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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #29

Thursday Thirteen #29

13 things about Dane Bramage
13 Searches That Lead Here

I told Carmen I would steal this idea from her so here is 13 searches that led to Dane Bramage
  1. Java Jive - Manhattan Transfer blogspot Manhattan Transfer made my Thursday Thirteen list of favorite artists.

  2. weird 80s music videos human sign language judge wig This combo landed on top of some Headlines I did.

  3. +girdles+Lyn lock Not sure what they were looking for but they got heroin in girdles on my blog.

  4. job's tears bible verse Several searchers have come looking for Bible verses and they all found my Thursday Thirteen on Bible Verses but this particular search was looking for Job and instead got "dirty job". I hope they had the patience to continue searching.

  5. [image] I put a lot of pictures on my blog and sometimes people will search Imageshack or Google and find their way here. This picture was on my expose of the devastation of avian flu;

  6. [image]] Here is a picture I used when reporting on the successful recruiting drive of the Galactic Empire. Image Hosted by

  7. The rest are below the fold. Go to the end of the post and click "We want to read more!"

  8. Magadore, Ohio Heritage Baptist Interesting. Someone on AOL was looking for the church I attend and have blogged about often.

  9. evelyn champagne king shame pregnancy My Disco list and friend Scott's post on Death is what this seeker found when looking for this search string.

  10. [image] The image of the Trigon anime character Wolfwood continues to draw people into my blog orbit.

  11. famous women showing butt crack How in the world did this lead here? Well I blogged about a (butt)crack epidemic in Wyoming as police try to cut down on streaking and it was the same month I had a Thursday Thirteen list item "13 Famous Women Who Could Walk Barefoot Over my Face." I still get requests from those who want to help with the research.

  12. WWII seabee combat warfare pin This led to my interview with good friend Glenn who joined the Navy after 9/11.

  13. cause I gotta statue of the Virgin Mary I blogged about the people who insisted that a statue of Mary kept coming to life and moving. This particular line however is from the song "Plastic Jesus".

  14. suffer fools lightly definition Of course this is from the bogus Glen Reynolds quote in my sidebar; "I don't suffer fools lightly; But I do suffer Dane Bramage."

Well by far the most hits I have gotten lately have to do with Bible Verses. I think that is cool. I am just glad I quit getting hits for "naked roller-skating nuns". It may be best not to ask, or if you want to know just type it into Google.

1. Maggie May
2. Qtpies7
3. Amy the Black
4. carmen
5. Debby
6. Cindy Swanson
7. Chelle Y.
8. BeckyD
9. Chickadee
10. KarenW
11. Barbara H.
12. JHS
13. alisonwonderland
14. Green Eyed Girl
15. JAM
16. Susan Helene Gottfried
17. Chad
18. Robyn Mills

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