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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inconvenient Truth About Flourescent Lights

Hat Tip to the creator David Drake, one very sick puppy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bible Quiz

I like my test score here. But I didn't feel as if it were a true test of Bible knowledge. ANyone who has taken multiple guess tests before and has an ounce of Bible knowledge would do well. Not perfect like me but well.

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

Hat Tip Cindy Swanson who also scored a perfect 100% and has a new picture up on her blog.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thursday Thirteen #30

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Thursday Thirteen Logos

NOTE: I have learned from the Thursday Thirteen Hub that this is the last T13. I didn't know that when I put this together on Monday but I think it is kind of appropriate. A review if you will.

When I started doing Thursday Thirteen I used some of the beautiful logos designed by other people that you can find at the Thursday 13 Hub. I still use a couple but I decided early on that I would prefer to use my own. Here are thirteen logos that I did and have used throughout my Thursday Thirteen Career.

  1. The Church In The Barn
    I used a photo I took of my church for this logo. There is no 13 theme, just showing off the property.

  2. Highway Thursday 13
    I took a picture of some tabletop scenery constructed for miniatures games involving giant robot war machines, at Origins 2006. I altered it for T13.

  3. 13 Toes
    I found these normal feet on the web. I was looking for a pair that I could photochop into having 13 toes. This was one of the first photochopping exercises I did. If they're your feet I apologize.

  4. Indianapolis 13
    I took this picture from the window in my hotel room. I thought it looked cool and would make a nice logo.

  5. 13 Moves
    This chess game was on sale at the Origins 2006 Game Fair. Don't ask me how to play, I just thought it was an interesting shot.

  6. Thursday 13 Services
    I created this logo at Church Sign Generator .COM They have a variety of denominations but I'm Baptist. You can go there and create a church sign with up to four lines of text. After you have it say whatever you want, you can save the image to your local machine.

  7. 13 Steps to Cardhalla
    This is a picture I took of Cardhalla. People build structures out of cards during the first three days of Gen Con. Then on Saturday night they hurl change at the buildings to destroy them. The change is gathered up and given to a charity selected at the start of the event.

  8. Heritage 13
    This car was painted up as a race car by our Bus Director at church for the Heritage 500 (our Vacation Bible School). I had to photochop some details out and add the big 13 on the side. You can see The Church in the Barn in the background.

  9. 13 Foods
    This is the food court at the Columbus Convention center. This is during a break in the gaming action at Origins 2006. I'm not sure why I used it, I might have been in a hurry.

  10. 13 Dirty Looks
    Here is a picture of my friend Dave. He is sitting next to a pile of dirty laundry. I photochopped the laundry out and in it's place I created Dave's evil twin. This was by far the hardest photochop job I did. The balding one is the real Dave.

  11. Size 13
    I know who these feet belong to. They're Dave's. I photochopped the rest of him out of the picture and turned them into shoes. I did not apologize to him. Coincidentally they really are size 13.

  12. 13 Explosions
    I took this picture from my hotel room in Columbus during Red, White and Boom. I was very pleased with the pictures I took of the fireworks that night.

  13. Super 13
    The drawing was done by my friend Eric. It is close to twenty years old which is scary. Each character is was played by one of my friends in a game. We did this on Friday Nights for almost a decade. The cool dude with gun and shades was my character. His name was, ironically enough, Dane. Anyway I used this logo for my comic book list. Thanks Eric!

Well there you have 14 logos (The castle logo at the top of this list is another one I created from a picture I took at Origins 2006). I have a couple more that I have used but no room for them this time. When I get another thirteen of them done I will create another list.

1. Raggedy
2. KarenW
3. Christine
4. JHSiess
5. Susan Helene Gottfried
6. Wacky Mommy
7. Chelle Y.
8. chupieandjsmama
9. Christine d'Abo
10. Barbara H.
11. JAM
12. Thomma Lyn
13. Tink
14. Jude&Elise
15. jenny
16. qtpies7
17. Amy Ruttan
18. Heather Rae Scott
19. Norma
20. thebluestbutterfly
21. Friday's Child
22. bernie
23. Robin
24. carmen
25. DKRaymer
26. Marcia
27. Cindy Swanson
28. TopChamp
29. CoMeDy PoRtAl
30. Comic Stripper

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

While trolling for headlines I came across this little ditty. "Cat bag apparel irks Florida officials "

It seems a fast food restaurant has designed their food bags to look like Rap clothing for cats.
Tampa-based Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc. is distributing "Rapcat" bags designed with cutaway areas for the cat's legs and tail. The cat's head sticks out the opening of the bag, which is designed to look like to a basketball jersey and gold chain worn by the hip-hop Rapcat puppet in Checkers commercials.

