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Monday, April 24, 2006

Little Known Facts About Ohio

Well you may have wondered where I've been (or not.) I am going to tell you anyway otherwise I would have nothing to post. I spent the weekend in the Ohio State capitol of Columbus. I went down to meet some people I only know from the internet. We told that to everyone we encountered this weekend. You can just imagine the stares. But it's true. I frequent GOPUSA, a conservative political forum. Some of the people decided to have a meeting in Columbus. Since it is only a couple hours away I went. Conservatives are crazy.

We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory.

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It's a great place if you are into flowers and winged vermin.

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Inside the conservatory there were wondrous displays. Here we find an Amish farm. Note how tiny the Amish people are.

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This was a problem for border patrol agents when the Amish immigrated to Ohio. Entire communities of Amish people were smuggled into the area in a single suitcase. Many thought their fanatical adherence to archaic technology was faith based. In actuallity it was size based. They couldn't find cars, phones, or electric stoves in their size.

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This also explains why Amish like to stay away from "modern" communities in favor of their own. The first Amish settlement was in the backyard of Jerry Spencer next to his outdoor pool. The entire community was wiped out by a flood when Arlen "Fatty" Spencer did a cannonball off the high board. And now you know. If you want to read more about my trip and see pictures of the crazy conservatives who went, check out the forums at GOPUSA and find the "Ohio Road Trip" thread. Tell them ChristianBuckeyeMan sent you.

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