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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wrapping Things Up

Well most of the voting is done for Blogs of Summer. I think there is one random cluster precinct yet to report in. I want to thank those who nominated me in the Humor catagory and all of you who voted for me in the random cluster #1. I was able to save face by beating ~Click And Vote~. You care, you really care about me! And while the victors really deserved to win It was an honor just to be nominated blah blah blah. Losing sucks.

I hope some of you who just stopped in for the competition will stop by often. Mi blogsa es su blogsa, yadda yadda yadda. Did I mention that losing sucks?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogs of Summer Voting!

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Voting is through Friday July 28. Winners announced at Bloggin Outloud.

Celebrating the Blogs of Summer
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Vote for your favorite. You can vote once per day. If the Blogpoll isn't visible, try refreshing the page.
Good luck to all the Chick and Mommy Blog Nominees!

Blogs of Summer Blegging

Okay. Due to some preternatural occurrence in the space time continuum, my blog, Dane Bramage was sucked into a random cluster. Random Cluster #1 to be exact. I decided to go to The Random Yak to see exactly what was going on. Lo and behold I was in the Random Cluster # 1 Blogpoll for Random Blogs. AND I WAS LOSING TO "~Click and Vote~"! So please go to The Random Yak and vote for me. I'm Blegging. I would have to give up blogging altogether if I were to lose to "~Click and Vote~".

UPDATE: Okay some of you wiseacres are still voting for "~Click and Vote~". Stop it this instant. Vote for me, Dane Bramage.


I was over at Pettifogs Jots and Tittles being awe struck by the amount of work she puts into her site. I love the fact that she has a "Most Recent" link that opens a separate window and lists her most recent posts. I noticed that yesterday she had a link to Kevin Cosgrove which had the video sync'd to Kevin Cosgrove's 9/11 9-1-1 call. I had a hard time watching it but I had to. To this day when I read about or watch video about the cowardly attacks on our nation, I choke up. And then I get real mad. What gets me mad are all the IDIOTS who think that 911 was some sort of U.S. government plot against its own people. Have these conspiracy theory morons no brains at all? chrys at PJ&T also has a link to a rebuttal to the "Loose Change" conspiracy gang. Check it out.

What brought this up? After work today I will pick up my great niece and her brother and cousin and head to the air-condition Sheraton for a family reunion. Its my Mom's family but other than her kids and grandkids and my uncles, I won't know very many people. I got to thinking about my problems and problems of other family members and thinking maybe I'll skip this one. It's easier to just not deal with people sometimes, especially family. Then I remember reading the testimony of the victims' families at the sentencing hearing for Zacarias Moussaoui. They testified how much they miss their loved ones, how they will never be whole again, how they won't even be able to make things right. That gave me quite a pause.

Now if you excuse me I have to pick up the kids and go to the Sheraton. I might even post a pic or two.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Night Shift by Eric Everson.  Dane is the the one with the big gun.

Thursday Thirteen #4

13 things about Dane Bramge
When I was younger and had to list my interests for such things as summer jobs and college applications, I sort of padded the section with the phrase "Collect and catalog periodic literature". I was talking about comic books but you can't put "comic books" on your M.I.T. application, at least all those decades ago when I applied (and was REJECTED!) I don't follow comic books much anymore. I lost interest in the eighties. I find the liberal agenda in comics today repulsive. But back in the day, as we say, I was all about the superhero. They say you can tell a lot about a person by who his comic book heroes are. Well not really I just made that up but it sounded deep and thought provoking. Here are thirteen of my favorite superheroes.
  1. Luke Cage-Powerman: Marvel comics boasted about having the first black superhero. Powerman wasn't him but I think he was the first to have his own comic book. Dense steel hard skin and super strength.

