa Don't Preach to this Material Girl

Silent 'Piano Man' poses beach riddle
Why does no one starve at the beach? Because of all the sand which is there

Twins Seeing Double Once Again
Bush says he'll take keys to the liquor cabinet next time he leaves country

Belief in sex-mad demon tests nerves
Hilary says Bill is a legend in his own mind, get over him people!

Cook killed in sword attack at hospital
Famed sea captain originally thought killed in Hawaii in skirmish with natives

Banned bun-snatching ritual revived
J-Lo hires extra security to guard her assests

Rock megastars Rolling Stones announce world tour
Fans learn that "Start Me Up" is not the opening number but a medical procedure to get the aging rockers going before each show

Does a New Drug Cure Cancer?:
Yes. (side effects include; swelling of the face, fingers, feet, and/or lower legs; severe stomach pain; bad breath; black, tarry stools, and/or vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds; headaches; backaches; numbness in arms and legs; tingling in toes and fingers; loss of hearing; blurred vision; loss of appetite; loss of balance; unusual weight gain; and/or skin rash; reduced sex drive; head exploding; sudden unexplained death)

Check out the other members of the Impossible Headlines Mission Force. basil, moehawk and Moe. And remember should any member of your headline force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Newsweek's Half Vast Apology

By now, unless you live in a cave somewhere, you have heard about the Newsweek article that claimed Interrogators at Guantanomo bay flushed the Qu'ran (or Ku'ran or Koran depending on who you read) down the toilet. They have now retracted that story. 16 dead, 100 people injured and days of anti-American rioting later, they apologize for not completely colaborating the story before printing it. U.S. Military officials say they will fully investigate any claims of Qu'ran abuse. But who is going to fully investigate Newsweek?

At best they didn't follow good journalism practices and let a very inflammatory and unsubstantiated statement from an anonymous source into print. At worse they deliberately incited riots and endangered U.S. personnel by printing a false statement. Regardless Newsweeks, response amounted to "Oops my bad".

The blogosphere polarized predictably. The Right feel that Newsweek should be held accountable and many accept the story as more leftist bias in the media. Michelle Malkin threw a liberal meme back at them in her piece "Newsweek Lied, People Died". I've seen the term "Swirliegate" but I cannot remember where. I'll update when I find the source.

On the Left, the feeling is that Newsweek was merely a catalyst for something that was building up. Liberal Avenger says
The Koran incident was a trigger for backlash against their 4th year of war and occupation by this particular foreign army (after years of virtually non-stop warfare and suffering at the hands of the Taliban, warlords, foreign Jihadists and the Red Army).

Again the liberal stance is the Americans deserved it because they oppress the Muslims. LA also took offense at Malkin's "Newsweek Lied" comment.
Republicans should be more careful about their new "Newsweek lied, People died" mantra. Mass death of Muslims (and American servicemen and women) as a result from verifiable and deliberate lies has been a hallmark of this Republican White House Administration.
Quoth the moonbat.

I, of course, believe the Right. With all due respect, Liberal Avenger misses the point when it comes to Islam. They are nuts. You try to tell me that someone who is
willing to blow himself up to kill an infidel, or beat his wife/sister/daughter to death for Islamic honor would hesitate to club you to death over desecration his holy book?

To be honest, if you took my King James Bible and started flushing it down the toilet I would have an issue with you. It could become violent. The level of violence would be inversely proportional to your ability to pay the plumbing bill you were creating. The Word of God is written in my heart and settled forever in Heaven. Flushing a copy down the comode is not cause for violence. Besides, like every fundie worth his salt I have many copies of the Good Book. What I am saying, is Christians would not have rioted. But Muslim leaders all over the world have their collective shorts in a wad saying the U.S. should apologize if Qu'ran desecration is true. That is what happens when your faith depends on objects instead of God.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Headlines for Friday 5/13/2005

Fears of trade in children as 300 boys disappear
Autorities rush to Neverland Ranch with search warrents

Paleontologist Helped Film With Delay
Scientist claims "Me and Tom shot House of Representatives Gone Wild II"

