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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Night Shift by Eric Everson.  Dane is the the one with the big gun.

Thursday Thirteen #4

13 things about Dane Bramge
When I was younger and had to list my interests for such things as summer jobs and college applications, I sort of padded the section with the phrase "Collect and catalog periodic literature". I was talking about comic books but you can't put "comic books" on your M.I.T. application, at least all those decades ago when I applied (and was REJECTED!) I don't follow comic books much anymore. I lost interest in the eighties. I find the liberal agenda in comics today repulsive. But back in the day, as we say, I was all about the superhero. They say you can tell a lot about a person by who his comic book heroes are. Well not really I just made that up but it sounded deep and thought provoking. Here are thirteen of my favorite superheroes.
  1. Luke Cage-Powerman: Marvel comics boasted about having the first black superhero. Powerman wasn't him but I think he was the first to have his own comic book. Dense steel hard skin and super strength.

  2. Superman: I have a soft spot for the Big Blue Boyscout. At one time he could do everything from fly through space and time to shove planets out of orbit. A re-invention in the eighties gave him much less power but he still stood for Truth Justice and the American Way. That's why I have issues with Superman Returns

  3. Icon: At one time DC/Milestone comics published a line of comics targeted at minorities. Icon was my favorite. Basically a black Superman, an alien crashed on Earth in the rural south during the days of slavery. He assimilated into human society and had become a lawyer in modern times but never using his advanced technology. Convinced by an inner city youth to use his powers to fight for Truth Justice, and .. well you get the picture

  4. Batman: At first I was turned off by the sixties T.V. show to the character. That didn't last long. I like the fact that Batman has no superpowers and that doesn't bother him one bit.

  5. Hardware: Another DC/Milestone hero. Originally I liked Marvel's Ironman. But Hardware's armor was so much more sophisticated. And he was black too!

  6. Spiderman: If you've never heard of him then you are from another planet. Angsty teenager with super strength and agility. "With great power comes great personal problems"

  7. The rest are below the fold.
  8. Doctor Strange: I admired the redeemed soul origin of Dr. Strange. I also liked the fact that most of his adventures took place in other worldly locales. Once in junior high I forgot a reading assignment so I did a book report on a three issue story of Dr. Strange. I got an A.

  9. Eman: Originally a Charleton Comic hero, he was reborn by First comics. Same energy to matter powers but with a writer who loved satire and parody of all things comics. Oh I still fondly remember "The F-Men" an "SmeltQuest"

  10. Ambush Bug: He started life as a two-bit villain with half an ounce of brain and teleportation. Everyone knew he was a few bricks shy of a full load. But Ambush Bug learned he was a comic book character at the mercy of the writer! A writer that put him up against Argyl the Living Sock. I think you get the picture. (Perhaps you begin to see why my sense of humor developed as it did.

  11. Captain America: An American icon for sixty years. If only they could keep the America hating liberal writers away from him

  12. The Human Torch: Both of them. Most people are familiar with Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. He was the second one. The first wasn't actually human at all. He was an android. An adroid who became...

  13. The Vision: Somewhere during the transition from The Torch to The Vision he lost his flaming powers, all memories and emotion. He gained the ability to alter his density at will and he married a hot mutant chick.

  14. The Silver Surfer: Cosmically powerful but doomed never to find his home or his lost love. All that's left is some toasty waves.

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