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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thursday Thirteen #30

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Thursday Thirteen Logos

NOTE: I have learned from the Thursday Thirteen Hub that this is the last T13. I didn't know that when I put this together on Monday but I think it is kind of appropriate. A review if you will.

When I started doing Thursday Thirteen I used some of the beautiful logos designed by other people that you can find at the Thursday 13 Hub. I still use a couple but I decided early on that I would prefer to use my own. Here are thirteen logos that I did and have used throughout my Thursday Thirteen Career.

  1. The Church In The Barn
    I used a photo I took of my church for this logo. There is no 13 theme, just showing off the property.

  2. Highway Thursday 13
    I took a picture of some tabletop scenery constructed for miniatures games involving giant robot war machines, at Origins 2006. I altered it for T13.

  3. 13 Toes
    I found these normal feet on the web. I was looking for a pair that I could photochop into having 13 toes. This was one of the first photochopping exercises I did. If they're your feet I apologize.

  4. Indianapolis 13
    I took this picture from the window in my hotel room. I thought it looked cool and would make a nice logo.

  5. 13 Moves
    This chess game was on sale at the Origins 2006 Game Fair. Don't ask me how to play, I just thought it was an interesting shot.

  6. Thursday 13 Services
    I created this logo at Church Sign Generator .COM They have a variety of denominations but I'm Baptist. You can go there and create a church sign with up to four lines of text. After you have it say whatever you want, you can save the image to your local machine.

  7. 13 Steps to Cardhalla
    This is a picture I took of Cardhalla. People build structures out of cards during the first three days of Gen Con. Then on Saturday night they hurl change at the buildings to destroy them. The change is gathered up and given to a charity selected at the start of the event.

  8. Heritage 13
    This car was painted up as a race car by our Bus Director at church for the Heritage 500 (our Vacation Bible School). I had to photochop some details out and add the big 13 on the side. You can see The Church in the Barn in the background.

  9. 13 Foods
    This is the food court at the Columbus Convention center. This is during a break in the gaming action at Origins 2006. I'm not sure why I used it, I might have been in a hurry.

  10. 13 Dirty Looks
    Here is a picture of my friend Dave. He is sitting next to a pile of dirty laundry. I photochopped the laundry out and in it's place I created Dave's evil twin. This was by far the hardest photochop job I did. The balding one is the real Dave.

  11. Size 13
    I know who these feet belong to. They're Dave's. I photochopped the rest of him out of the picture and turned them into shoes. I did not apologize to him. Coincidentally they really are size 13.

  12. 13 Explosions
    I took this picture from my hotel room in Columbus during Red, White and Boom. I was very pleased with the pictures I took of the fireworks that night.

  13. Super 13
    The drawing was done by my friend Eric. It is close to twenty years old which is scary. Each character is was played by one of my friends in a game. We did this on Friday Nights for almost a decade. The cool dude with gun and shades was my character. His name was, ironically enough, Dane. Anyway I used this logo for my comic book list. Thanks Eric!

Well there you have 14 logos (The castle logo at the top of this list is another one I created from a picture I took at Origins 2006). I have a couple more that I have used but no room for them this time. When I get another thirteen of them done I will create another list.

1. Raggedy
2. KarenW
3. Christine
4. JHSiess
5. Susan Helene Gottfried
6. Wacky Mommy
7. Chelle Y.
8. chupieandjsmama
9. Christine d'Abo
10. Barbara H.
11. JAM
12. Thomma Lyn
13. Tink
14. Jude&Elise
15. jenny
16. qtpies7
17. Amy Ruttan
18. Heather Rae Scott
19. Norma
20. thebluestbutterfly
21. Friday's Child
22. bernie
23. Robin
24. carmen
25. DKRaymer
26. Marcia
27. Cindy Swanson
28. TopChamp
29. CoMeDy PoRtAl
30. Comic Stripper

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