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Saturday, April 29, 2006

May First; Illegal Immigrant Walkout Day or May Fools Day

I have not said much about the illegal alien situation.  It is one of those things that other bloggers who are both more passionate and more eloquent on the subject have already said just about everything that can be said.  

I guess Monday illegal workers plan to stage a walk out.  Some of the illegal aliens want to shut down certain cities while demanding amnesty. Well I for one don’t think their little snit on Monday will shut down anything in my home town. So how do they expect to convince me and people of my area of their sincere desire to become Americans? Is shutting down cities and getting a free pass on the illegality of their presence here suppose to persuade me that they will be meaningful contributors to the American way of life? Don’t think so.

My position on this is simple. First build a wall. It is said that good fences make good neighbors. Lets be the highest, thickest and best neighbors with Mexico we can be.  Next deport ALL illegals. No matter where they are from let’s just ship them home. Then let those who are serious about becoming part of America come in through the front door like they are suppose to. Lastly NO amnesty. None. People who break our laws need to be punished not coddled. Illegal aliens should not be rewarded with citizenship. And yes I know it is not PC to call them illegal aliens. But no one can ever accused me of being PC.  Someone once said  “Illegal aliens are undocumented immigrants just like rapists are undocumented boyfriends”.  (If you know who said that, send me the link so I can give credit.)

I fully expect the media to play up the events on Monday. But I am thinking it will be a day like other days.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This World Keeps Getting Weirder

The story Alamo Heights teacher's killer wants $35 million worth of 'justice' tells how a convicted and condemned killer seeks justice.
Ronnie Joe Neal, a killer sentenced to die, wants justice.
Not for the schoolteacher he raped and murdered. Not for the daughter he abused and impregnated. Not for the litany of crimes he's committed over two decades.
No, Neal wants justice for himself. For the way he's allegedly been mistreated in the Bexar County Jail.
So the other day he sued the county and four of its officials for $35 million.

This psycho nutjob tried to kill himself and failed so now he is suing the county because for
"outrageous conduct by government, law enforcement and medical officials who exhibited willful, despicable regard for human life and a gross negligence toward Plaintiff that shocks and would shock the conscience of any reasonable prudent human being."

But it gets better. He claimed he was retarded but the jury didn't buy it. Now he claims he's brain damaged as a result of his suicide attempt when the county officials did nothing to aid him.
On the one hand, Neal claims to be mentally debilitated.

On the other hand, he claims to understand the legal jargon contained in a 17-page lawsuit.

At the end of the complaint are the words, "I, Ronnie Joe Neal, do hereby certify and verify under the penalties of perjury that the foregoing complaint I have read in its entiretiy (sic) and every statement madie (sic) thiein (sic) is true and correct to the best of my knowledge."

Hmmmm. If he is suffering from anoxic brain injury and mangaes to understand and file a 17 page legal complaint, it verifies a belief I've held about lawyers for some time. But I doubt any of it is true. I think Mr. Neal was put up to it by his lawyer James Myart, who also represents Cynthia McKinney.

Retarded to begin with, suffers oxygen-deprivation brain damage, and yet he can remember enough senesations, timelines, and medical conditions to file a 35 million dollar law suit. I don't think anyone will buy this. But I almost wish he gets a settlement. Then the family of his victim will have something to go after.

Hat Tip The Thinklings

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking of Epidemics, How About that Made Up One Called AIDS

I am not one of those wingnuts that believe that AIDS was created by God to punish gays, or manufactured by the government to control black population or anything like that. I do believe that most of the hysteria surrounding the epidemic spread of the disease is pure leftist hype. And I never get tired of being right. Media Monitor has this story: The Post and the Phony AIDS Crisis :
"The Post editorial declared, 'It's been clear for a while that UNAIDS, the agency responsible for these statistics, was reluctant to contemplate good strategies for fighting AIDS lest these undermine global support for expanded funding.' The Post found the U.N. guilty of publishing 'dubious AIDS data.'

The FAIR Foundation, which stands for Fair Allocations in Research, had known about and exposed the dubious data. On its website, it highlighted how the UN AIDS office, the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health, and AIDS activists 'continually speak of AIDS decimating the world and use that argument to argue for more research funding.' It had posted the John Donnelly Boston Globe article of June 20, 2004, explaining how the figures had been exaggerated.

