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Monday, July 17, 2006

Headlines for Monday 7-17-06

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'Pirates' becomes year's top-grossing film
Quite an accomplishment for a film rated 'Arrrrh'

Mel Gibson donation will help build houses in Mexico
Residents will still sneak into U.S. to buy furniture

In-home eating rules may improve teens' diet
Parents must first figure out how to get teens to eat in-home

Food Network Star Becomes Daytime Hostess
Hostess Ding Dong, Hostess Ho Ho, Hostess Twinkie...

Hispanics to Play Pivotal Election Role
Replacing Blacks as the Democratic oppressed minority of choice

Study suggests liver risk from Tylenol
Details are sketchy but the Bayer-Advil Pharmaceutical Institute promises further study

Race, weight, smoking tied to menopause symptoms
Shockingly smoking menopausal woman of all races and weight have symptoms

Rich get more sleep; blacks and men get less
All of a sudden Night Basketball makes sense

New tour of Marie-Antoinette's quarters at Versailles
Take in the magnificent view along the "Let Them Eat Cake Walk"

Poll: Americans Want Democrats in Power
Highly scientific study finds 8 out of 5 Democrats surveyed want Democrats to win honestly in November

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