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Monday, July 24, 2006

Wyoming's Crack Epidemic

Wyoming has a problem. The law in Wyoming has had enough and has pledged to deal severely with this problem. The problem is crack. Butt crack. Wyoming Police Pledge Crackdown on Streakers exposes the struggle this community has with naked people running amuck.
Posters at the fair office warn that at this year's fair, any public nudity will bring a charge of misdemeanor child endangerment, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Opposition to the streaking has grown since last year's derby, he said, when a deputy used a Taser to apprehend John Chase Rogers, 21, dropping him to the dirt as he streaked with a fire extinguisher before a crowd of 3,500.

As many as ten streakers hung out at the fair in front of thirty five hundred men women and children. Okay I want to move to Wyoming. Apparently this was the most newsworthy item to come from there. I can imagine a session of Congress going like this:
"Louisiana you need federal funds for rebuilding ports in New Orleans? Granted. Massachusetts you need funds to repair damage from a tropical storm? Granted. Wyoming you need funds to crackdown on streakers at your county fair? Huh?"

There is actually opposition to the proposed crackdown. Some lawyer thinks naked people should not be tasered for exposing themselves in front of kids. Keep in mind the number of streakers has been growing over the years.
Attorney David DeFazio spoke out against last year's Taser incident and questioned the need for a crackdown this year.

"I just question whether a couple of streakers at a county fair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is objectionable to accepted standards of decency," he said.

Duh! There wouldn't be a crackdown if streaking wasn't objectionable to accepted standards of decency. This moonbat's stand shows that he is in favor of lowering those standards.
Oh and is there a more perfect place on Earth to have a problem with streakers other than Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

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