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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Goings On at Bloggin' Outloud

Lyn asked me to be a guest corresblogdent for his Daily Brew feature. I posted about euthanasia Killing Ones Self Can Be Such a Hassle. Check it out. I'll cross post it here shortly.

Christian Left Attacks Christian Rights

Ohio Churches Face Probe Over Politics
The religious left came out swinging against the religious right here in Ohio.
The 31 leaders from nine denominations signed a letter Sunday asking the IRS to determine if the churches should lose tax-exempt status because of their support for Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, one of three Republicans seeking the nomination.
The complaint to the IRS alleges that the Rev. Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church in Columbus and the Rev. Russell Johnson of Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster improperly used their churches and affiliated entities for partisan politics. [snip]

The complaint alleges that Blackwell was the only gubernatorial candidate showcased in church-sponsored events conducted by Parsley and Johnson. It also alleges that the evangelists' voter-registration campaign was conducted to support Blackwell and that biased voter education materials were distributed by the churches for Blackwell's candidacy.
Well I expected the left to try and impede the Republican grassroots machine. I didn’t expect it to come from so-called brothers and sisters. I participated in the Bush re-election campaign and one of the things I was asked was to have a voter registration drive in my church. I was not asked to tell the congregation to vote for Bush or anybody in particular. I was asked to get people who were not already registered to do so. So the claims of partisanship because of voter registration are pure crap. As for biased material, why don’t the liberals abide by their own rules? When I go to the polls in the Catholic church around the corner, democrat volunteers are there passing out materials in the parking lot. I am always given voting “instructions” with a sample ballot. Always the democrat candidate was selected and the liberal issues chosen as “examples”. Surely they can’t complain about the practice they themselves employ.

As for recommending a conservative candidate, who do they think a conservative church would promote? If they are like my church then the pastors probably don’t say “Vote for this guy or that guy”. They will tell you to vote period. Political issues can be viewed in light of scripture as to being right and wrong but whether we vote for or against is still left to the individual. Unfortunately the leftist mind set is convinced that conservative Christians are mindless bumpkins who live only to do the will of the pastor and therefore no mention of current events or politics must be made on church grounds or the thought-controlled masses will march off lemming-like to the polls to vote Republican. If the moonbat Christians spent less time in their tax codes and more time in their Bibles they would realize that Jesus taught about current events and politics too, emphasizing their importance to Christians.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Laugh, I thought I'd Die

Pickled pork rinds. Cuitlacoche. Prison wine. Silk worm pupas. These are a few things that Steve put in his mouth for the sake of science. At least I think it was for science. It could’ve been for cheap thrills or for his blog audience. But I get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

Remember last month when I hosted the New Bloggers Showcase Carnival? One of the featured blogs was Add a Little Ginger To Your Day.  Well I was visiting the blogs I featured and Rich has a new look for his blog. And he had a link to a section of The Sneeze - Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.    The section: Steve, Don't Eat It! chronicles Steve foray into dietary weirdness.  The fact that Steve writes very well and is extremely funny is icing.  A sample from his post on prison wine: (Note: prisons don't serve wine. Steve made the contraband wines using a recipe he found in a book. You'll just have to read the whole thing.)
It was time for the white. Wine tasters refer to a wine's aroma as its "nose." This wine's nose was a rectum. If this wasn't wine, I had somehow stumbled upon the recipe for Prison Stink Bombs. Forget about drinking it, I was afraid of getting it on me.

Through some miracle, it actually tasted nothing like it smelled. In fact, there was very little flavor other than sour, watery alcohol. It's hard to believe this started out as a bag of fruit snacks and grape juice. Yet somehow these ingredients went from sweet and child-like to harsh and alcoholic quicker than Lindsay Lohan.

Now that I think about it, prison inmates frequently turn to religion. I'm not very religious, but maybe I should be. Sure, Jesus made wine from water, but I did it with a dirty sock and fruit snacks! You tell me what the bigger miracle is.

I will issue a language warning. Steve’s colorful writing is rife with f-bombs.
Hat Tip to Rich at Add a Little Ginger To Your Day.  

Friday, January 20, 2006

Headlines for Friday 01/20/2006

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Jolie's Adopted Kids Can Take Pitt's Name
World still wonders why the actress won't take his name

Palestinian film gets mixed reviews
The plot was okay but the actors bombed

Dead whale dumped at Japan's doorstep
Autopsy concludes Micheal Moore died because Bush didn't sign Kyoto Accords

Meeting of minds in Atlanta / Gay, lesbian leaders say it's past time for black churches to accept homosexuals into religious community
Religious community still waiting for gay, lesbians leaders to scrape together a mind to meet with

Jolie's Adopted Kids Can Take Pitt's Name
Children to be known as Open Pitt and Money Pitt

Religious groups worried about GM foods
Automaking giant assures critics that they will make food with the same high standards as their cars

Horse on loose winds up in swimming pool
Animal was trying out for the water polo team

Boy-grabbing baboon behaving - for now
Micheal Jackson maintaining low profile in Bahrain

Report: Inmate loses weight, escapes
When recaptured faces long stretch in dietary confinement

Man Said to Fake Death, Keep Child Support
This guy takes the "dead" in deadbeat dad seriously

Villagers Shun Man They Believe Is Dead
He should've just paid the child support

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pirates! Man Your Women!: So good I had to share!