'Witch' was to be thrown into river
Luckily Babs Streisand gnawed her way out of sack and to freedom

Is Friday the 13th a Reason to Stay in Bed?
The first few films were okay but the last one was a real snooze fest

Mystery Illness Killing Racing Greyhounds
NASCAR continues to refuse buses entry until cause is found

Pentagon Plans to Close 33 Major Bases
Plan calls to replace bases with 33 Dollar Tree stores

Police arrest two suspected human skinners
After exhaustive tests police still find no evidence that these two are human

Actor Tucker Pleads Guilty to Speeding
Actor was trying to generate interest in a "Rush Hour 3" project

Lawmakers fired for smashing up hotel
Democratic core values commitee meeting gets out of hand

German senator douses homeless man with wine, quits
He realized he didn't have all the ingredients for Bum Flambe

Jackson aides 'stole nearly $1m
Staff rifled pockets for lunch money while Jacko entertained boys

Police court street dogs for their bark
Inspires new reality TV show "Cops' Bitches"

As always there's more Headliny goodness to be had at basil's blog, oystersnout, and Moe's Woes.

HufPo Watch: Will Somebody Shut Conyers Up?

Well I've been trolling the Huffington Post again. At times it can be like reading a PG-13 version of the Democratic Underground. The level of Moonbattery is just as high if not higher but they are all polite and so far no one's called Bush Hitler. There are a number of reasonable voices at HufPo.

All Week Jim Lamply and Byron York have been going back and forth about the alleged irregularities that occurred here in my home state of Ohio (see my Burgee in the sidebar!) during the 2004 election. Lamply is convinced that a criminal investigation is needed based on the fact that the exit poll data did not match the vote. So his obvious conclusion is the vote is wrong. York maintains that examination of the polls, the pollsters themselves and data collection practices might better explain the differences. A voice of reason in the maddening "Bush Stole The Election (again)" din. Rep John Conyers chimes in and declares that "We are ignoring the canary" by not investigating the fraud that occurred Ohio.

My God Rep John Conyers is so annoying. Fraud? Not even alleged fraud but full blown fraud occurred in Ohio according to him. He's made it his mission to bring this fraud to light. Despite the fact that he has no evidence, no witnesses no nothing. Oh except the fact that the exit polls which declared John Kerry an early winner did not match the actual vote. The court cases that were filed on behalf of all the alleged disenfranchised voters were dropped. There is simply no evidence to support the fraud theory. That would be enough for every rational thinker but for Conyers his quest continues.

My experience for the last 5 months with political forums and blogs has led me to the conclusion that one does not need a brain to hold an office. (Okay I knew that all along but now I have written proof). Since nature abhors a vacuum, the brainless politician's head usually sucks up every conspiracy theory that comes along. With no rational thought to guide it, the brainless politician continuously spews those theories back out at every opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Honorable John Conyers.

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I'm a Conservative! Yeah Baby!

Thanks to Moe for the quiz, although I was not impressed by his liberal leanings! I may have to reconsider my association with him! See a REAL conservative score!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Submission Screened in Italy

I came across this article at LGF. Apparently Italian TV will screen Dutch film "Submission" despite Muslim protests and death threats. In case you did not know, this is the film that got it's maker Theo van Gogh brutally murdered and sent Ayaan Hirsi Ali the writer and Dutch MP into hiding for her own safety.

Van Gogh who was a relative of the famous Vincent van Gogh, was stabbed multiple times and nearly beheaded last November. A five page death threat against Ali was stuck to his chest with a knife. His crime? Making a movie that casts Islam in a poor light. Submission is about the treatment of women under the Islamic religion.
Submission includes scenes of near-naked Muslim women in headscarves with verses from the Koran written on their bodies. According to someone who saw the film at a recent private viewing, it includes an interview with a woman who recounts a beating she endured for fleeing her home after being attacked and made pregnant by her uncle.

