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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sploid: 'You're an a--hole'

Another case of a teacher unable to control his leftist urgings and exposes his unwilling students to his moonbat opinions concerning the Bush administration:
"An Alabama high-school science teacher has landed in hot water for showing a controversial anti-Bush video to his students.
The video is set up like a film strip, showing slides of Bush and his cronies while a song called 'A--hole' plays in the background.
The word appears numerous times in the video, which is about as clever and entertaining as your average hippie war protester carrying a 'Bush=Hitler' sign." (Watch it!)
I guess Mr. Science Teacher thought he was being clever or maybe he actually thought it was his job to foist his personal political opinions onto his science students.

But wait! There's more. It seems that the teacher is also a candidate for political office too!
White, in addition to teaching eighth-grade science, is a Democratic candidate for the state House of Representatives. His District 4 opponent, Congressman Micky Harmmon, accused White of abusing kids' trust:
"I know he's my opponent, but I would say this about any teacher who showed something like that. You shouldn't use your position as a teacher to influence children about your political opinions.
White was reprimanded but not fired. I saw the video and it is wholly inappropriate for a school environment, especially science class. What does liberal meme have to do with science anyway?

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