'Recent studies in Kenya have confirmed millions of Africans previously thought to have AIDS are disease free,' noted the FAIR Foundation. In Kenya, as the BCC reported on January 9, 2004, estimates had put the figure at 15 percent, when a subsequent survey found only 6.7 percent infected."
So the folks at the U.N. lied, as usual. Then the media picked up on it and spread the lies, as usual. Then two years later they finally admit they lied, well after the fact and when nothing can be done to undo the damage, as usual.

I have been accused by liberals of not caring enough for the poor victims of AIDS. Well I do feel for the infected children born to infected mothers, or a blood recipient who got tainted blood, or an innocent who was deliberatedly infected by some diseased jerk. But I have no sympathy for people who insist that they can continue to live in a self destructive fashion and demand that I fork over funding to cure their disease. The media has played the public for fools and has manufactured an epidemic. They employed terror tactics by claiming it is widespread among heterosexuals when it wasn't. And then they swore that Africa would be decimated by AIDS but again they lied.

Millions upon millions of dollars were directed toward resarching what is essentuially a preventable disease. Think how much closer to a cure for cancer or diabetes we could have gotten if the leftist fear peddlers had just been honest with us. But they know they couldn't convince sane people to divert funds from other research based on the truth. So they manufactured a crisis to manipulate us into doing what they wanted, as usual.

Bird Flu Epidemic Strikes Southern Florida

Free Image Hosting at
This is the tragic scene from the front lawn of a Mr. Your Name Here.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Little Known Facts About Ohio

Well you may have wondered where I've been (or not.) I am going to tell you anyway otherwise I would have nothing to post. I spent the weekend in the Ohio State capitol of Columbus. I went down to meet some people I only know from the internet. We told that to everyone we encountered this weekend. You can just imagine the stares. But it's true. I frequent GOPUSA, a conservative political forum. Some of the people decided to have a meeting in Columbus. Since it is only a couple hours away I went. Conservatives are crazy.

We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Image Hosted by

It's a great place if you are into flowers and winged vermin.

Image Hosted by

Inside the conservatory there were wondrous displays. Here we find an Amish farm. Note how tiny the Amish people are.

Image Hosted by

This was a problem for border patrol agents when the Amish immigrated to Ohio. Entire communities of Amish people were smuggled into the area in a single suitcase. Many thought their fanatical adherence to archaic technology was faith based. In actuallity it was size based. They couldn't find cars, phones, or electric stoves in their size.

Image Hosted by

This also explains why Amish like to stay away from "modern" communities in favor of their own. The first Amish settlement was in the backyard of Jerry Spencer next to his outdoor pool. The entire community was wiped out by a flood when Arlen "Fatty" Spencer did a cannonball off the high board. And now you know. If you want to read more about my trip and see pictures of the crazy conservatives who went, check out the forums at GOPUSA and find the "Ohio Road Trip" thread. Tell them ChristianBuckeyeMan sent you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh the Hallowed Halls of Higher Learning (Redux)

First let me say that I am not pleased. This is the second time I have had to write this post. Whenever I redo a post I’ve already written, it never turns out the same. I hate that. But I wanted to point out a couple of goings on in the world of Academia.

First and close to home is the story in the news about a librarian at Ohio State University - Mansfield. He has been accused by three professors, two of whom are openly gay, of harassment. Did this guy snap them on the butt with a towel? No. Did he scream fire and brimstone while hurling Bibles at them? No. In fact he did absolutely nothing to these men directly. What he did was recommend to incoming freshmen students, four books by conservative authors. WorldnetDaily’s Book-banning 'gay' profs forced to drop allegations.Librarian accused of 'sexual harassment' after recommending 'Marketing of Evil'

Scott Savage, a devout Quaker, is head of Reference and Instructional Services at the Bromfield Library on Ohio State University's Mansfield campus. As a member of the university's First Year Reading Experience Committee, Savage had suggested four books be considered as required reading for incoming freshmen: "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian, "The Professors" by David Horowitz, "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" by Bat Ye'or, and "It Takes a Family" by Sen. Rick Santorum. Savage made the recommendations after other committee members had suggested a series of books with a left-wing perspective, by authors such as Jimmy Carter and Maria Shriver.
However, three professors – two of them openly homosexual – filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment, contending Kupelian's book was "hate literature" which "threatened" them and made them feel "unsafe" on campus. After a 21-0 faculty vote (with 9 abstentions) on March 13, the school's Office of Human Resources put Savage under "investigation."