I have seen the film. It shows how monstrous Muslim men can be in dealing with women. The religion of peace? I don't think so. Italy plans to show excerts from the film. I find that odd since the film is only 12 minutes long. But the Muslims have already threatened violence.
In a letter to President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the Islamic Council of Turin called for the broadcast to be cancelled. The letter, signed by two imams, said the content of the film was "detrimental to Islamic traditions and customs".
The imams warned that showing the film could create "new and drastic tensions that could induce the most fanatical to commit high-profile actions endangering public security".

Not surprising. After Van Gogh's murder there was an anti-Islamic backlash. And then more violence from the Muslims.
Van Gogh's murder two months later was followed by dozens of arson attacks on mosques and other Islamic targets, which in turn led to counter-attacks on churches.

MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali hid out in the US for ten weeks after van Gogh was murdered. She was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and attended secondary school in Kenya. She left Islam because of her personal experiences and is now an agnostic. As a member of the Dutch parliament she is very anti-immigration. She and other members of Parliament who are critical of Islamic practices in the Netherlands are in hiding because of the death threats. Ali has urged her government to re-examine their immigration policies in relation to Muslims, an act that could destroy the open, and accepting culture the Dutch have built.

This needs to be a bigger wake up call. Since last Novemember, governments and bureaucracies have all caved under pressure from Islamic leaders. Whenever someone says "Hey let's show this film" the imans all threaten "unavoidable consequences" because their followers won't take the insult. Then people give in. Italy finally shows some backbone but even then they are only showing part of the film and at 11:00PM. Europeans are afraid and they shouldn't be. Members of the Dutch government have to hide and travel under guard because they speak out against the tyranny of Islam. Many European nations are about to have Muslim majorities. If it doesn't stop European nations will lose their identities and they will be replaced by burkas and sticks.

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Headlines for Thursday 5/12/2005

lawmakers object to fake penis for drug tests
Yeah, they're being real pricks about it

impotent ex-husband must pay damages
Yeah, he's being a limp prick about it

Bolton's Chances for Approval Brighten
R&B singer is happy at prospect of reviving stalled career

McDonald's Plans to Continue Healthy Focus:
Introduces new McTofu burger

Police: Runaway Bride Described Abduction
Admits details were from her "Hispanic Abduction Fantasy" bachelorette party

And that's the short list for today. Check out basil's blog, oystersnout, and moe's woes for more headliny goodness.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Events for Gay Olympics

I was made aware that there is a gay olympics. The Gay Games are held in July this year in Chicago. The reason it is on my radar is that is outraged that a sponsor for the games is Kraft. You know Kraft, they make Macaroni and cheese. A food group unto itself and a staple in any kid's diet. And not to mention all the candies they make. There is no mention of the Gay Games anywhere on Kraft's website but the folks at OneMillionMoms have launched an email campaign against the food giant.

And they should. Kraft cannot claim to be pro-family and support gay causes. I wouldn't be surprised if Kraft didn't supply fruits for the games. I will be keeping an eye out to see if Kraft is involved but is not advertising it for obvious reasons.

Anyway I wonder what kind of events you have at a gay olympics. Obviously they must be different from regular olympic events or the gay atheletes would just compete with the normal olympic caliber atheletes every four years right? Well I really wasn't that interested in the ACTUAL events so without venturing to the site of the Gay Games I have come up with my own list of 10 Gay Games events. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.
  • Swimming - 100 meter Butt Stroke
  • Swimming - Rhythmic Hot Tub Sitting - Team Event
  • Synchronized Swimming - Duet - Breath Holding (no swallow)
  • Bi-athalon - 10 km Both Ways Walk
  • Athletics - Sailor Pickup
  • Athletics - Pole Mount
  • Athletics - 50 km Sissy Walk
  • Shooting - Dodge 50 m Pistol
  • Equestrian - Team Dressing
  • Archery - Men's Team Shaft Grab
I could go on but why. Show me your events in the comments.