Woodstock. It defined a generation. At least those that were there tell us it did. As if folk music and nascient rock outshined moonwalks and civil rights. Chad posted over at Pirates! Man Your Women! So good I had to share!
These people tell us that Bob Dylan spoke for the generation, while I personally don’t remember anyone listening to his music. Yoko Ono was a clown whose 15 minutes of fame expired around 1972.

The great majority of baby boomers have spent their lives working, raising families, studying or defending their country while the effete leisure class had time to sit around coffee houses nostalgically looking back on their college antics and imagining them to be defining moments for the rest of us.
It may have defined the liberal awakening but life during that time was about so much more; so much better.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Headlines for Wednesday 01/18/2006

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Alito Says He'd Emulate O'Connor's Style
He's already hired her fashion consultant

Mideast Barbie dolls don Islamic veil
Head easily detaches in case of Honor Killing by Khomeini Ken

Foreign Oil Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria
Kidnappers lured victims in with email about getting money out of the country

Iraqi Gets Seven Years in German Court
Because there is no more room in German jails

Bush Marks MLK Day With Gospel Performance
The President was in excellent voice and his "Amazing Grace" brought down the house

Angelina Jolie Expecting Baby
Actress says "You mean I don't have to adopt this one?"

AP Poll: Blacks likelier to celebrate MLK
This just in; Mexicans likelier to celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Euthanasia 'extremely rare in UK'
However; Euthaneurope is rampant and out of control

DNA Testing Could Exonerate Executed Man
Executed man could not be reached for comment

ACLU sues to stop domestic spying program
Anti-U.S. organizations wish to destroy American values unobserved

Feds: Jackson's Animals Not Mistreated
Only his underaged boy guests were mistreated

Hilary Swank hopes to save marriage
By kicking hubby Chad Lowe to the curb

New Orleans mayor says God mad at U.S.
Suggests sacrificing Bush

Court rules US govt. can't stop Oregon suicide law
"You have reached the Beaver State Suicide Hotline. All of our operators are busy helping other suicides. If this is a suicide emergency, please hang up and shoot yourself. Otherwise stay on the line..."

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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Schools In - AIDS Education

I read this over at Perspectives in Motion. It was quite eye opening AIDS "education" a murderous farce D L Foster points out some amazing facts and disturbing contridictions:
According to "All condoms have flaws or holes. These aren't poked into them intentionally by someone. They occur naturally in all latex condoms. The average hole size is 5 microns. A sperm is only 2.5 microns. An HIV virus that causes AIDS is only .1 micron. In one test, 33% (1/3) of the latex condoms leaked HIV sized particles! The diagram at the left top shows these sizes to scale. [snip]

Us Helping Us, a black AIDS "education and awareness" group in DC are complaining about the an ad (left) aired by the National Institutes on Drug Abuse. Ron Simmons, UHU president, told the Southern Voice, "It implies that drug use and HIV came together." "It sounds as though if you get high you get HIV. If you protect yourself, you can avoid HIV." The CDC (a government agency) funds Simmons' group. Simmons must not have taken the time to check the statistics published by the group who gives him money to spout the type of drivel he does.
Check out the entire post. Be informed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Medical Condition

Seeing as I have not posted anything for a week I felt the need to explain my silence. I have contracted the disease LBS or Lazy Blogger Syndrome. It was brought about by several 4 day workweeks in close proximity to each other.  It’s not that I haven’t written anything it’s just that I haven’t gotten around to posting it. Usually the posts just lack the Linky Business info.

Hopefully I can shake the LBS off with some bed rest and computer games.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hammerswing75: "Post a Silly Secret"

Uncle Ben over at Hammerswing75 took my suggestion and ran with it. He has "Post a Silly Secret" up at his blog now. Check it out and post 'em if you got 'em.

Headlines for Tuesday 01/10/2006

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Vengeful mouse sets house ablaze
Disney rolls over in grave as Mickey is charged with arson

Bleeding in Sharon's brain stopped
Bleeding in liberal hearts continue

Man Chooses Girlfriend Over Elvis
Girlfriend happy to beat out rotting corpse in her man's heart

Gates unveils his 'Urge'
Public demands he cover his urge and threaten legal action if he trots it out again

Wis. Woman Finds Mercury in Pepper Shaker
Invites more Roman gods to visit her other seasoning holders

Sen. Kennedy to Publish Children's Book
Book tells the story of his dog Splash and his car Sinker

Earliest Maya Writing Found in Guatemala, Researchers Say
Translation: "Those who write on pyramid walls..."