It was The Marketing of Evil which got their panties in a wad. It openly condemns the pro-gay agenda. "Oh, he hates me. Oh he’s spreading hate speech. Oh I don’t feel safe at work now. Oh he’s harassing me." Oh give me a break. The school rescinded the faculty ruling. No doubt because of the notoriety given the situation by the national media and bloggers. And probably because Scott Savage has the Alliance Defense Fund defending him.

So is the case over?
Not by a long shot, says David French, Savage's attorney and director of ADF's Center for Academic Freedom, who says the librarian is carefully "weighing his options."
"Scott's exploring litigation – he has already filed an internal complaint accusing the professors of a false allegation of harassment. But he is definitely exploring possibilities of litigation," said the ADF attorney.
"While we're glad there was no finding of harassment – that's merely common sense on the part of the university – we're upset there hasn't been a direct communication of that fact to Scott or his attorneys."

Well good luck to Mr. Savage. On the upside all the publicity has driven The Marketing of Evil to the top of's current events best seller list.

And the rewrite wasn’t half bad although it turned out completely different than I had originally written. I will be driving past Mansfield on my way to Columbus where the main OSU campus is of course.

Further south still in the bluegrass state of Kentucky a liberal moonbat professor incites her students to destroy a Pro-life exhibit and gets FIRED!
Sally Jacobsen, a professor of language and literature at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) has been dismissed from her post after she incited a group of students to destroy an approved pro-life display erected by a campus pro-life student group.
Jacobsen, who also headed the NKU women’s studies program for three years, told the Kentucky Enquirer she had become so emotional at the sight of a field of white crosses planted as a symbolic cemetery for aborted children, that her strong feelings justified her action.

Of course they did. Liberals are always justified by their feelings. That’s what makes them liberal and why you cannot reason with them. How do you argue with someone’s feelings? Fortunately NKU officials gave Ms. Jacobsen a dose of Red State Reasoning.

The university’s policies state that even tenured faculty can be dismissed without pay for misconduct. It reads, "A staff member who conducts himself in a manner that reflects unfavourably upon the University, the department, and himself will be subject to immediate discharge, without advance notice and without further pay."

In a statement published on the university’s website today, Votruba said, "While the University supports the right to free speech and vigorous debate on public issues, we cannot condone infringement of the rights of others to express themselves in an orderly manner."

So Ms. "I’m-so-pro-abortion-that-the-sigh-of-little-white-crosses-makes-me-feel-crazy" Jacobson’s severance pay was written on a reality check. Mr. Minority has The whole story here with his timely and insightful comments.


Blogger for Word has lost my latest post! It's hard enough to post on a semi regular basis without having to do things twice! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh! I hope I calm down enough to get motivated to REDO the whole thing. Or if I am lucky it will show up on the server. I am not holding out any hope given the notification of scheduled outage.

Since I have your attention I was going to tie in my trip this Friday to Columbus to the post since I have to drive by Mansfield. Anyway I am going to meet some of the people who frequent the GOPUSA forum in Columbus. I plan to post from there this weekend.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Headlines for Tuesday 4/18/2006

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Researchers seek ways to cut manure smell
Panel suggests politicians keep their mouths closed

Sam Elliott stars in Avenger; the actor, 61, got changes in action scenes...
High speed chase cars replaced with electric scooters

Hawaii May Honor Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
If they can find a sign big enough to fit the whole name on

Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs
They were like, really, really big...

Fonda: 'Too much baggage' for war protest
She does have a lot of "junk in her trunk"

Thousands flee as Danube breaches defenses
Bush blamed for flooding. Reported not to like Romanian people either.