  2. Superman: I have a soft spot for the Big Blue Boyscout. At one time he could do everything from fly through space and time to shove planets out of orbit. A re-invention in the eighties gave him much less power but he still stood for Truth Justice and the American Way. That's why I have issues with Superman Returns

  3. Icon: At one time DC/Milestone comics published a line of comics targeted at minorities. Icon was my favorite. Basically a black Superman, an alien crashed on Earth in the rural south during the days of slavery. He assimilated into human society and had become a lawyer in modern times but never using his advanced technology. Convinced by an inner city youth to use his powers to fight for Truth Justice, and .. well you get the picture

  4. Batman: At first I was turned off by the sixties T.V. show to the character. That didn't last long. I like the fact that Batman has no superpowers and that doesn't bother him one bit.

  5. Hardware: Another DC/Milestone hero. Originally I liked Marvel's Ironman. But Hardware's armor was so much more sophisticated. And he was black too!

  6. Spiderman: If you've never heard of him then you are from another planet. Angsty teenager with super strength and agility. "With great power comes great personal problems"

  7. The rest are below the fold.
  8. Doctor Strange: I admired the redeemed soul origin of Dr. Strange. I also liked the fact that most of his adventures took place in other worldly locales. Once in junior high I forgot a reading assignment so I did a book report on a three issue story of Dr. Strange. I got an A.

  9. Eman: Originally a Charleton Comic hero, he was reborn by First comics. Same energy to matter powers but with a writer who loved satire and parody of all things comics. Oh I still fondly remember "The F-Men" an "SmeltQuest"

  10. Ambush Bug: He started life as a two-bit villain with half an ounce of brain and teleportation. Everyone knew he was a few bricks shy of a full load. But Ambush Bug learned he was a comic book character at the mercy of the writer! A writer that put him up against Argyl the Living Sock. I think you get the picture. (Perhaps you begin to see why my sense of humor developed as it did.

  11. Captain America: An American icon for sixty years. If only they could keep the America hating liberal writers away from him

  12. The Human Torch: Both of them. Most people are familiar with Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. He was the second one. The first wasn't actually human at all. He was an android. An adroid who became...

  13. The Vision: Somewhere during the transition from The Torch to The Vision he lost his flaming powers, all memories and emotion. He gained the ability to alter his density at will and he married a hot mutant chick.

  14. The Silver Surfer: Cosmically powerful but doomed never to find his home or his lost love. All that's left is some toasty waves.

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Movies That You'll Never See

Summer is the blockbuster movie season. Films epic in scale and price fill the screens in theaters all over the country. If you want previews, reviews, praise and critism of these films, well you are in the wrong place. What I have done is researched (as much as is humanly possible from a chair in front of a computer) into what blockbuster sequels were planned and possibly made but will never be seen. Here are some I found:

Sean Connery and Peta Wilson return with matching shirts as they probe the dark world of beer swilling ten-pinners:
Bowling League of Extrodinary Gentlemen

Johnny Depp reprises his role as eccentric chocolateer. Now his empire is under attack by corporate raiders led by a creature made of chocolate alternative:
Willy Wonka and the Pirates of the Carob Being

Sometimes a hero comes from the most unlikely place. This time Karl Childers, now a wanted man by the FBI, must face his most challenging enemy yet; Dracula:
Sling Blade - Trinity

He's saved the world and billions of lives. But can he save himself from Metropolis Children's Services?
Superman Returns to Pay Child Support

If you have heard of some bad movie sequel, leave a description in the comments! Happy viewing!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Rain Delay on Voting

The Blogs of Summer Voting Is Here

But the polling code isn't. Lyn apologises for the delay. He said something about getting some rope and hanging chad. He also promises the voting code will be here by tonight and I will post it ASAP. If possible (and it probably won't be) I will record the votes you have already placed in the comments. Feel free to continue to do so until the poll is up.

