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Friday, July 07, 2006

Headlines for Friday 7-07-2006

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'Superman' Tops Box-Office Over Weekend
In a single bound...

'Sopranos' Contracts Went Down to Wire
They finally found someone who would whack the whole family.

Experts debate whether children should be called obese
The politically correct term is "mass absorbent".

Taylor Hicks Anxious to Ride Tour Bus
Says its not that different from riding the short bus.

Experts debate whether children should be called obese
God forbid parents damage the little porkers' self esteem.

Study: Sexual orientation of men determined before birth
Study surveyed 2000 fetuses about their sexual preferences.

Puush for simpler speling perzists
Evr ben in a chatrum?

Jailed Mafia boss to have in-vitro baby
You don't normally think of conception when you hear about mobsters whacking somebody.

Fla. Man Wrongly Fined for Feeding Squirrels
He was feeding them to his dog.

Monkey on the Run in Virginia
Micky Dolenz still eludes police.

Deer gets inside house, attacks Ohio woman
"When Animals Attack!"

Woman Accused of Attack With Dead Puppy
"When Dead Animals Attack!"

Montana City Deploys Goats to Eat Weeds
"When Animals Snack"

Officials criticize 'Hooters for Neuters'
Organizers say event does not degrade women. Plan to exhibit topless owls.

Woman gets severed finger in the mail
She simply has to do nothing and her credit card will be charged $19.95. Then other fingers will be sent risk free to try for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

N.D. Woman Catches Piranha in Reservoir
She used a finger she got in the mail as bait.

Teens hang dead opossum from overpass
It wasn't dead it was just.. playing.. ah never mind. Too obvious.

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