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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh the Hallowed Halls of Higher Learning (Redux)

First let me say that I am not pleased. This is the second time I have had to write this post. Whenever I redo a post I’ve already written, it never turns out the same. I hate that. But I wanted to point out a couple of goings on in the world of Academia.

First and close to home is the story in the news about a librarian at Ohio State University - Mansfield. He has been accused by three professors, two of whom are openly gay, of harassment. Did this guy snap them on the butt with a towel? No. Did he scream fire and brimstone while hurling Bibles at them? No. In fact he did absolutely nothing to these men directly. What he did was recommend to incoming freshmen students, four books by conservative authors. WorldnetDaily’s Book-banning 'gay' profs forced to drop allegations.Librarian accused of 'sexual harassment' after recommending 'Marketing of Evil'

Scott Savage, a devout Quaker, is head of Reference and Instructional Services at the Bromfield Library on Ohio State University's Mansfield campus. As a member of the university's First Year Reading Experience Committee, Savage had suggested four books be considered as required reading for incoming freshmen: "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian, "The Professors" by David Horowitz, "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" by Bat Ye'or, and "It Takes a Family" by Sen. Rick Santorum. Savage made the recommendations after other committee members had suggested a series of books with a left-wing perspective, by authors such as Jimmy Carter and Maria Shriver.
However, three professors – two of them openly homosexual – filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment, contending Kupelian's book was "hate literature" which "threatened" them and made them feel "unsafe" on campus. After a 21-0 faculty vote (with 9 abstentions) on March 13, the school's Office of Human Resources put Savage under "investigation."

It was The Marketing of Evil which got their panties in a wad. It openly condemns the pro-gay agenda. "Oh, he hates me. Oh he’s spreading hate speech. Oh I don’t feel safe at work now. Oh he’s harassing me." Oh give me a break. The school rescinded the faculty ruling. No doubt because of the notoriety given the situation by the national media and bloggers. And probably because Scott Savage has the Alliance Defense Fund defending him.

So is the case over?
Not by a long shot, says David French, Savage's attorney and director of ADF's Center for Academic Freedom, who says the librarian is carefully "weighing his options."
"Scott's exploring litigation – he has already filed an internal complaint accusing the professors of a false allegation of harassment. But he is definitely exploring possibilities of litigation," said the ADF attorney.
"While we're glad there was no finding of harassment – that's merely common sense on the part of the university – we're upset there hasn't been a direct communication of that fact to Scott or his attorneys."

Well good luck to Mr. Savage. On the upside all the publicity has driven The Marketing of Evil to the top of's current events best seller list.

And the rewrite wasn’t half bad although it turned out completely different than I had originally written. I will be driving past Mansfield on my way to Columbus where the main OSU campus is of course.

Further south still in the bluegrass state of Kentucky a liberal moonbat professor incites her students to destroy a Pro-life exhibit and gets FIRED!
Sally Jacobsen, a professor of language and literature at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) has been dismissed from her post after she incited a group of students to destroy an approved pro-life display erected by a campus pro-life student group.
Jacobsen, who also headed the NKU women’s studies program for three years, told the Kentucky Enquirer she had become so emotional at the sight of a field of white crosses planted as a symbolic cemetery for aborted children, that her strong feelings justified her action.

Of course they did. Liberals are always justified by their feelings. That’s what makes them liberal and why you cannot reason with them. How do you argue with someone’s feelings? Fortunately NKU officials gave Ms. Jacobsen a dose of Red State Reasoning.

The university’s policies state that even tenured faculty can be dismissed without pay for misconduct. It reads, "A staff member who conducts himself in a manner that reflects unfavourably upon the University, the department, and himself will be subject to immediate discharge, without advance notice and without further pay."

In a statement published on the university’s website today, Votruba said, "While the University supports the right to free speech and vigorous debate on public issues, we cannot condone infringement of the rights of others to express themselves in an orderly manner."

So Ms. "I’m-so-pro-abortion-that-the-sigh-of-little-white-crosses-makes-me-feel-crazy" Jacobson’s severance pay was written on a reality check. Mr. Minority has The whole story here with his timely and insightful comments.

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