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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Headlines for Wednesday 01/18/2006

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Alito Says He'd Emulate O'Connor's Style
He's already hired her fashion consultant

Mideast Barbie dolls don Islamic veil
Head easily detaches in case of Honor Killing by Khomeini Ken

Foreign Oil Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria
Kidnappers lured victims in with email about getting money out of the country

Iraqi Gets Seven Years in German Court
Because there is no more room in German jails

Bush Marks MLK Day With Gospel Performance
The President was in excellent voice and his "Amazing Grace" brought down the house

Angelina Jolie Expecting Baby
Actress says "You mean I don't have to adopt this one?"

AP Poll: Blacks likelier to celebrate MLK
This just in; Mexicans likelier to celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Euthanasia 'extremely rare in UK'
However; Euthaneurope is rampant and out of control

DNA Testing Could Exonerate Executed Man
Executed man could not be reached for comment

ACLU sues to stop domestic spying program
Anti-U.S. organizations wish to destroy American values unobserved

Feds: Jackson's Animals Not Mistreated
Only his underaged boy guests were mistreated

Hilary Swank hopes to save marriage
By kicking hubby Chad Lowe to the curb

New Orleans mayor says God mad at U.S.
Suggests sacrificing Bush

Court rules US govt. can't stop Oregon suicide law
"You have reached the Beaver State Suicide Hotline. All of our operators are busy helping other suicides. If this is a suicide emergency, please hang up and shoot yourself. Otherwise stay on the line..."

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