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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

While trolling for headlines I came across this little ditty. "Cat bag apparel irks Florida officials "

It seems a fast food restaurant has designed their food bags to look like Rap clothing for cats.
Tampa-based Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc. is distributing "Rapcat" bags designed with cutaway areas for the cat's legs and tail. The cat's head sticks out the opening of the bag, which is designed to look like to a basketball jersey and gold chain worn by the hip-hop Rapcat puppet in Checkers commercials.

Of course that is enough to send animal enthusiasts into a tizzy.
A Hillsborough County Animal Services news release on Monday said forcing a real, unwilling cat into a "Rapcat" bag could be considered felony animal cruelty. The bag's warning - "not all cats will be down with wearing this bag. Do not harm or endanger any cat" - is not enough, the agency said. (emphasis mine)

Okay I have had cats in the past and I live with seven of them now. I pretty much know which ones would be down with wearing a bag and which ones would shred my flesh at the very attempt to bag them. I think the warning would be sufficient. But not nanny-state control freak animal services spokeswoman Marti Ryan. She said
...the agency is prepared to go to court if necessary to stop the campaign

Well there you have it. Another concerned citizen group fighting for the rights of cats to not have to go through therapy. Wait a minute. Hillsborough County Animal Services is funded by tax dollars. That means the tax payer gets to foot the bill of any attempt to put Checkers in it's place. I would be really mad if I lived in Florida and some low level bureaucrat used tax money to sue a fast food restaurant because they were afraid normal human beings would lose their senses and en masse stuff millions of cats into food bags. I mean come on. How many times would a cat have to object to being bagged before a reasonable person would stop? Just how many times do you think a person will think this is fun anyway? Do we really need a moonbat like Ms. Ryan to protect our cats and dictate our behaviour?

I guess the only thing missing is another moonbat complaing how Rapcat demeans African Americans with hurtful stereotypes.

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