Mumps Outbreak Swells Across Midwest
Diarrhea outbreak runs across South

Students to celebrate France jobs law repeal
By rioting and setting fire to cars like they did before

Man Trading Up From Paper Clip to House
While spacious the paper clip had fewer bedrooms and lacked indoor plumbing

Jennifer Lopez Sues Ex-Husband Noa
Man turns out to be Noa count

Cat Arrives in U.S. on Fertilizer Truck
Why are we importing manure from Mexico? Don't we have enough crap in this country?

Obesity finds niche in American marketing
And has trouble squeezing into it

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!

basil at basil's blog

Linky Business
Tor's Rant
Freedom Watch
Common Folk Using Common Sense
Image Kitty
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Monday, April 17, 2006

More Leftist Hypocrisy

Well its a day ending in "y" so that means somewhere the left is doing something hypocritical. Well there was this teacher who in preparing his students for a math test decided to propagate a racial stereotype against Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.
The question read, "Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300-foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second." The question went on to ask when the watermelon will hit the ground, based on a formula provided. The question propagates a racial stereotype and denigrates Secretary of State Rice, said Perryman. While Rice's last name wasn't mentioned, the reference was clear, he said.

"How many Condoleezzas spell their name that way and how many Condoleezzas are associated with a federal building? It doesn't take much to connect the dotted lines," he said.
Well that did not sit well with the students. The school met with 150 people over the incident and the teacher involved was fired and made an example of how our society does not tolerate bigotry of this kind. Yeah right. Nothing happened. In fact the school didn't even release the name of the teacher.
The college declined to release the name of the teacher who wrote the question. Floten said the teacher has apologized and requested cultural-sensitivity training.
Wow sensitivity training. That'll teach 'em.

I have no doubt that the reason this is downplayed is because Dr. Rice is a conservative African American in the Bush Administration. Had she been a liberal then this teacher would have been hung out to dry. The race-baiters would have descended like locusts and devoured the guy (or gal). But where are then now? The most powerful woman in the world is maligned and not a peep. Harry? Danny? Al? They must have left the race card in their other pants.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pot At the End of the Rainbow

Free Image Hosting at
Not exactly what I envisioned!
Hat Tip BionicFlutist via email.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sploid: 'You're an a--hole'

Another case of a teacher unable to control his leftist urgings and exposes his unwilling students to his moonbat opinions concerning the Bush administration:
"An Alabama high-school science teacher has landed in hot water for showing a controversial anti-Bush video to his students.
The video is set up like a film strip, showing slides of Bush and his cronies while a song called 'A--hole' plays in the background.
The word appears numerous times in the video, which is about as clever and entertaining as your average hippie war protester carrying a 'Bush=Hitler' sign." (Watch it!)
I guess Mr. Science Teacher thought he was being clever or maybe he actually thought it was his job to foist his personal political opinions onto his science students.

But wait! There's more. It seems that the teacher is also a candidate for political office too!
White, in addition to teaching eighth-grade science, is a Democratic candidate for the state House of Representatives. His District 4 opponent, Congressman Micky Harmmon, accused White of abusing kids' trust:
"I know he's my opponent, but I would say this about any teacher who showed something like that. You shouldn't use your position as a teacher to influence children about your political opinions.
White was reprimanded but not fired. I saw the video and it is wholly inappropriate for a school environment, especially science class. What does liberal meme have to do with science anyway?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Set Lasers to Deep Fat Vaporization

A porker like myself has new hope! Fat-burning laser brings cellulite hope Fat zapping lasers? Be still by cholesterol hardened heart. If I don't die of a coronary first I may live to see the day when tubbos like me can have the excesses of a lifetime phasered away. No muss no fuss just zap and watch the fat literally melt away.

Okay it wont happen in my lifetime but the tests are successful in pigs and it is a promising treatment for acne.
Professor Rox Anderson, dermatologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, led the experiment using pig fat and skin samples about two inches thick.

He added: "The root cause of acne is a lipid-rich gland, the sebaceous gland, which sits a few millimetres below the surface of the skin.

"We want to be able to selectively target the sebaceous gland and this research shows that, if we can build lasers at this region of the spectrum, we may be able to do that."