Wyoming's Crack Epidemic

Wyoming has a problem. The law in Wyoming has had enough and has pledged to deal severely with this problem. The problem is crack. Butt crack. Wyoming Police Pledge Crackdown on Streakers exposes the struggle this community has with naked people running amuck.
Posters at the fair office warn that at this year's fair, any public nudity will bring a charge of misdemeanor child endangerment, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Opposition to the streaking has grown since last year's derby, he said, when a deputy used a Taser to apprehend John Chase Rogers, 21, dropping him to the dirt as he streaked with a fire extinguisher before a crowd of 3,500.

As many as ten streakers hung out at the fair in front of thirty five hundred men women and children. Okay I want to move to Wyoming. Apparently this was the most newsworthy item to come from there. I can imagine a session of Congress going like this:
"Louisiana you need federal funds for rebuilding ports in New Orleans? Granted. Massachusetts you need funds to repair damage from a tropical storm? Granted. Wyoming you need funds to crackdown on streakers at your county fair? Huh?"

There is actually opposition to the proposed crackdown. Some lawyer thinks naked people should not be tasered for exposing themselves in front of kids. Keep in mind the number of streakers has been growing over the years.
Attorney David DeFazio spoke out against last year's Taser incident and questioned the need for a crackdown this year.

"I just question whether a couple of streakers at a county fair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is objectionable to accepted standards of decency," he said.

Duh! There wouldn't be a crackdown if streaking wasn't objectionable to accepted standards of decency. This moonbat's stand shows that he is in favor of lowering those standards.
Oh and is there a more perfect place on Earth to have a problem with streakers other than Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blogs of Summer

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It's Begun! The Blogs of Summer Have Arrived!

Celebrating the Blogs of Summer

Nobody on the Net,
Nobody on the web.
Duh da da da da Da da
and somthing that rhymes with web.

Empty frames
Empty sites
the thing somethin somethin
I surf by your blog
Even though you're not postin

Okay so much for the parody song. And because Lyn changes his mind more often than a girl, today, not tomorrow is the official start of the Blogs of Summer. Here how it will work:

Welcome to the Blogs of Summer Awards!

Nominations accepted Wednesday, July 19 through Sunday, July 23.
Voting will occur July 24 - July 27 (at different blogs, watch for details).
Winners & awards will be announced back here on Friday, July 28th.
6 categories accepting nominations (starting tomorrow) are:
1) Chick & Mommy Blogs
2) Humor & Satire Blogs
3) Milblogs/Military Support Blogs
4) Random Blogs That Don't Fit a Category
5) Kitty Kat Blogs (And Other Assorted Pets)
6) Political Blogs (Back by Popular Request)
Use either Blogger or Haloscan comment popups for your nominations. You can nominate up to 5 blogs in each category (including your own). No vulgar, hate, or anti-God blogs accepted. No anonymous nominations. The Top 10 Nominations will make it to the final round for the official vote.
(Ergo, you actually want lots of people to nominate you - so go solicit votes :-)
Will list the nominations in each category as soon as possible so you can visit them.

Yours truly will be hosting the voting for the Chick and Mommy Blogs. So go over to Bloggin Outloud and nominate your 5 favorite blogs in each catagory! And Check out the Blogroll.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Headlines for Friday 7-21-06

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Teen Obesity May Up Premature Death
Doctors urge teens to lose weight for a more timely death

'Sixth Sense' Star in Hospital After Crash
Makes claim from bed "I see sick people."

Dentists to give hurt panda false teeth
Dentist seek to reduce the damage caused by gumming bears
(Note: I just write 'em. I don't make you read 'em.)

Core Inflation Up Just 0.2 Percent in June
Democrats have a hard time spinning this into bad news.

Wholesale Prices Up by More Than Expected
I spoke too soon (Links to exact same article)

Private hospital rooms to be U.S. norm, experts say
National Healthcare proponants scream "We can't have that! Wards for everybody!"

Cleveland takes offense at Fiji Water ad
Oh come on now! The river only caught fire that ONE time!! Sheesh.