Headlines for Wednesday 5/11/2005

Pizza delivery ends prison siege
Crisis ended when Dominoes delivered 2000 large pizzas with extra armed guards on them

Europe stages nuclear crisis test
Had this been an actual emergency you would have been instructed to vaporize where you stand

Britons unaware of breastfeeding benefits: survey
"We just do it because it's fun" remarks 22-year-old surveyee

South Africa resort opens doors to blacks
It's the back doors but it's a start

Cannibal fantasist gets 13 years for murder
Looking forward to doing time in the JVA Stadelheim "buffet"

Archaeologists find Britain's oldest shoe
Still attached to Britain's oldest foot

Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved
Prince of Lies thanks newly acquired Johnny Cochran for clearing his name

Factory guard first to register for Iran presidency
In a related story, factory guard found beheaded outside Tehran registration office

For more headlines see basil's blog. Mowhawk of oystersnout has Jury duty so no headlines and Moe of Moes' Woes is MIA. What up bud?

Update :

Mowhawk of oystersnout spells his name moehawk. A fact I knew but missed in editing and a fact he succinctly conveyed in only two comments!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bush Lied Blah Blah Blah

I promise this will be the last time I mention or link to The Huffington Post until the next time. But I was reading where Rep John Conyers is upset that the MSM has not picked up on the leaked Downing Street Memo which is the proof positive that Bush lied and secretly planned to invade Iraq long before seeking authority from congress to do so.

In his post Creating Justifications to Go to War: He bemoans the MSM lack of interest but informs us that INDEPENDENT websites like Daily Kos, Raw Story, Brad Blog , Salon, Scoop Independent News, Progressive Democrats of America, and Atrios are bravely watching things as they develop. Hmm. Whats wrong with that list of independent websites? Interestingly he doesn't mention the Democratic Underground. I guess even the Democrats want to distance themselves from that particular nest of moonbats.

Conyers shamelessly plugs his own blog and touts his own efforts to hold President Bush accountable to the American people. If only his fellow congressmen, Democrats and Republicans alike would stand with him and sign his letter to President Bush. To date only 88 people have signed and remarkably enough they are ALL Democrats. And a liberal conspiracy rant would not be complete without the phrase "truth to power", in it somewhere, as if the lunacy he has concocted is remotely close to truth.

God Will Walk Out of the Room

Don't shoot me. But I was er.. surfing, yeah and accidentally wound up at The Huffington Post. Okay it wasn't quite accidentally. A lot of conservative blogs have been predicting HP to crash and burn and Nikki Finke of the LA Weekly panned it so badly I had to take a look for myself. I didn't find the place in flames and ruin. On the contrary, visually the site was very well done. The blog had some interesting writers, as was hyped. Two men whom I wouldn't cross the street to piss on if they were on fire, dislike intensely for their anti-Christian stand and remarks, Bill Maher and Rob Reiner were guest posters. So the lean is definitely to the lunatic left.

What caught my attention was a blog post by music legend Quincy Jones. He starts off mentioning Elvis and then quickly turns his attention to Michael Jackson with whom he had work for many years. He wonders aloud if major success itself is to blame for Michael's "situation".
All I know is that, on their own, human beings are not programmed to be able to handle that much fame, that much adulation, that much success. The only way to deal with something that overwhelming -- even overwhelming success -- is if you are spiritually centered.

If you believe that you deserve all that money and adulation, that’s a problem. If you believe you don’t deserve it, that’s also a problem. And if you don’t understand this, you’re in trouble.

I’ve been in the business 57 years and I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s all about trusting a higher power; believing in divinity. It’s about cause and manifestation. Cause being God’s job, manifestation clearly being our job. The moment success leads you to say, “I’ll take it from here, God,” God’s reply will be, “Be my guest.” And God will walk out of the room.

Of course he is right, whether rich or poor we have to be spiritually centered or we get swept away by the flood of worldliness. We become gods unto ourselves and give into our appetites. The richer and more powerful we become, the bigger our appetites and the further from normal we stray. It is encouraging to see some people in the entertainment industry who not only recognize this but actually come out and say it. There is a line that if you cross it God will leave you to your own devices. Jacko crossed that line many years ago.