Cellulite and body fat could also be targeted as well as the fatty plaques that form in arteries, leading to heart attacks, he said.

Professor Anderson added: "We can envision a fat-seeking laser, and we're heading down that path now."
I guess I'll have to rely on diet and exercise. Drat. I'd better start soon. Right now people have to take two busses and a train to get on my good side.

Hat Tip David Drake

WorldNetDaily: Nation's 1st 'gay' TV network rejects church's 'pro-gay' ad

Looks like the United Church of Christ can't even buy a break. The UCC spent 1.5 million on a pro-gay TV ad only to have the nation's 1st 'gay' TV network reject it.
The commercial features several short vignettes of people attending a traditional church service and finding themselves unwelcome. A black mother and her crying baby, an Arab American and a person in a walker are sent off into the air when someone pushes an "ejector" button. The ad switches to a friendly, diverse congregation and the voiceover says, "The United Church of Christ – no matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here."
Isn't it amazing that the only church to openly accept same sex marrige gets rejected when trying to reach gays for Christ. Maybe they should take this as a wake up call. Christianity and the homosexual life-style are not compatible. The only church to embrace gay marriage and have gay clergy is hemorrhaging congregations, losing 97 churches since July. Now LOGO, an MTV-owned gay network has rejected their ads saying:
it would not be able to air the 30-second commercial, called "Ejector," "because of the political nature of its content."

"Our guidelines state we will not accept religious advertisements that may be deemed as disparaging to another religion," UCC was told.
The ad's message is that while other churches reject blacks, Arab Americans and disabled people; the UCC welcomes all. (Again they try to equate the struggle of gays to that of the civil rights movement.) But apparently some people just don't want to be welcomed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Booker T. Washington's Birthday

chrys over at Pettifog Jots and Tittles reminded me that yesterday was Booker T. Washington's Birthday. But it was Nightfighter at My Right Mind that came up with an incredible quote:
There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
He could very well be describing McKinney, Jackson, Nagin, Sharpton, Bond, or Farrakhan today. Very prescient of the man don't you think? Or maybe leftist race baiters have always been around.

If you want to learn more about Booker T., read Shay's post at Booker Rising What Booker T. Washington's Legacy Means To Me

One Year Ago Today

At 1:20 EST I started this blog:

1 year ago
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Thanks for your support!

Happy Blogaversary To Me!

I started doing this a year ago today. Tell me how you feel about it. What's good, what's bad. I did some "Best of" posts as a way to review what I've been doing. I don't plan to stop just yet.

Best of Headlines Part I

Image Hosted by

I am throwing together a bunch of headlines that I did last year during my first six months of blogging. I apologize about the broken links. The news sources don’t keep their articles online very long.

Here are the very first three headlines I ever wrote. Good times. Good times.

FDA Reviews Ban on Silicone Breast Implants
Vow to personally examine hundreds of breasts

Hidden Fat Could Mean Heart Disease Risk
Exposed obvious fat safe though.

Earth's oldest known object on display
Dick Clark does performance art

Here are some others.

B.B. King Monument to Be Built in Arkansas
Aging Blues man says "Don't need one, not dead yet."

Cruise Ship Returns After Wave Damage
Passengers now encourage to use "Tomahawk Chop" to show enthusiasm

New Sensors Detect Speech Without Sound
Improvement over Democratic sensor which detects speech without thought.

Canadians take many roads to Rome
All Canadian roads to Rome eventually end at huge body of water called the ocean.

Woman, 90, Grabs Bobcat's Tail to Free Cat
Goldthwait says "Lady, Let go my butt! I don't even have your stupid cat"

Rehabilitated Dolphins Released in Fla.
Sea World praised for their aquatic 12 step program - Next is shelter for battered fish.