Vietnam to offer movies about sex on Internet
Entire population expected to cancel their Hot Zone Channel subscriptions

Tropical storm warning issued for Massachusetts
Residents say they get more wind from the blowhards they elected to the Senate

Consonant-loving thief takes Rs from signs
First case ever of a serial moron

Cop's night job as hooker is nixed
Officials began to suspect her night time activities when she started bringing her perps in wearing fur-lined cuffs.

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #3

    Today I have a list of 13 of my favorite YTMNDs. What are YTMNDs? Wikipedia says:

    YTMND, an initialism for "You're The Man Now Dog!", is a website community that is centered around the creation of hosted web pages featuring a juxtaposition of a single image or a simple slideshow, which can be animated and/or tiled, along with optional large zooming text, and a looping sound file. Most of these images are created or edited by users. Most YTMNDs are meant to expose or reflect the more inane facets of pop culture.

  1. You're the Man Now Dog
  2. I list this because it was the one that started it all.

  3. Blue Ball Machine (Classic GIF Returned) My favorite. Addictively amusing to stare at... for hours. You've been warned!

  4. Batman: ualuealuealeuale I am not sure what the name means but it probably translates into "Batman tards out"

  5. Picard Song Patrick Stewart has such a rhythmic delivery

  6. Paris Hilton Doesn't Change Facial Expressions Clever..just as the name implies.

  7. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
  8. Relax he doesn't really. Her dark powers are greater than his even with the backing of Xenu.

    The rest below the fold. Press the "we want to read more" button.

    Popular YTMND themes take on a life of their own. More from Wiki:
    "YTMND features many memes and memetics as a result of intertextuality; where one YTMND makes a reference to another. Series of these similar YTMNDs are referred to as "fads." For example, one YTMND fad, "What is Love?", is based on a scene from Saturday Night Live paired with a repeating loop of Haddaway's What is Love?. Following that, permutations of that page were created, including What is NES?, the same scene set to 8-bit graphics and music. Fads can also be mixed with other fads. One example includes when the "What is Love?" fad was mixed with the "Tiger Handheld" fad to create What is Tiger?, lampooning the Tiger Handheld."

    Coincidentally one of my favorites is a member of this particular fad.
  9. What is TNG? A Night at the Roddenberry The command crew is ready!

  10. Crazy telemarketer call NSFW A moonbat calls a telemarketer and comes completely unhinged calling him a murderer, a hater and life destroyer. She even calls him a rapist. Methinks she needs her dosage adjusted. Loop is 8 minutes long and language makes it Not Safe For Work.

  11. Ninja Works It Yeah he does. Move over Hammer.

  12. Cosby Bebop A NEW favorite! This is much better if you a) Have ever seen COWBOY BEBOP and b) like TANK! by the Seatbelts. BTW the words Cos is saying are "Funky Man"

  13. Willy Wonka's Acid Trip
  14. Willy is having visions of some of them most popular YTMND fads

    The YTMND community has it's share of controversy and conflict. One such conflict is with the Church of Scientology. More from Wiki:
    On June 10, 2006, a cease and desist form was sent to Max Goldberg by lawyers of the Church of Scientology, claiming that several Scientology based sites had infringed on their copyrights to some Scientology material. In response, Goldberg replied to the lawyer that the cease and desist form was "completely groundless" and he wouldn't be deleting any Scientologist sites. Days later, a Scientology page section had appeared on the front page along with a disclaimer on the bottom stating the following: "This website is in no way affiliated, sponsored or owned by the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, SeaOrg, Dianetics, volcanos or aliens of any sort. We are, however, sponsored by Citizens for the Release of Xenu, a not-for-sanity organization." The Scientology section has since been removed, but the disclaimer at the bottom still remains. According to Max Goldberg, there haven't been any recent updates regarding the potential lawsuit.

  15. The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology
  16. Not fun like most of the others but a very sobering look at the "church" so many celebrities call home.

