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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My First and Hopefully Last Meme

I would like to thank Moe at Moe's Woes From the bottom of my heart. [/Sarcasm]

Well it seems I've been tagged with a music meme. Yea. I guess the best thing to do is to get it over with.
The last CD I bought:
was Jeff Foxworthy: Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered. If comedy doesn't count then I have to go back a few years to John Mayer: Room for Squares

Song(CD) That is playing right now:
Tank! by the Seatbelts on Dell MusicMatch media player. The cooler hipper beings among you would know that Tank! is the opening theme song to the anime Cowboy Bebop.

Five songs that I listen to a lot or that mean alot to me:
My ecclectic taste doesn't allow me to limit my favorites to 5 but I will list the five I have been listening to this week in no particular order or significance.
City Love: John Mayer
Mystic Voyage: Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Tomorrow's Girls: Donald Fagen
On the Boulevard: The Manhattan Transfer
Ana Ng: They Might Be Giants

And now the part that will likely get me maimed or killed. I need to tag three people. This will be difficult as all of the usual suspects have already been tagged.

So I will start with Harvey of Bad Example. I think of him as a professor of blogology and hopefully this will inspire the Blogging Tip: What to Do With Memes.

Next I will tag The Capitalist at Laffin at the Left. I hope he forgives me and continues to supply Headlines.

And Lastly I will tag An American Housewife at her new site. Just to show I am an equal opurtunity annoyer

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