So if Quincy Jones was aware of this, the question is could he have done something about it? In QJ's defense, I believe the answer is no. I am not sure if it is because The Huffington Post is such a liberal endeavor that Mr. Jones never mentions Jesus or if it is because he himself is not a Christian but I detected a lot of PC jargon concerning higher powers without specifically mentioning Jesus Christ. If he himselef is not centered on the Rock, he cannot help anyone else. Micheal Jackson is not a Christian, and I notice a lack of support or even condemnation from the other practioners of his faith. Makes you wonder where they stand on God's influence in Jacko's situation.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 5/10/2005

Broadcast watchdog bans TV porn channels
Porno stars find themselves on 125 channels with nothing on

Bobo the Killer Chihuahua Seeks New Home
Distraught pooch homeless after his male asthma hound chihuahua lover dumps him for a really fat cat with big blue nose.

Crocodiles put rangers on high alert
Clerics, bards and magic-users failed their saving throws and are on normal alert

China recalls Japanese germ warfare experiments
So if you have a Japanese germ warfare experiment issued between 1998 and 2001 please return it to China for replacement or refund

Mexico first lady fires back at foes in book war
Paperback launchers ineffective but casualties mount as foes retaliate with heavy hardbound bombardment

Experts urge Japan to rethink plutonium plant
Experts cite Godzilla and Rodan as good reasons not to build plant

Danza Loses Control of Go-Kart in Race
Actor then loses control of bladder in ambulance

As always, more Headline fun can be had at basil's blog, oystersnout and Moe's Woes when he gets 'R done.

He's Baaaaack

Not me but Iowahawk. Hop over and read My United States and see where he's been. He's visited my neck of the woods here in Ohio:
If you’re ever in Ohio I recommend a visit to Cleveland’s exciting Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but remember to call at least 4 months in advance if you plan to visit the popular Billy Joel wing. Also, if you need directions to the Britny Fox archives, ask the museum guides. Over and over again, if necessary.

That's funny. But if you want to get in to see the Billy Joel Wing on the same day, the password is "Here's 20 bucks. Let me in the Billy Joel Wing".

Graduation in Washington State

The governor of Washington gets pranked when she arrives to give the commencement address at Ahoyo's College of Business graduation. Why Did This Happen?: Ohh My has pictures to show the deed.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Headlines for Sunday 5/8/2005

Iraq PM suffers cabinet setback
Needs 8 X 1 1/4" screws to hold panel A to right side

Labour MPs call on Blair to quit
Blair refuses saying it defeats the purpose of winning an historic third term to give it away

Parties unite to fight king
Elvis could not be reached for comment as he is still dead

Conflict over India war hero film
Controversy arises as they try to locate an India war hero to base the film on

Mothers defend Jackson in court
Band hopes Jacko will agree to replace late Zappa as front mam

Zimbabwe TV raps UK poll 'fraud'
Internatizzle pimp have accused Zimbabwe of fraud n intimizzle in elections

Argentina's great beaver plague
And the beavers went up over all the land of Argentina, and rested in all the coasts of Argentina: very grievous were they; before them there were no such beavers as they, neither after them shall be such

As always, more Headline fun can be had at basil's blog, oystersnout and Moes' Woes.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Food for Thought

Due to the huge number of body parts found in food lately (okay two fingers but that is not going to stop me) I thought I would do a little exercise in marketing. I have come up with 10 slogans to be used by companies should human parts found in food becomes more commonplace. Look them over and feel free to add to the list in the comments.
  • McDonalds new Kids Meal now with 10% real kids

  • Caucasians; the other white meat.

  • Our Value Meal comes with a Sandy Berger, Matthew Fries, and your choice of Koffi (Annan), Juice (Newton) or Sheik (Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad,)

  • Feet; its what’s for dinner.

  • Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.

  • Need help with supper? Come to Wendy’s for a hand.

  • We use only the leanest Charles for our ground chuck.

  • Dinner on a budget? Try new Homeless Helper. Add one homeless person, bake Voila!

  • Order from our new Dahmer friendly menu.