Like opera, striptease is art, Oslo court rules
Unlike opera, in striptease nobody wants to see the fat lady sing

Next-Generation Xbox to Be Media Hub
Picard hopes it will keep Wesley off the bridge

Some Say Laughter Is the Best Medicine
But just try getting a prescription for it

Iraq PM suffers cabinet setback
Needs 8 X 1 1/4" screws to hold panel A to right side

Crocodiles put rangers on high alert
Clerics, bards and magic-users failed their saving throws and are on normal alert

China recalls Japanese germ warfare experiments
So if you have a Japanese germ warfare experiment issued between 1998 and 2001 please return it to China for replacement or refund

Pizza delivery ends prison siege
Crisis ended when Dominoes delivered 2000 large pizzas with extra armed guards on them

Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved
Prince of Lies thanks newly acquired Johnny Cochran for clearing his name

German senator douses homeless man with wine, quits
He realized he didn't have all the ingredients for Bum Flambe

Twins Seeing Double Once Again
Bush says he'll take keys to the liquor cabinet next time he leaves country

Jowell wants Bond to stay in UK
African Americans raise funds to ship Julian to London

Drug That Treats Diarrhea May Prevent It
Company investors expect high liquidity at first followed by a solid performance

Angry jailers massacre inmate's pet pigeons
No explanation given for sudden coo

Cruise Says Holmes Is 'Magnificent
'Actor fondly remembers late porn star's biggest moments

Florida Man Accused of Poaching Alligator
Says poached alligator crucial ingredient in alligators benedict

Texas Family Finds Baby Opossum in Toilet
Dad remarks "I don't remember eating that"

Obesity Research Shows 3 Crucial Periods
Scientists identify these as breakfast, lunch and dinner

Rush Guitarist Sues Hotel Over Altercation
Spokesman Tom Sawyer said "While it was his Free Will to stay in the Subdivisions it was no excuse for such fly by night service."

Rain queen dies at 27
Dustin Hoofman's attempt to combine sequels to Rain Man and Tootsie big box office flop.

After Tsunami, Mothers Want More Children
After California verdict, so does Michael Jackson

FDA: Some Guidant Defibrillators Recalled
This came as no shock to some

King Tut is back in the US to wow audiences
Lots of new Tut merchandise in gift Cheops

Schwarzenegger: I'm Still Enjoying the Battle:
"Especially the crushing of my enemies, seeing them driven before me, hearing the lamentations of the women"

Bush Adviser Must Turn Rhetoric Into Policy
Bush critics to continue to work only with rhetoric

Bush Drops a Few Clues About Candidate
Democrats pick up crayon, notebook and sit in their big chair to figure it out

Lost Sappho love poem published after 2,600 years
"The poetess of Lesbos full of joy
Tis no mystery who this lass likes
How she envys the little Dutch Boy
With a finger in the dikes"

Man Reveals Reason for Shooting Postman
Seems he rang more than twice

Rat Study Links Aspartame to Cancer
Dieting rats beg for more funding to find cure for cancer testing

"Your Pre-Pregnancy To-Do List"
Has just 1 activity on it and you know what it is

Activists Want Circumcision Declared a Human Rights Crime
Law enforcement officials standing by awaiting tips

A Better Treatment for Head Lice?
Democrats who urged better treatment for Gitmo detainees now seek better treatment for other vermin

US singer Cohn shot by carjacker
Came very close to "Croaking in Memphis"

Kanye West Calls for End to Gay Bashing
Gay bashers everywhere cease activity. "We just needed to be told by some guy with a grammy."

Downey Jr. says 'I do'
"I do cocain, I do heroine, I do pot...."

Judy Garland's Famed Ruby Slippers Stolen
Clinton, Boxer, Pelosi, and other wicked witches questioned

Should Labs Treat Chimps More Like Humans?
Democrats say yes as they move to register 100000 new primate voters

Kate Moss Acknowledges Drug Use
By falling down, retching her guts out and babbling incoherently

Many Islands "Gone," Wetlands Gutted After Katrina, Experts Say
Looters claimed they needed islands and wetlands to survive

Mars getting warmer, may have quakes
Bush blamed for not signing Kyoto-Terra Meridiani accords

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The Best of Dane Bramage

The Best of Dane Bramage

I did a quick scan of the posts I made over the last year and I decided to list and link to my better stuff. Given how much work this has been for one year I am hesitant to announce whether or not this will be a yearly thing.  Anyway here is some of what I consider “Best of “material.  