Of course that is enough to send animal enthusiasts into a tizzy.
A Hillsborough County Animal Services news release on Monday said forcing a real, unwilling cat into a "Rapcat" bag could be considered felony animal cruelty. The bag's warning - "not all cats will be down with wearing this bag. Do not harm or endanger any cat" - is not enough, the agency said. (emphasis mine)

Okay I have had cats in the past and I live with seven of them now. I pretty much know which ones would be down with wearing a bag and which ones would shred my flesh at the very attempt to bag them. I think the warning would be sufficient. But not nanny-state control freak animal services spokeswoman Marti Ryan. She said
...the agency is prepared to go to court if necessary to stop the campaign

Well there you have it. Another concerned citizen group fighting for the rights of cats to not have to go through therapy. Wait a minute. Hillsborough County Animal Services is funded by tax dollars. That means the tax payer gets to foot the bill of any attempt to put Checkers in it's place. I would be really mad if I lived in Florida and some low level bureaucrat used tax money to sue a fast food restaurant because they were afraid normal human beings would lose their senses and en masse stuff millions of cats into food bags. I mean come on. How many times would a cat have to object to being bagged before a reasonable person would stop? Just how many times do you think a person will think this is fun anyway? Do we really need a moonbat like Ms. Ryan to protect our cats and dictate our behaviour?

I guess the only thing missing is another moonbat complaing how Rapcat demeans African Americans with hurtful stereotypes.

Headlines for Wednesday 2/21/2007

Image Hosted by

Australia to Ban Old-Style Light Bulbs
Lights unnecessary because of all the Dim Bulbs believing in Global Warming

South Africa Finalizes Lion Hunting Laws
Simba to hold a press conference praising the action this afternoon

Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro Euthanized
Fine career ended with a bang

Brain Harvest Probe Ends Without Charges
With Democrats in office it is a poor crop anyway

Supremes Still Working On School Equality
Diana Ross and company have new jobs

In court: Who will bury Anna Nicole Smith?
Getting 5 bucks from all her baby's daddies would cover several funerals
I know that was mean. You can send me hate email

'Mr. Cooper' actor: I considered suicide
'Mr. Cooper' fans: So did we.

Agreement on Burial of James Brown
Family relieved to finally get him out of the house

Woman allegedly stabs man during sex
Man left trail of alleged blood to hospital where doctors treated his alleged wounds

Teen faces charges for laxative brownies
Lawyers insist charges are unconstipational

Kenny Chesney: I'm not gay
Yeah but Tim Hardaway still don't want you around him

Nude jogger to miss 'liberating feeling'
Will also miss hanging out with friends

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!
basil at basil's blog

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This Is Only a Dream

I had this dream where I was sitting down watching WWE. I don't recall if it was WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown. Honestly I wouldn't know the difference anyway. There were these woman though. Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez. They were playing Runescape. Fergie and Pelosi were there talking about Anna Nicole Smith and how the father of her baby was the NBA. Or was it NASCAR? Then Britney, Beyonce, Lindsay, Paris, and Jennifer all started bad mouthing Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz. Just then Naruto came home from his job at the Internal Revenue Service. Yes the IRS has been using ninja for decades. The Internal Revenue Service invented tax jutsu. Fergie and Pelosi fled when Naruto showed up. The others went back to Runescape.

Then I woke up. I thought to myself. "Dane, That dream of yours is pure gold! There are no less than 10 of the top twenty search engine query items in that dream. If you write about it, then theoretically the number of people visiting your blog will skyrocket!"

Then I thought, I might have a point there. I am about to roll out my "All Searches Lead To Dane Bramage" recurring post theme so what better way to prime the pump than with a blatant attempt at search engine manipulation?

Of course it could fail completely. Currently I average about 25 visits a day. We'll see how many I get after this post. And be sure to check back soon for "All Searches Lead To Dane Bramage". Oh and Freudenschade.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Washington's Birthday!

I know everybody calls it President's Day but it is officially in the books as George Washington's Birthday. I think people wanted to honor Lincoln too but two national holidays in the same month, days apart would have been too much. Which is a shame because Washington and Lincoln were both men to be honored. I am old enough to remember when we celebrated Lincoln's birthday but it was a state holiday and not a national one.
I mention all this because I want to point out something. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WERE NOT DEISTS! There is an effort today by the liberal left to remove God not only from government but from the history of government.

Did You Know...

In the first inaugural address which was given by George Washington, the President repeatedly thanked God and mentioned how our fledgling nation was to look toward Divine Providence for guidance.


Claiming separation of church and state, the government removed all references to God from the speech before putting it in modern history textbooks.

