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Friday, January 20, 2006

Headlines for Friday 01/20/2006

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Jolie's Adopted Kids Can Take Pitt's Name
World still wonders why the actress won't take his name

Palestinian film gets mixed reviews
The plot was okay but the actors bombed

Dead whale dumped at Japan's doorstep
Autopsy concludes Micheal Moore died because Bush didn't sign Kyoto Accords

Meeting of minds in Atlanta / Gay, lesbian leaders say it's past time for black churches to accept homosexuals into religious community
Religious community still waiting for gay, lesbians leaders to scrape together a mind to meet with

Jolie's Adopted Kids Can Take Pitt's Name
Children to be known as Open Pitt and Money Pitt

Religious groups worried about GM foods
Automaking giant assures critics that they will make food with the same high standards as their cars

Horse on loose winds up in swimming pool
Animal was trying out for the water polo team

Boy-grabbing baboon behaving - for now
Micheal Jackson maintaining low profile in Bahrain

Report: Inmate loses weight, escapes
When recaptured faces long stretch in dietary confinement

Man Said to Fake Death, Keep Child Support
This guy takes the "dead" in deadbeat dad seriously

Villagers Shun Man They Believe Is Dead
He should've just paid the child support

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