  17. Vader Sings the Hits
  18. And to finish up we have Darth Vader singing the Classics!

    From the main YTMND site you can see the latest, highest rated or most viewed YTMNDs made. There are hundreds if not thousands of YTMNDs. As you can see most are funny, some are not and others, which I have not sampled, contain "adult" content. But fear not. From the main YTMND page, links to questionable or NSFW pages have a warning page which tells you the content may not be suitable and has you verify if you really want to see it.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Headlines for Monday 7-17-06

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'Pirates' becomes year's top-grossing film
Quite an accomplishment for a film rated 'Arrrrh'

Mel Gibson donation will help build houses in Mexico
Residents will still sneak into U.S. to buy furniture

In-home eating rules may improve teens' diet
Parents must first figure out how to get teens to eat in-home

Food Network Star Becomes Daytime Hostess
Hostess Ding Dong, Hostess Ho Ho, Hostess Twinkie...

Hispanics to Play Pivotal Election Role
Replacing Blacks as the Democratic oppressed minority of choice

Study suggests liver risk from Tylenol
Details are sketchy but the Bayer-Advil Pharmaceutical Institute promises further study

Race, weight, smoking tied to menopause symptoms
Shockingly smoking menopausal woman of all races and weight have symptoms

Rich get more sleep; blacks and men get less
All of a sudden Night Basketball makes sense

New tour of Marie-Antoinette's quarters at Versailles
Take in the magnificent view along the "Let Them Eat Cake Walk"

Poll: Americans Want Democrats in Power
Highly scientific study finds 8 out of 5 Democrats surveyed want Democrats to win honestly in November

That's it for Headlines today. Remember to visit the usual suspects for more "headliney goodness"!
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Superman Returns: Questions I Have

*** WARNING. By the nature of the question, this post contains spoiler information. Do not read if you have not seen the movie and plan to. ***

Question: Is it just me or did the makers of Superman Returns take the iconic "Big Blue Boy Scout" and turn him into the World's Mightiest Deadbeat Dad?

And just how old is the boy? Obviously Superman didn't know he existed. So he wasn't born when Superman left. Lois couldn't have even been showing else Superman would have known and my guess woulld have put off his trip. So at the oldest the boy had to be less than five years old. Four year olds don't attend school that teach reading and gym.

Did anyone else see this as more of a chick flick than an action adventure film? Sure there were lines that paid homage to the first Chris Reeve film but essentially the movie was "Lois Lane's Baby's Daddy". He returned. He saved some people. He had his heart broken by Lois who couldn't commit to Richard (but continues to lead him on without marrying him). Gets his butt severly kicked by Luthor's henchmen (who unsatisfyingly expire without Superman getting payback) and to top it off he almost dies. Some return.

As a side note I may have to add Kate Bosworth to my list 13 Famous Women Who Could Walk Barefoot Over My Face. As much film time as her bare feet got in Superman Returns you'd think Quentin Tarantino had shot it.

Just the Way My Mind Works

True story.
Thirty one years ago I was privileged to have participated in the Upward Bound program which took inner city youth to a prestigious prep school for six weeks in the summer. The purpose was to help us improve our math and reading skills thereby increasing our chances of getting into college. My participation and subsequent post testing landed me a scholarship to attend the boarding school full time starting as a sophomore. The rest they say is history. But during the two summers I attended Upward Bound I made some lasting friendships.

Well today while I was out doing my church rounds I ran into a fellow UB student. The conversion went something like this (I've omitted the names for obvious reasons)

TD: Hey Dane how you doin'?
DB: Great! How long has it been?
TD: Years. Say whatever happened to the guy what's his name? You know who I'm talking about.
DB: Short, big afro, always flirting with the girls, married my sister and had three kids, divorced and moved away?
TD: Yeah that's the one.
DB: He came back to Ohio and then passed away a three years ago.
TD: Oh. What about that big girl who wanted to do stand up comedy?
DB: Oh I ran into her a couple years ago. She did do an open mike night once. She passed away shortly after that.
TD: What about that girl you dated right out of high school?
DB: I saw her last year. She had some health issues and died shortly after I saw her.

