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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Origins 2006 Recap

It's all abnout the dice
You know how they say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? Well that road is a little smoother with the new bricks I put in over the weekend. I intended to blog everyday from the convention but I didn't. I didn't for two reasons.
First; the free Wi-Fi in the hotel room was inaccessible more than accessible and I couldn't get a signal most nights.
Second; I got back to my room late each night and could only muster enough strength to climb into bed strap on the bipap mask and drift off to dreamland.

So I decided I would write my post on Monday once I got home. Another brick for the road to Hell. Here it is Tuesday and I just resized my pictures. So while it is late I am still going to tell you about the Origins Game Fair for 2006. I apologize in advance for the length of the post. I have made long post in the past but was able to fold most of it away so as not to take up a lot of space on the main page. But the little folding trick I used doesn't work anymore and I haven't figured out why.

Overall Impression

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I had the best time this year at Origins. I can't remember when I enjoyed a convention as much as this one. It ran very smoothly and was very organized. That's important because some of the previous shows have been characterized as frenetic chaos. All the events I signed up to participate in went off as scheduled except for one. Even then they gave me a refund without a hassle.
War is swell! Especially on the tabletop

My only complaint was that my friends who showed up for just Saturday got extra swag in their goody bags. What up with that?

Dealers Room

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There were a lot of dealers this year and while the room was smaller it was still jammed packed. There was something there for everybody. Aside from the various game companies present, there was a lot of places to by specialty clothing, Two merchants in garb

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jewelry and even weapons (swords not guns).
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If someone hadn't reminded me I wouldn't have noticed that Wizards of the Coast wasn't there. A falling out with GAMA perhaps?
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Pokemon is alive and well. The National Championships were held at Origins.
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It looks like one escaped! So much for "Gotta Catch 'Em All".
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Tournaments for all kinds of games are held here every year for every conceivable game.
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Collectible card games, board games, miniatures, Role playing games, poker, Monopoly, you name it there was an event or a tournament for it. If I am not mistaken, this year set a record for the number of events scheduled.

The Smithee Awards

This year was a lot of fun. Here is the host himself Brian "Mr. Smithee" Cassidy.
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There were some horrendously bad films nominated this year. Scenes from 41 different films were viewed. Notables were satanic slicer film Satan's Little Helper, dinosaur disaster flick Carnasaur, blacksploitation classic Slaughter, the lesbian serial killer camping tripMake a Wish and cheesy effects slopfestThe Alien Factor The Overall winner was a film about luchadors, aliens, and some nude bimbo. The Guns of El Chupacobra was voted worst picture this year. I do not recommend it for anyone. And I don't see why the Smithkateers had to show so much of the naked woman. There's 10 minutes I never get back. The downside is, that because this stinkfest won this year, it will be back next year for the MegaMeta Smithee Awards which pits the last five years winners against each other. Yuck.

I really did have a great time this year at Origins. I am already planning for next year.
The on-site book was bigger than ever

Now to catch up on my sleep. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

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