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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Headlines for Tuesday 4/18/2006

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Researchers seek ways to cut manure smell
Panel suggests politicians keep their mouths closed

Sam Elliott stars in Avenger; the actor, 61, got changes in action scenes...
High speed chase cars replaced with electric scooters

Hawaii May Honor Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
If they can find a sign big enough to fit the whole name on

Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs
They were like, really, really big...

Fonda: 'Too much baggage' for war protest
She does have a lot of "junk in her trunk"

Thousands flee as Danube breaches defenses
Bush blamed for flooding. Reported not to like Romanian people either.

Mumps Outbreak Swells Across Midwest
Diarrhea outbreak runs across South

Students to celebrate France jobs law repeal
By rioting and setting fire to cars like they did before

Man Trading Up From Paper Clip to House
While spacious the paper clip had fewer bedrooms and lacked indoor plumbing

Jennifer Lopez Sues Ex-Husband Noa
Man turns out to be Noa count

Cat Arrives in U.S. on Fertilizer Truck
Why are we importing manure from Mexico? Don't we have enough crap in this country?

Obesity finds niche in American marketing
And has trouble squeezing into it

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