  • We’re Beatrice and we’re opening up the top of the food chain

So they aren’t brilliant. I expect you to do better.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 5/5/2005

Judge Throws Out England's Guilty Plea
Courts says country not responsible for Royals behavior

Lawmakers kill proposed pet cloning ban
Will reconsider ban when hip deep in pet clones

Next-Generation Xbox to Be Media Hub
Picard hopes it will keep Wesley off the bridge

30-Year Treasury Bond May Make Comeback
Sean Connery tickled pink to be ask to reprise famous role

Texas Woman Pleads in Husband's Fake Death
"Please, please, turn it into a real death! He's such a slob!"

Boy finds snake in cereal box
Jackson witness testifies Jacko always kept a box of Capt. Crunch on his lap

ABC to Air Alleged 'Idol' Affair Probe
A non-story about a has-been dating a wanna-be in time for sweeps

Some Say Laughter Is the Best Medicine
But just try getting a prescription for it

'Stranger Than Strange' Dinosaur Found in Utah
Scientists dub it the Mormontabernaclesaurus

Feds to Unions: Don't Use Funds to Lobby
Or to bump off opposition leaders and bury them under sports arenas

Like opera, striptease is art, Oslo court rules
Unlike opera, in striptease nobody wants to see the fat lady sing

As always more headline fun at basil's blog and Moes Woes.

Light Posting Duties

Friday I am heading to Columbus Ohio, to OSU in fact. So my posting may be light. It will depend on how much downtime I have and if I have any Internet access.

I normally don't post on weekends anyway. I have mucho responsibilities in the church so my weekends are actually busier than my work week at the soap factory. I hope to get back on track when I return. Don't worry though I have a double portion of Headlines lined up before I go.


Speaking of Vilmar, and I was. His new blog is up and running. So without further ado, pop over there and pay him a visit. His post: Nature Imitates Humor is a hoot.

I am glad he and Allen at BMEWS have come to an understanding. BTW I'm sure they don't know Dane Bramage from Adam. That's because in another life I was Buckeye Kev.

Strangled Afghan Women 'a Warning to Others'

This article talks about three women who were raped and strangled.

Authorities have found the bodies of three Afghan women - one of whom worked for an aid group - raped, strangled and dumped with a warning for women not to work for such groups, an official said on Monday.

Aid workers in Afghanistan have been the target of Taliban insurgents, especially in the insurgency-plagued south and east of the country, but the three women were found in the northern province of Baghlan, where Taliban rebels are not active.

"This is retribution for those women who are working in NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and those who are involved in whoredom," said a Western security official, citing the warning, a copy of which he had obtained.

The note was found attached to the chest of one of the dead women, he said.

The bodies were dumped near a road outside Pul-i-Khumri city, the provincial capital of Baghlan, said the city police chief, Gul Mohammad Mangal.

He confirmed warning letters were also found but said he did not know their content. He blamed criminals for the killing.

One of the three was a 25 year-old woman who until recently worked for a Bangladeshi NGO involved in providing micro credit, mostly to widows.

A group calling itself "Afghan Youths Convention" claimed responsibility for the killing, according to a caller who telephoned a Reuters reporter in northern Afghanistan.

The caller did not say if the previously unheard of group had any connection with any faction or radical Islamic movements such as the ousted Taliban.

A doctor in the city said forensic tests showed the three were raped and then strangled with a rope.

Ah yes the religion of peace strikes again. Odd that the MSM hasn't picked up on this. NOT. To their way of thinking those Islamofacists are merely misunderstood. These women obviously deserved it. I mean how dare they work to better the lives of Afghan women! The scum responsible for this will probably never get prosecuted. Religion of Peace indeed.

And someone who loves islam as much as I do, Vilmar has 3 related items at his blog. More on him later but for now check out the link.

Headlines for Wednesday 5/4/2005

Columbus favors ban on bar smoking
Insists smokers use tobacco based products

N. Korea test-fires missile into sea
Aquaman rallies sea creatures as Atlantis declares war on surface world

School system to juggle teachers
Cirque du Solei finds new opening act

Greenpeace co-founder Hunter dies
Followers paid last respects then rolled body back into ocean

Reputed Abu Ghraib Ringleader to Testify
Lyndie England and a bunch of clowns exit tiny car in front of courthouse

Rehabilitated Dolphins Released in Fla.
Sea World praised for their aquatic 12 step program - Next is shelter for battered fish.

