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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 5/5/2005

Judge Throws Out England's Guilty Plea
Courts says country not responsible for Royals behavior

Lawmakers kill proposed pet cloning ban
Will reconsider ban when hip deep in pet clones

Next-Generation Xbox to Be Media Hub
Picard hopes it will keep Wesley off the bridge

30-Year Treasury Bond May Make Comeback
Sean Connery tickled pink to be ask to reprise famous role

Texas Woman Pleads in Husband's Fake Death
"Please, please, turn it into a real death! He's such a slob!"

Boy finds snake in cereal box
Jackson witness testifies Jacko always kept a box of Capt. Crunch on his lap

ABC to Air Alleged 'Idol' Affair Probe
A non-story about a has-been dating a wanna-be in time for sweeps

Some Say Laughter Is the Best Medicine
But just try getting a prescription for it

'Stranger Than Strange' Dinosaur Found in Utah
Scientists dub it the Mormontabernaclesaurus

Feds to Unions: Don't Use Funds to Lobby
Or to bump off opposition leaders and bury them under sports arenas

Like opera, striptease is art, Oslo court rules
Unlike opera, in striptease nobody wants to see the fat lady sing

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