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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking of Epidemics, How About that Made Up One Called AIDS

I am not one of those wingnuts that believe that AIDS was created by God to punish gays, or manufactured by the government to control black population or anything like that. I do believe that most of the hysteria surrounding the epidemic spread of the disease is pure leftist hype. And I never get tired of being right. Media Monitor has this story: The Post and the Phony AIDS Crisis :
"The Post editorial declared, 'It's been clear for a while that UNAIDS, the agency responsible for these statistics, was reluctant to contemplate good strategies for fighting AIDS lest these undermine global support for expanded funding.' The Post found the U.N. guilty of publishing 'dubious AIDS data.'

The FAIR Foundation, which stands for Fair Allocations in Research, had known about and exposed the dubious data. On its website, it highlighted how the UN AIDS office, the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health, and AIDS activists 'continually speak of AIDS decimating the world and use that argument to argue for more research funding.' It had posted the John Donnelly Boston Globe article of June 20, 2004, explaining how the figures had been exaggerated.

'Recent studies in Kenya have confirmed millions of Africans previously thought to have AIDS are disease free,' noted the FAIR Foundation. In Kenya, as the BCC reported on January 9, 2004, estimates had put the figure at 15 percent, when a subsequent survey found only 6.7 percent infected."
So the folks at the U.N. lied, as usual. Then the media picked up on it and spread the lies, as usual. Then two years later they finally admit they lied, well after the fact and when nothing can be done to undo the damage, as usual.

I have been accused by liberals of not caring enough for the poor victims of AIDS. Well I do feel for the infected children born to infected mothers, or a blood recipient who got tainted blood, or an innocent who was deliberatedly infected by some diseased jerk. But I have no sympathy for people who insist that they can continue to live in a self destructive fashion and demand that I fork over funding to cure their disease. The media has played the public for fools and has manufactured an epidemic. They employed terror tactics by claiming it is widespread among heterosexuals when it wasn't. And then they swore that Africa would be decimated by AIDS but again they lied.

Millions upon millions of dollars were directed toward resarching what is essentuially a preventable disease. Think how much closer to a cure for cancer or diabetes we could have gotten if the leftist fear peddlers had just been honest with us. But they know they couldn't convince sane people to divert funds from other research based on the truth. So they manufactured a crisis to manipulate us into doing what they wanted, as usual.

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