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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Headlines for Wednesday 2/21/2007

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Australia to Ban Old-Style Light Bulbs
Lights unnecessary because of all the Dim Bulbs believing in Global Warming

South Africa Finalizes Lion Hunting Laws
Simba to hold a press conference praising the action this afternoon

Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro Euthanized
Fine career ended with a bang

Brain Harvest Probe Ends Without Charges
With Democrats in office it is a poor crop anyway

Supremes Still Working On School Equality
Diana Ross and company have new jobs

In court: Who will bury Anna Nicole Smith?
Getting 5 bucks from all her baby's daddies would cover several funerals
I know that was mean. You can send me hate email

'Mr. Cooper' actor: I considered suicide
'Mr. Cooper' fans: So did we.

Agreement on Burial of James Brown
Family relieved to finally get him out of the house

Woman allegedly stabs man during sex
Man left trail of alleged blood to hospital where doctors treated his alleged wounds

Teen faces charges for laxative brownies
Lawyers insist charges are unconstipational

Kenny Chesney: I'm not gay
Yeah but Tim Hardaway still don't want you around him

Nude jogger to miss 'liberating feeling'
Will also miss hanging out with friends

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