He got this strange look on his face and told me he had to go. I didn't think much of it until I was driving away. It seems that everyone from UB (except my sisters) that I have run into during the past three years have all died. And I just ran into him. Coincidence? Yeah probably. But if he kicks the bucket then I will have proof positive that I am the Angel of Death.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Of Cabbages and Kings

Some things of no particular importance.

First, we men used to have a saying that if you missed your period you were in trouble. We men that were COBOL programmers. COBOL is a language full of divisions, sections, statements paragraphs, all having to end with a period. If you forgot the period, the compiler would upchuck your code all over your printer. Then you would scour the program listing trying to find your problem and there it was, you missed your period.

I said all that to say this; I have fixed the "folding" function in my Blogger template. The culprit; a left curly bracket. The CSS wasn't properly closed with a right curly bracket And I kept scanning over it because there was a left curly bracket in it's place. Finally through patience, diligence and an editor that color codes style sheet elements, making errors stick out like Michael Moore in a Chippendale dance line. So I fixed it and all is right with the world.

Which brings me to point two. Said editor is the CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2006. A feature rich editor that among other things, displays CSS elements in a hot pink. I am an official CoffeeCup Ambassador as evidence by the HUGE mucking banner in my sidebar. I have been using CoffeeCup for about six years on web pages. I recently discovered that is is great for testing Blogger template changes. Free trial and great price with lifetime updates. Check them out.

Point three; Phase Two of my vacation begins in August when I head over to Indianapolis for GENCON. It is the largest game convention of the year and promises to be a lot of fun. I will be posting from there which will include hosting a catagory of The Blogs of Summer

Nobody on the Road, Nobody on the Beach...

Coming Soon

Celebrating the Blogs of Summer
Lyn at Bloggin Outloud has this idea. He wants to honor the best Blogs of Summer. Some of us have decided to help him before the idea dies of loneliness in his head. (Hey I said I stole thirteen ideas from him, I didn't say he had them all at once.) So stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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I Pity the Fool Who Messes With Mr. T

T.V. action star Mr. T has shed all of his signature gold bling after an epiphany in post-Katrina New Orleans. And he is very vocal with his opinion about some fellow celebrities' motivation in showing up in Louisiana.
'As a spiritual man, I felt it would be a sin against my God for me to wear all that gold again because I spent a lot of time with the less fortunate,' the actor said Thursday at the Television Critics Association's summer meeting.

'I saw some, I call it `sorry celebrities.' They'll go down there and hook up with the people to take a photo-op. I said, `How disgusting.' If you're not going to go down there with a check and a hammer and a nail to help the people, don't go down there.'
Celebrities aren't the only photo-op whores taking advantage of Katrina. There were many political figures from both sides of the aisle that zoomed in for a Kodak moment. I may not think much of Mr. T's acting ability but I can't fault him using his star status to actually help out those less fortunate. Especially when he calls out all the hypocrites.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thursday Thirteen

NOTICE: The link from Thursday Thirteen for some reason dumps here. Click on this link to get to my current T13 list.

Well I had an actual Thursday Thirteen list of things relevant to who I, Dane Bramage truly am. But then I noticed that today is the thirteenth of July, making it a Thursday Thirteen Squared. So in honor of this auspicious occasion, I have decided to give to you a list of thirteen lists of thirteen.

Now I don't plan to actually do all these lists, in fact I probably won't do most of them. (You will understand when you read them). But I will do some of them. At first I was going to make you guess which ones I would do but last week's attempt at soliciting guesses when over like a depleted uranium zeppelin. So I will simply state that I plan to publish the last four lists during the next four weeks (in no particular order).

