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Friday, May 13, 2005

HufPo Watch: Will Somebody Shut Conyers Up?

Well I've been trolling the Huffington Post again. At times it can be like reading a PG-13 version of the Democratic Underground. The level of Moonbattery is just as high if not higher but they are all polite and so far no one's called Bush Hitler. There are a number of reasonable voices at HufPo.

All Week Jim Lamply and Byron York have been going back and forth about the alleged irregularities that occurred here in my home state of Ohio (see my Burgee in the sidebar!) during the 2004 election. Lamply is convinced that a criminal investigation is needed based on the fact that the exit poll data did not match the vote. So his obvious conclusion is the vote is wrong. York maintains that examination of the polls, the pollsters themselves and data collection practices might better explain the differences. A voice of reason in the maddening "Bush Stole The Election (again)" din. Rep John Conyers chimes in and declares that "We are ignoring the canary" by not investigating the fraud that occurred Ohio.

My God Rep John Conyers is so annoying. Fraud? Not even alleged fraud but full blown fraud occurred in Ohio according to him. He's made it his mission to bring this fraud to light. Despite the fact that he has no evidence, no witnesses no nothing. Oh except the fact that the exit polls which declared John Kerry an early winner did not match the actual vote. The court cases that were filed on behalf of all the alleged disenfranchised voters were dropped. There is simply no evidence to support the fraud theory. That would be enough for every rational thinker but for Conyers his quest continues.

My experience for the last 5 months with political forums and blogs has led me to the conclusion that one does not need a brain to hold an office. (Okay I knew that all along but now I have written proof). Since nature abhors a vacuum, the brainless politician's head usually sucks up every conspiracy theory that comes along. With no rational thought to guide it, the brainless politician continuously spews those theories back out at every opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Honorable John Conyers.

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