And now there are people coming out of the woodwork proclaiming that the framers of the constitution were Deists and not Christians. The liberals tried to deny that God was important to our founding fathers but so much of their writing acknowledges God and specifically Jesus Christ for the birth of our nation that the liberals had to adopt another tactic. Merriam-Webster says;
de ism (often capitalized)
: a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality, and in the 18th century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe

So now they admit that Geoprge Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all believed in God but they really didn't think that God cares about the actions and activities of individuals or nations. What a load of crap. It is amazing how the liberals overlook the first prayer said in Congress which asked God to guide the decisions of that body of government. God was real to our founding fathers. Many of them knew and professed Jesus as their personal Saviour. Don't let the left obscure that fact with cries of deism.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snowbound - No Thursday Thirteen Today

Someone had a T13 about why they liked all the snow. I left a comment saying it hadn't been so bad here. WELL after Tuesday's blizzard we have had more than enough snow. Between work and school being out I have been really busy so no Thursday Thirteen this week. Sorry.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Missionaries Die in Honduras

Came across this in my blogging yesterday. US Baptist and Methodist Missionaries Killed in Honduras My church supports several missionaries so it is always tough to hear about tragedies befalling people taking the Gospel to foreign fields.
Three US missionaries of Baptist and Methodist Churches were killed and ten others injured on a road accident in Honduras on 6th of February.

A truck the Georgia-based missionaries was riding went off the road in flipped over in rugged terrain near the village of Mal Pais in eastern Olancho province near the border with Nicaragua, said Honduran police spokesman Jose Andino. It is seven hours from the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

Those killed and injured were part of a group of 28 adults on a charity mission to Honduras sponsored by four churches, Tabernacle Baptist in Cartersville, First United Methodist, First Baptist, and Cornerstone United Methodist of Newnan. The short-term trip was organized by Decatur-Ga.-based Honduras Outreach Inc.

Perry Goad, 45 and Richard Mason Jr., 58, are from the Tabernacle Baptist in Cartersville, and Martha Fuller, 66, from First United Methodist in Newnan were the dead.

Hat Tip:Cindy Swanson

Thursday Thirteen #29

Thursday Thirteen #29

13 things about Dane Bramage
13 Searches That Lead Here

I told Carmen I would steal this idea from her so here is 13 searches that led to Dane Bramage
  1. Java Jive - Manhattan Transfer blogspot Manhattan Transfer made my Thursday Thirteen list of favorite artists.

  2. weird 80s music videos human sign language judge wig This combo landed on top of some Headlines I did.

  3. +girdles+Lyn lock Not sure what they were looking for but they got heroin in girdles on my blog.

  4. job's tears bible verse Several searchers have come looking for Bible verses and they all found my Thursday Thirteen on Bible Verses but this particular search was looking for Job and instead got "dirty job". I hope they had the patience to continue searching.

  5. [image] I put a lot of pictures on my blog and sometimes people will search Imageshack or Google and find their way here. This picture was on my expose of the devastation of avian flu;

  6. [image]] Here is a picture I used when reporting on the successful recruiting drive of the Galactic Empire. Image Hosted by

  7. The rest are below the fold. Go to the end of the post and click "We want to read more!"

  8. Magadore, Ohio Heritage Baptist Interesting. Someone on AOL was looking for the church I attend and have blogged about often.

  9. evelyn champagne king shame pregnancy My Disco list and friend Scott's post on Death is what this seeker found when looking for this search string.

  10. [image] The image of the Trigon anime character Wolfwood continues to draw people into my blog orbit.

  11. famous women showing butt crack How in the world did this lead here? Well I blogged about a (butt)crack epidemic in Wyoming as police try to cut down on streaking and it was the same month I had a Thursday Thirteen list item "13 Famous Women Who Could Walk Barefoot Over my Face." I still get requests from those who want to help with the research.

  12. WWII seabee combat warfare pin This led to my interview with good friend Glenn who joined the Navy after 9/11.

  13. cause I gotta statue of the Virgin Mary I blogged about the people who insisted that a statue of Mary kept coming to life and moving. This particular line however is from the song "Plastic Jesus".

  14. suffer fools lightly definition Of course this is from the bogus Glen Reynolds quote in my sidebar; "I don't suffer fools lightly; But I do suffer Dane Bramage."

Well by far the most hits I have gotten lately have to do with Bible Verses. I think that is cool. I am just glad I quit getting hits for "naked roller-skating nuns". It may be best not to ask, or if you want to know just type it into Google.