Why? because in a fit of inspiration I have already done them. And since it is not Thursday Fifty Two you will have to wait.

I would also like to petition the TT group to consider this: The next time a Thursday is the Thirteenth, Our list should contain 169 items. If you start now you will have no trouble coming up with 169 list items by Thursday September 13, 2007.

Dane Bramage's List of 13 Lists of 13
113 Famous Women Who Could Walk Barefoot Over My Face
2 13 Liberal Democrats I respect and admire(still needs 13 names)
313 Ideas I Have Shamelessly Stolen from Lyn at Bloggin Outloud
4 13 Amusement Park Roller Coasters that Almost Made Me Puke
513 Tortures for Woman Whom I've Dated, Because I'm Not Bitter
6 13 Liberals that Almost Made Me Puke
7 13 Elements from the Periodic Table That I Like
8 13 Reasons Why Stupid People Should Be Removed from the Gene Pool
9 13 Stupid People Who Should Be Removed From the Gene Pool
10 13 Favorite YTMNDs
11 13 States I have visited
12 13 Favorite Comic book heroes
13 13 Movies that have influenced me

UPDATE to Thursday Thirteen #1

Speaking of depleted uranium zeppelins, here's the answer to which of last weeks 13 statements were false. My hint was that the number of false statements was an odd non-prime number. The only odd non-primes between 1 and 13 are 1 and 9. Since Your Name Here correctly identified 5 true statements, that left only 8 questionable ones. Eliminating 9, that meant that only 1 statement was false. It was the first statement. My middle name is not really Dane.

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  14. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

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UPDATE! I don't know how it happened but somehow the link from the T13 site leads here instead of my current T13. If you get a chance, check out My 13 Favorite YTMNDs. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Platypus Society : Yet Even More Old Proverbs Explained

Looks like the Pltypus Society is at it again. Yet Even More Old Proverbs Explained has a fresh batch of old proverbs. Did you know the meaning behind this old proverb?
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts
Recognized Meaning: Do not trust enemies who bring you presents—they could very well be playing a trick.
Alternate Meaning: Greeks are notorious for giving crappy gifts

Well there you have it. Go ant tell them at The Platypus Society that you want to see this as a regular feature!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Headlines for Friday 7-07-2006

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'Superman' Tops Box-Office Over Weekend
In a single bound...

'Sopranos' Contracts Went Down to Wire
They finally found someone who would whack the whole family.

Experts debate whether children should be called obese
The politically correct term is "mass absorbent".

Taylor Hicks Anxious to Ride Tour Bus
Says its not that different from riding the short bus.

Experts debate whether children should be called obese
God forbid parents damage the little porkers' self esteem.

Study: Sexual orientation of men determined before birth
Study surveyed 2000 fetuses about their sexual preferences.

Puush for simpler speling perzists
Evr ben in a chatrum?

Jailed Mafia boss to have in-vitro baby
You don't normally think of conception when you hear about mobsters whacking somebody.

Fla. Man Wrongly Fined for Feeding Squirrels
He was feeding them to his dog.

Monkey on the Run in Virginia
Micky Dolenz still eludes police.

Deer gets inside house, attacks Ohio woman
"When Animals Attack!"

Woman Accused of Attack With Dead Puppy
"When Dead Animals Attack!"

Montana City Deploys Goats to Eat Weeds
"When Animals Snack"

Officials criticize 'Hooters for Neuters'
Organizers say event does not degrade women. Plan to exhibit topless owls.

Woman gets severed finger in the mail
She simply has to do nothing and her credit card will be charged $19.95. Then other fingers will be sent risk free to try for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

N.D. Woman Catches Piranha in Reservoir
She used a finger she got in the mail as bait.

