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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 5/24/2005

The Late Edition:

This just in; Blogger was down again, or atleast part of it. I couldn't get to my blog. The infamous "404 page not found" error kept popping up. It was the same for other Blogspot residents but not all. I was able to visit some of my neighbors. Well this morning everything seems to be okay so I give you the Headlines.

Buffett Acquiring PacifiCorp for $5.1B
The son of a son of a sailor is now corporate pirate looks at forty

Jackson Won't Testify in Molestation Trial
Lawyers say "We have this thing pretty much won so why ruin it with the perverts own admission of guilt"

Bugs in Termite Guts May Offer Future Fuel Source
If we are looking to fuel termites in the future

Leno Goes Back to Jackson Jokes on TV Show
Garners huge laughs at General Stonewall's expense

Woman Found With 250 Cats in Rental Home
"Where Are They Now" locates Pussy Galore

Killer Who Wanted to Donate Liver Executed
Liver delivered fried

Feds Move to Stop Viagra for Sex Offenders
Reccomends a different type of stiff penalty

New York Times to Eliminate 190 Jobs
Fact checkers to get boot. Weren't being used anyway

Reality Show Will Find New INXS Singer
Band wants full roster before fading into obscurity

Half-Ton Man Loses More Than 500 Pounds
Astounding natural process called "decomposing"

Irate Parent Rams Van Into School
Principal invites her to teach crash course

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