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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #3

    Today I have a list of 13 of my favorite YTMNDs. What are YTMNDs? Wikipedia says:

    YTMND, an initialism for "You're The Man Now Dog!", is a website community that is centered around the creation of hosted web pages featuring a juxtaposition of a single image or a simple slideshow, which can be animated and/or tiled, along with optional large zooming text, and a looping sound file. Most of these images are created or edited by users. Most YTMNDs are meant to expose or reflect the more inane facets of pop culture.

  1. You're the Man Now Dog
  2. I list this because it was the one that started it all.

  3. Blue Ball Machine (Classic GIF Returned) My favorite. Addictively amusing to stare at... for hours. You've been warned!

  4. Batman: ualuealuealeuale I am not sure what the name means but it probably translates into "Batman tards out"

  5. Picard Song Patrick Stewart has such a rhythmic delivery

  6. Paris Hilton Doesn't Change Facial Expressions Clever..just as the name implies.

  7. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
  8. Relax he doesn't really. Her dark powers are greater than his even with the backing of Xenu.

    The rest below the fold. Press the "we want to read more" button.

    Popular YTMND themes take on a life of their own. More from Wiki:
    "YTMND features many memes and memetics as a result of intertextuality; where one YTMND makes a reference to another. Series of these similar YTMNDs are referred to as "fads." For example, one YTMND fad, "What is Love?", is based on a scene from Saturday Night Live paired with a repeating loop of Haddaway's What is Love?. Following that, permutations of that page were created, including What is NES?, the same scene set to 8-bit graphics and music. Fads can also be mixed with other fads. One example includes when the "What is Love?" fad was mixed with the "Tiger Handheld" fad to create What is Tiger?, lampooning the Tiger Handheld."

    Coincidentally one of my favorites is a member of this particular fad.
  9. What is TNG? A Night at the Roddenberry The command crew is ready!

  10. Crazy telemarketer call NSFW A moonbat calls a telemarketer and comes completely unhinged calling him a murderer, a hater and life destroyer. She even calls him a rapist. Methinks she needs her dosage adjusted. Loop is 8 minutes long and language makes it Not Safe For Work.

  11. Ninja Works It Yeah he does. Move over Hammer.

  12. Cosby Bebop A NEW favorite! This is much better if you a) Have ever seen COWBOY BEBOP and b) like TANK! by the Seatbelts. BTW the words Cos is saying are "Funky Man"

  13. Willy Wonka's Acid Trip
  14. Willy is having visions of some of them most popular YTMND fads

    The YTMND community has it's share of controversy and conflict. One such conflict is with the Church of Scientology. More from Wiki:
    On June 10, 2006, a cease and desist form was sent to Max Goldberg by lawyers of the Church of Scientology, claiming that several Scientology based sites had infringed on their copyrights to some Scientology material. In response, Goldberg replied to the lawyer that the cease and desist form was "completely groundless" and he wouldn't be deleting any Scientologist sites. Days later, a Scientology page section had appeared on the front page along with a disclaimer on the bottom stating the following: "This website is in no way affiliated, sponsored or owned by the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, SeaOrg, Dianetics, volcanos or aliens of any sort. We are, however, sponsored by Citizens for the Release of Xenu, a not-for-sanity organization." The Scientology section has since been removed, but the disclaimer at the bottom still remains. According to Max Goldberg, there haven't been any recent updates regarding the potential lawsuit.

  15. The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology
  16. Not fun like most of the others but a very sobering look at the "church" so many celebrities call home.

  17. Vader Sings the Hits
  18. And to finish up we have Darth Vader singing the Classics!

    From the main YTMND site you can see the latest, highest rated or most viewed YTMNDs made. There are hundreds if not thousands of YTMNDs. As you can see most are funny, some are not and others, which I have not sampled, contain "adult" content. But fear not. From the main YTMND page, links to questionable or NSFW pages have a warning page which tells you the content may not be suitable and has you verify if you really want to see it.

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