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Monday, April 10, 2006

Set Lasers to Deep Fat Vaporization

A porker like myself has new hope! Fat-burning laser brings cellulite hope Fat zapping lasers? Be still by cholesterol hardened heart. If I don't die of a coronary first I may live to see the day when tubbos like me can have the excesses of a lifetime phasered away. No muss no fuss just zap and watch the fat literally melt away.

Okay it wont happen in my lifetime but the tests are successful in pigs and it is a promising treatment for acne.
Professor Rox Anderson, dermatologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, led the experiment using pig fat and skin samples about two inches thick.

He added: "The root cause of acne is a lipid-rich gland, the sebaceous gland, which sits a few millimetres below the surface of the skin.

"We want to be able to selectively target the sebaceous gland and this research shows that, if we can build lasers at this region of the spectrum, we may be able to do that."

Cellulite and body fat could also be targeted as well as the fatty plaques that form in arteries, leading to heart attacks, he said.

Professor Anderson added: "We can envision a fat-seeking laser, and we're heading down that path now."
I guess I'll have to rely on diet and exercise. Drat. I'd better start soon. Right now people have to take two busses and a train to get on my good side.

Hat Tip David Drake

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