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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Submission Screened in Italy

I came across this article at LGF. Apparently Italian TV will screen Dutch film "Submission" despite Muslim protests and death threats. In case you did not know, this is the film that got it's maker Theo van Gogh brutally murdered and sent Ayaan Hirsi Ali the writer and Dutch MP into hiding for her own safety.

Van Gogh who was a relative of the famous Vincent van Gogh, was stabbed multiple times and nearly beheaded last November. A five page death threat against Ali was stuck to his chest with a knife. His crime? Making a movie that casts Islam in a poor light. Submission is about the treatment of women under the Islamic religion.
Submission includes scenes of near-naked Muslim women in headscarves with verses from the Koran written on their bodies. According to someone who saw the film at a recent private viewing, it includes an interview with a woman who recounts a beating she endured for fleeing her home after being attacked and made pregnant by her uncle.

I have seen the film. It shows how monstrous Muslim men can be in dealing with women. The religion of peace? I don't think so. Italy plans to show excerts from the film. I find that odd since the film is only 12 minutes long. But the Muslims have already threatened violence.
In a letter to President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the Islamic Council of Turin called for the broadcast to be cancelled. The letter, signed by two imams, said the content of the film was "detrimental to Islamic traditions and customs".
The imams warned that showing the film could create "new and drastic tensions that could induce the most fanatical to commit high-profile actions endangering public security".

Not surprising. After Van Gogh's murder there was an anti-Islamic backlash. And then more violence from the Muslims.
Van Gogh's murder two months later was followed by dozens of arson attacks on mosques and other Islamic targets, which in turn led to counter-attacks on churches.

MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali hid out in the US for ten weeks after van Gogh was murdered. She was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and attended secondary school in Kenya. She left Islam because of her personal experiences and is now an agnostic. As a member of the Dutch parliament she is very anti-immigration. She and other members of Parliament who are critical of Islamic practices in the Netherlands are in hiding because of the death threats. Ali has urged her government to re-examine their immigration policies in relation to Muslims, an act that could destroy the open, and accepting culture the Dutch have built.

This needs to be a bigger wake up call. Since last Novemember, governments and bureaucracies have all caved under pressure from Islamic leaders. Whenever someone says "Hey let's show this film" the imans all threaten "unavoidable consequences" because their followers won't take the insult. Then people give in. Italy finally shows some backbone but even then they are only showing part of the film and at 11:00PM. Europeans are afraid and they shouldn't be. Members of the Dutch government have to hide and travel under guard because they speak out against the tyranny of Islam. Many European nations are about to have Muslim majorities. If it doesn't stop European nations will lose their identities and they will be replaced by burkas and sticks.

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