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Monday, April 10, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Nation's 1st 'gay' TV network rejects church's 'pro-gay' ad

Looks like the United Church of Christ can't even buy a break. The UCC spent 1.5 million on a pro-gay TV ad only to have the nation's 1st 'gay' TV network reject it.
The commercial features several short vignettes of people attending a traditional church service and finding themselves unwelcome. A black mother and her crying baby, an Arab American and a person in a walker are sent off into the air when someone pushes an "ejector" button. The ad switches to a friendly, diverse congregation and the voiceover says, "The United Church of Christ – no matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here."
Isn't it amazing that the only church to openly accept same sex marrige gets rejected when trying to reach gays for Christ. Maybe they should take this as a wake up call. Christianity and the homosexual life-style are not compatible. The only church to embrace gay marriage and have gay clergy is hemorrhaging congregations, losing 97 churches since July. Now LOGO, an MTV-owned gay network has rejected their ads saying:
it would not be able to air the 30-second commercial, called "Ejector," "because of the political nature of its content."

"Our guidelines state we will not accept religious advertisements that may be deemed as disparaging to another religion," UCC was told.
The ad's message is that while other churches reject blacks, Arab Americans and disabled people; the UCC welcomes all. (Again they try to equate the struggle of gays to that of the civil rights movement.) But apparently some people just don't want to be welcomed.

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