1. Maggie May
2. Qtpies7
3. Amy the Black
4. carmen
5. Debby
6. Cindy Swanson
7. Chelle Y.
8. BeckyD
9. Chickadee
10. KarenW
11. Barbara H.
12. JHS
13. alisonwonderland
14. Green Eyed Girl
15. JAM
16. Susan Helene Gottfried
17. Chad
18. Robyn Mills

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Buried Alive

I have been working like a madman at my job lately so when I get home I want to be as far from a computer as possible. Until things let up I will be posting lightly. Fortunately I did two Thursday Thirteens last week so all I have to do is work up the desire to post it. And put a graphic on it. I'd better hurry and do some headlines too, some of the items are getting dated.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #28

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Trigger Foods

Ever since Norma did her list of trigger foods all those months ago I knew I would have to do one. These are foods that generally may not be that healthy for you but have the added power of causing you to compulsively eat. It's all about behavior.
  1. Marshmallow Treats Little Debbie is my mistress. I will buy a box of the BIG treats and I can conceivably devour the entire contents in one sitting if I don't pay attention. I try not to buy these when I'm at the store but I usually do and the results are predictable.

  2. Fried Chicken I could eat a full 3 course meal and if I wander into the kitchen and see fried chicken I will grab and eat a piece.

  3. Stovetop Casseroles These are generally of the "Helper" variety. When I was a kid we subsisted almost exclusively on Hamburger Helper. (We were so poor sometimes we had to eat Helper Helper). If I make a Helper meal and wait till everyone has eaten then I am fine. If I make it myself and am alone, I will eat the entire casserole. Usually I will top it with crushed Doritos.

  4. Cheddar Rice Cakes These are suppose to be good for you but something about the puffed rice and the cheese causes me to lose control and down an entire bag.

  5. Fig Bars I have made much progress in this area. Mainly because I don't really care for Fig Newtons and the cheap copies. I LOVE Little Debbie Figaroos. Moist cake and moist fig filling. Buy a box, eat a box. Fortunately It is getting increasingly more difficult to find Figaroos. I am not even sure they make them anymore, it's been months since I've seen them in any store.

  6. Dried Fruit Okay you are saying "Isn't dried fruit a healthy snack?" We are talking compulsive eating. Add the fact that I am diabetic and the amount of dried fruit I should eat becomes about 2 raisins. But give me dried apricots, cranberries, plums and papaya and I will eat them until I pin my glucometer to "Tilt".

  7. Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit Same as above but with chocolate. Multiply the extra sugar by the guilt and I can't look at myself in th mirror.

  8. Yogurt Covered Dried Fruit Less guilt, after all yogurt is better for you than chocolate, but same overall effect.

  9. Trail Mix...From Hell There is no store bought formula that gives me trouble. It's when I notice I have pricey fat filled nuts and salty sunflowers seeds laying around the house and I think "Man won't that taste great with all those chocolate covered raisins and yogurt covered cranberries and some M&Ms, mint chips..." You get the picture and it ain't pretty. Whenever I create a dish like this I have to eat it all. Which brings me to the next item;

  10. Experimental Recipes I sometimes wonder what something would taste like if I would add... whatever. The point is I usually wind up making far too much by adding ingredients and I never throw anything away and if I think no one else will eat it I devour every ounce of it. I avoid this trap by eating out or letting others cook for me. But every once in a while I still get cooking crazy.

  11. Breakfast Cereal In my younger days it was not uncommon for me to eat cereal for dinner. A gallon of milk and a box of Fruit Loops and I was a happy camper. Today I have to watch myself. If I have cereal in the morning I will just eat a bowl (maybe two if they are small-ish). Any other time of the day and I might polish off a whole box, just like in the old days. And it is never anything healthy like Special K or plain Cheerios. It is always Captn Crunch, Apple Jacks, or Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (Calvin fans know what I'm talking about.) Is that weird or what?

  12. Pringles Snack food of choice consumed a full sized can at a time. Lately there has never been a completely full can as the kids get to them first. I let them so I can't over indulge.

  13. Hulless Cheddar Popcorn I will get in my car and drive to the all night gas station to get a bag. And I will eat until I am stuffed and/or sick. Oily, cheesy, salty, and totally edible I will sit at the computer with a bag and eat it without thought.

It really amazes me how much control food still has over me. After indulging in a munch-fest I usually sit there stunned that I could do something so idiotic. My best defense is not to have these things around which is easy for the junk. But the other foods I will have to get to the cause of the behavior behind them.

1. Chelle Y.
2. JAM
3. Frances
4. Marcia
5. Karen W
6. East of Oregon
7. Miranda
8. Lisa
9. Thomma Lyn
10. Thomma Lyn
11. ancsweetnsassygal
12. my 2 cents
13. Skittles
14. Debby
15. Nathalitanis
16. Christine d'Abo
17. Cindy

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