Teens hang dead opossum from overpass
It wasn't dead it was just.. playing.. ah never mind. Too obvious.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about DANE BRAMAGE

Here are 13 things about me that may or may not be true. Can you guess which ones are true?
  1. My middle name is Dane

  2. As a high school freshman I was voted Best Guy In Class and never knew I was nominated until I won

  3. There are six cats and a dog living in my basement

  4. I attended Carnegie Mellon University (but never finished)

  5. I have a cousin who won two grammy awards

  6. Ed Asner and Maureen Stapleton filmed a movie at my high school

  7. I met Jesse Owens at the first Revco Cleveland Marathon

  8. I have been to all four coasts of this great country

  9. At one time I really wanted to visit the Planet of Bouncy Mary-Lou Retton Clones

  10. I have never been arrested

  11. The musical performers I have seen live the most are The Manhatten Transfer and Gladys Knight and the Pips

  12. I was a jock in high school and league champion in discus

  13. While out witnessing for Christ, a man answered the door pointing an assault rifle (I still invited him to church)

So what do you think?

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Origins 2006 Recap

It's all abnout the dice
You know how they say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? Well that road is a little smoother with the new bricks I put in over the weekend. I intended to blog everyday from the convention but I didn't. I didn't for two reasons.
First; the free Wi-Fi in the hotel room was inaccessible more than accessible and I couldn't get a signal most nights.
Second; I got back to my room late each night and could only muster enough strength to climb into bed strap on the bipap mask and drift off to dreamland.

So I decided I would write my post on Monday once I got home. Another brick for the road to Hell. Here it is Tuesday and I just resized my pictures. So while it is late I am still going to tell you about the Origins Game Fair for 2006. I apologize in advance for the length of the post. I have made long post in the past but was able to fold most of it away so as not to take up a lot of space on the main page. But the little folding trick I used doesn't work anymore and I haven't figured out why.

Overall Impression

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I had the best time this year at Origins. I can't remember when I enjoyed a convention as much as this one. It ran very smoothly and was very organized. That's important because some of the previous shows have been characterized as frenetic chaos. All the events I signed up to participate in went off as scheduled except for one. Even then they gave me a refund without a hassle.
War is swell! Especially on the tabletop

My only complaint was that my friends who showed up for just Saturday got extra swag in their goody bags. What up with that?

Dealers Room

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There were a lot of dealers this year and while the room was smaller it was still jammed packed. There was something there for everybody. Aside from the various game companies present, there was a lot of places to by specialty clothing, Two merchants in garb

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jewelry and even weapons (swords not guns).
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If someone hadn't reminded me I wouldn't have noticed that Wizards of the Coast wasn't there. A falling out with GAMA perhaps?
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Pokemon is alive and well. The National Championships were held at Origins.
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It looks like one escaped! So much for "Gotta Catch 'Em All".
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Tournaments for all kinds of games are held here every year for every conceivable game.
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Collectible card games, board games, miniatures, Role playing games, poker, Monopoly, you name it there was an event or a tournament for it. If I am not mistaken, this year set a record for the number of events scheduled.

The Smithee Awards

This year was a lot of fun. Here is the host himself Brian "Mr. Smithee" Cassidy.
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There were some horrendously bad films nominated this year. Scenes from 41 different films were viewed. Notables were satanic slicer film Satan's Little Helper, dinosaur disaster flick Carnasaur, blacksploitation classic Slaughter, the lesbian serial killer camping tripMake a Wish and cheesy effects slopfestThe Alien Factor The Overall winner was a film about luchadors, aliens, and some nude bimbo. The Guns of El Chupacobra was voted worst picture this year. I do not recommend it for anyone. And I don't see why the Smithkateers had to show so much of the naked woman. There's 10 minutes I never get back. The downside is, that because this stinkfest won this year, it will be back next year for the MegaMeta Smithee Awards which pits the last five years winners against each other. Yuck.

I really did have a great time this year at Origins. I am already planning for next year.
The on-site book was bigger than ever

Now to catch up on my sleep. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.