And don't forget to visit basil's blog , oystersnout and Moe's Woes for more headlines fun! Leave a comment and tell 'em Dane Bramage sent ya.

Quiz: Are you a Republican?

Are you a Republican?: "

I am:
'The only way left to save the democratic ideals of the Founders is to overthrow the elected administration in a patriotic revolution!'

Are You A Republican?

Well I am a Republican but I think this quiz uses liberal math!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Can You Forgive Jane

basil has a bit of fanfic ala Enterprise and Quantum Leap. But the topic is as real as you can get. PGH: Hanoi Jane's Book Signing deals with forgiveness.

When a person puts their faith in Jesus, they are forgiven. I remember when the news of Jane Fonda receiving Christ started circulating around our church. Most people were very surprised. But everyone accepted the fact that the grace of God could reach even one such as Jane.

When news got out that her marriage with super liberal Ted Turner was over, anyone who may have had doubts about Jane's conversion were quickly convinced.

Time has passed and Jane is out promoting a book. She has said that she was wrong about what she did during Viet Nam. She doesn't apologize for being against the war, just for what she did about it. Still most people who hated what Jane did over thirty years ago still hate her today. And I do mean hate. In their minds she will always be Hanoi Jane.

But why is that? Isn't she as a Christian, forgiven? Yes she is. But there are two things that are lacking here. Repentance and restitution. It is not enough to say you are sorry. Words are not repentance, deeds are. And we must have deeds match our words. Why? Because forgiveness does not undo the consequences of our sins. If I walked up to you with a sword and hacked your arm off, then later felt guilt and asked you to forgive me, the moment you forgave me your magically regenerates right? Of course not. The consequence of my action, your missing arm, is one that will last your lifetime. Now if I were truly repentant, I would do more than ask for forgiveness. Realizing that I have affected you for the rest of your life, I need to make things right. In fact the Bible demands that I make things right. Obviously I can't give you a new arm but I can do whatever it takes to BE that missing arm. It would be my goal to help you accomplish whatever it was you would do if you had two arms for as long as you needed or wanted me.

This is the area I think Jane Fonda needs to address. We know she's a Christian, and she said she is sorry but I think she needs to do something to touch the lives of those she negatively affected in a positive way. Then I think the millions of people who despise her might believe she truly is sorry.

Now having said all that, I want to point out that Jane needs to make amends to those that she wronged. YOU on the other hand, dear Christian, are still suppose to forgive her even if she doesn't. Not for Jane Fonda's benefit, but for your own spiritual growth and well being.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Mother, 21, Faces Firing Squad

Leaders plead for a woman who denies murder and says a rapist prison guard fathered her son

We have a mother of two girls, tortured into confessing to murdering her husband when she was 16. No forensic evidence was offered in the case. She get the death penalty. She gets pregnant after being raped by a prison guard. Her son is born and now the boy is 2 years old and the Yemenese authorities say it is time to kill her. She hasn't seen her daughters, (one died in a car accident). She won't give up the identity of the guard who raped her for fear of reprisals. And her family won't take her son because of the shame of her being raped.

Every detail about this situation stinks. The crappy "police" work in the murder. The "interrogation" techniques. The lack of investigation into the rape (don't tell me Yemen doesn't have access to DNA testing.) The family's lack of compassion for the boy. I am very pro-death penalty but I am not at all convince that this woman is guilty of murder. I don't see a problem with leniency in light of the (lack of) facts. The U.S. and Britain are trying to exert political pressure on behalf of he woman.

Around the Blogosphere

Looking around I came across these items of interest.

Powerline: Smiting the "Theocracy" Movement. Good Stuff.

Scared Monkeys: Why does it take Evil Racist Republicans to repeal Jim Crow Laws? Good Question

Update: And hurry over to Coldheartedtruth - Anyone?? Bueller?? Leave the man a comment for God's sake!