To start things off I have So If Your Name is Kevin, Why is This Blog Called Dane Bramage?  Has a little background on why I blog and why I call this blog what I do.

It seems like people everywhere were seeing the Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary Blows into Windy City was one such instance.  Virgin Mary Blows Through Northern Italy was another.

I really liked blogging about the Smithee awards. And the award for "Stupidest Looking Monster" goes to...  has the background and The Smithee Awards Report  has the actual 2005 award show review. I fully plan to attend again this year.  Maybe I’ll skip the near-death infection this time.

As a black conservative Republican I am at political odds with most of my fellow African Americans. Using Rosa Parks is just one such case.

I made my feelings about Katrina known in a Homespun Blogger Symposium post HBS How Do You Feel About Hurricane Katrina

And I took a personal look at suicide and euthanasia in Killing Ones Self Is Such a Hassle

And of course how could I forget about the U.N. bombing the Smurfs. Tra La LaLaLaLa La La La La BOOM!  

I took a bunch of quizzes and answered a couple memes.  I linked to a lot of work that other people did especially covering the Religion of Peace.  All and all it was a good year. I am not planning to make any changes to my format or the things I usually comment on.  Feedback has been favorable. I haven’t had any trolls, which probably means I need to get noticed by more people.  So for my second year I will work a little harder to post regularly and be more of a link whore.    

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn : Christians Kill The Erotic Thriller

Christians Kill The Erotic Thriller
rfburn over at Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn has a great post about the accusations that Christianity has killed the erotic thriller genre.
The accusation is being leveled because of the huge box office flop Basic Instinct 2 which over the weekend earned slightly more than Larry the Cable Guy which has been out for two weeks.
The failure of Basic Instinct 2 couldn't possibly mean that perhaps the film just plain sucks or that the genre has run it's course. There must be someone or some group to blame, and there is! Conservative Christians to be specific. Paul Verhoeven, director of the first Basic Instinct makes the following claim:
From Reuters Entertainment News
"Anything that is erotic has been banned in the United States", said the Dutch native. "Look at the people at the top (of the government). We are living under a government that is constantly hammering out Christian values. And Christianity and sex have never been good friends."
Oliver Stone said the same thing about why Alexander flopped. Can't these guys just admit they made crappy movies that no one wanted to see? Maybe if BI2 had more of an agenda behind it the critics would have heralded it as another Brokeback Mountain instead of celluloid trash.

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

Tomorrow is the 1 year blogaversary of Dane Bramage. I plan to mark the occasion with more template changes and a "Best of Headlines" post. I will probably have a post with links to some of my best posts (IMHO).  If you have a favorite let me know and I will add it. I will probably ask you to leave a comment about this blog too.  So rummage through the archives and let me know what you think "The Best of Dane Bramage" is.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Headlines For Monday 4/03/2006

Image Hosted by

Where rejected greeting cards go to die
They all suffer from tachycardia

Thousands of German WW2 corpses in Czech factory
Czechs reject criticism that German corpses might not be a marketable commodity; plan to continue production into third quarter.

Man Accidentally Divorces Wife in Sleep
Presence of Judge and lawyers fail to wake the man

'Brokeback' Takes Top Film at Gay Awards
Followed closely by second place winner 'Balony Pony Express'

Film Shoot Mistaken for Hostage Situation
Film viewing likely to feel like hostage situation

Pamela Anderson Calls for End to Seal Hunt
She encourages British singer to turn himself in

Maine man builds a house out of concrete
Man is confident Big Bad Wolf won't blow it down like his brothers houses

Late Grateful Dead leader's toilet stolen
Cops on the lookout for perp with Jerry Garcia's head in a duffle bag

Groups Want Warnings Taken Off Drug Ads
They don't want you to know that the new drug you are taking may cause swelling of the face, fingers, feet, and/or lower legs; severe stomach pain; bad breath; black, tarry stools, and/or vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds; headaches; backaches; numbness in arms and legs; tingling in toes and fingers; loss of hearing; blurred vision; loss of appetite; loss of balance; unusual weight gain; and/or skin rash; reduced sex drive; head exploding; sudden unexplained death.

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