GOOGLE Maps Catches WWII Ghost
Ghost says, "And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those darn kids and their stupid internet!"

Dogs as good or better then CT scans, mammograms at cancer screening
Yeah but a mammogram won't lick its butt before examining you

One-way trip into black hole takes 200,000 years
Mystery of missing luggage finally explained

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Liberals So Happy They Might Explode

The Democrats and the MSM are planning a group orgasm because of the Abramoff scandal. Many have said that it signals the return to power of the Democrats as the public will undoubtedly vote the Republican rascals out of office.

I was watching CNN (On the Story) yesterday and it surprised me none of the reporters broke their arms patting themselves on the back. They were confident that Abramoff would take lots of Republicans with him. And even though some Democrats were linked to his money, because Abramoff is a Republican lobbyist, the Democrats obviously didn’t exchange favors for the money.  CNN was very happy about the development but not about the overall coverage. You see they mentioned several times that this would be the top story across the nation if it weren’t for a couple little items like Ariel Sharon and the West Virginia Mine tragedy.

More Inbox Revelations

These were gleaned from my inbox over the holidays.  They offer some incite into the nature of women. The first, a look at the material data sheet on the substance known as woman.
Image Hosted by
Next a comparison analysis of men and women tasked with buying a pair of jeans at the Gap.
Image Hosted by
Finally, a look at the complex mechanism known as woman compared to the simple man.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Headlines for Wednesday 1/04/2006

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Scientists May Have Found Mozart's Skull
Music led searchers to the grave were the skull was found still decomposing

Two-Headed Snake for Sale for $150,000
John Kerry raises his speaking fee

Studies: Women Genetically Programmed to Cheat
Vegas moves to ban all females from casinos

Can Social Networking Help Dieters?
Not if they keep meeting at All-You-Can-Eat buffets

Church Selling Toilet Paper to Raise Money
They would sell a lot more if it weren't used

Watching the Sky and Waiting
Heaven's Gate Alumni plan Hale-Bopp reunion

Mich. man bowls 3rd 300 game, then dies
I guess its 12 strikes and you're out. Permanently.

Pack of Angry Chihuahuas Attacks Officer
Animals were enraged when officer refused to drop the Chalupa

PETA Staffer Changes Name to Protest KFC
A dork by any other name is still just as dumb

Building Owners Find Hidden Second Story
No one thought to look on top of the first story

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Do we all have secrets that no one knows about? PostSecret is the blog companion to the book of the same name. The idea is you graphically represent your secret on a 4X6 post card and mail it in anonymously. Then world veiws your secret. It is suppose to be very liberating. Give the blog a look. There is also an exhibit in Georgetown which closes this week.

In the Inbox

Lyn over at Bloggin Outloud likes to see which search strings leads traffic to his site. Well apparently “diaper cakes” has led someone to this blog. And they could not say enough good things about it as evidenced by this email I received from a Mr. Diaper King:  
Hello ##NAME##, what a great blog! I can't believe the fantastic ideas you come up with! My baby gift site is a little off your topic but something I believe you may find interesting. I was searching for diaper cakes when I stumbled across your site. Keep up the creative thinking and I will be back to check this out again. Let's say a prayer for our boys in Iraq and hope for the best.
Well there you have it. Unsolicited testimonial that I, ##NAME##, have a great blog with fantastic ideas, at least about diaper cakes. (Honestly I don’t think I want to know the list of ingredients for a diaper cake.) Well I would reply to Mr. Diaper King but he didn’t leave a usable email address. And I really can’t find which post of mine mentioned diaper cakes, or cakes and diapers. But thanks to Mr. Diaper King, people looking for diaper cakes should just flock here in droves because of this post. And just so they won't be too disappointed, I, ##NAME##, have found a picture of a diaper cake. (It is from Mr. Diaper King’s site. But since he gave me a bad URL in the email I "can’t" link directly to it.)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Cutting Edge Of Ecstasy: Defining Diversity

First Hat Tip of the new year goes to Mark at Cutting Edge of Ectasy. I read about Ted Hayes and Dome Village in Los Angeles last week. I had intended to post about it but Mark beat me to it. Since one of my resolutinons this year is to work smarter and not harder (read as "be as lazy as possible") I will point you his take on it.

His post: Defining Diversity tells how Hayes' dream of sheltering homeless people in downtown L.A. has come to an end. After 12 years, the land owner has raised the rent on the homeless domes from $2,500 a month to over $18,000 a month. The reason? The landlord found out Mr. Hayses is a conservative black Republican. Oddly the Democrats have not said anything on the subject. Ah diversity. The more you deal with Democrats, "diverse" it gets.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I pray that all of you have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve. I pray that God magnifies your blessigs in 2006.

I have a new logo for the New Year. I hope you like it.

-Dane Bramage