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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #28

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Trigger Foods

Ever since Norma did her list of trigger foods all those months ago I knew I would have to do one. These are foods that generally may not be that healthy for you but have the added power of causing you to compulsively eat. It's all about behavior.
  1. Marshmallow Treats Little Debbie is my mistress. I will buy a box of the BIG treats and I can conceivably devour the entire contents in one sitting if I don't pay attention. I try not to buy these when I'm at the store but I usually do and the results are predictable.

  2. Fried Chicken I could eat a full 3 course meal and if I wander into the kitchen and see fried chicken I will grab and eat a piece.

  3. Stovetop Casseroles These are generally of the "Helper" variety. When I was a kid we subsisted almost exclusively on Hamburger Helper. (We were so poor sometimes we had to eat Helper Helper). If I make a Helper meal and wait till everyone has eaten then I am fine. If I make it myself and am alone, I will eat the entire casserole. Usually I will top it with crushed Doritos.

  4. Cheddar Rice Cakes These are suppose to be good for you but something about the puffed rice and the cheese causes me to lose control and down an entire bag.

  5. Fig Bars I have made much progress in this area. Mainly because I don't really care for Fig Newtons and the cheap copies. I LOVE Little Debbie Figaroos. Moist cake and moist fig filling. Buy a box, eat a box. Fortunately It is getting increasingly more difficult to find Figaroos. I am not even sure they make them anymore, it's been months since I've seen them in any store.

  6. Dried Fruit Okay you are saying "Isn't dried fruit a healthy snack?" We are talking compulsive eating. Add the fact that I am diabetic and the amount of dried fruit I should eat becomes about 2 raisins. But give me dried apricots, cranberries, plums and papaya and I will eat them until I pin my glucometer to "Tilt".

  7. Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit Same as above but with chocolate. Multiply the extra sugar by the guilt and I can't look at myself in th mirror.

  8. Yogurt Covered Dried Fruit Less guilt, after all yogurt is better for you than chocolate, but same overall effect.

  9. Trail Mix...From Hell There is no store bought formula that gives me trouble. It's when I notice I have pricey fat filled nuts and salty sunflowers seeds laying around the house and I think "Man won't that taste great with all those chocolate covered raisins and yogurt covered cranberries and some M&Ms, mint chips..." You get the picture and it ain't pretty. Whenever I create a dish like this I have to eat it all. Which brings me to the next item;

  10. Experimental Recipes I sometimes wonder what something would taste like if I would add... whatever. The point is I usually wind up making far too much by adding ingredients and I never throw anything away and if I think no one else will eat it I devour every ounce of it. I avoid this trap by eating out or letting others cook for me. But every once in a while I still get cooking crazy.

  11. Breakfast Cereal In my younger days it was not uncommon for me to eat cereal for dinner. A gallon of milk and a box of Fruit Loops and I was a happy camper. Today I have to watch myself. If I have cereal in the morning I will just eat a bowl (maybe two if they are small-ish). Any other time of the day and I might polish off a whole box, just like in the old days. And it is never anything healthy like Special K or plain Cheerios. It is always Captn Crunch, Apple Jacks, or Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (Calvin fans know what I'm talking about.) Is that weird or what?

  12. Pringles Snack food of choice consumed a full sized can at a time. Lately there has never been a completely full can as the kids get to them first. I let them so I can't over indulge.

  13. Hulless Cheddar Popcorn I will get in my car and drive to the all night gas station to get a bag. And I will eat until I am stuffed and/or sick. Oily, cheesy, salty, and totally edible I will sit at the computer with a bag and eat it without thought.

It really amazes me how much control food still has over me. After indulging in a munch-fest I usually sit there stunned that I could do something so idiotic. My best defense is not to have these things around which is easy for the junk. But the other foods I will have to get to the cause of the behavior behind them.

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