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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Eject! Eject! Eject!: Sanctuary

I read this over at EJECT!EJECT!EJECT! I've been meaning to mention it long before now but life happened and it was back burnered. First let me say this. Read Sanctuary Part I and Sanctuary Part II. Read the whole thing. It is very long but you have the attention span and the desire to better yourself by absorbing compelling essays such as this.

Bill Whittle examines Santuary. He tells how Islamic terrorist, and insurgents have violated established sanctuaries of the uniform, of surrender and of mercy. He tells how the dessecration of these sancuaries led to the marine who shot an Iraqi in self defense because he had no choice. Then he brings it home to America and shows us how the left, in spite of all evidence continues to attack our military and our elected leaders. He takes the media to task, especially Janeane Garofalo and has an interesting view on the Freedom of Speech Award recipient. Here is a taste:

One last horror before we, if you will pardon the expression, Move On.

I had picked up a program. We were there for the Cheech and Chong reunion. But a centerpiece of the event was the dedication of this year’s Freedom of Speech Award, given to the individual who presumably has risked more than anyone else -- torture, beheading, prison – all to exercise the precious right that we all take for granted: the ability to say what we damn well please.

And the winner of the Annual Freedom of Speech Award? None other than that immortal beacon of freedom, that shining example of courage: Garry Trudeau.

Now I had met Muhammad and Omar, two of the brothers from Iraq the Model when they appeared at Roger L. Simon’s house in Los Angeles. These two ordinary men faced murder and beheading in their defense of freedom in Iraq, a nation awash in Ba’athist murderers, Al Qaeda savages and former Saddam secret policemen. These men stood openly for democracy in a land where simply being a policeman is likely to get you killed. Of course, this is merely physical and moral courage; the sort of thing easily dismissed in the sanctuary of Aspen, Colorado. No, real courage is awarded to the man who has taken the biggest pay cut in defense of free speech, and so the real honor must of necessity flow to Garry Trudeau -- a man who has dared criticize the President of the United States! A man whose endlessly repeated panels of the White House antenna farm reminds us of the true meaning of freedom and courage, for he, supported only by tens of millions, the entire celebrity universe of stars, the mainstream media and his multi-millionaire TV star wife, has selflessly risked …

I’m sorry, I drew a blank – I completely spaced!

Oh! I remember. A man who courageously allowed his secretary to selflessly risk irate e-mails in order to attack Chimpy McHitler, and who asked for nothing in return but a few tens of millions of dollars… that, my friends, is the standard-bearer for the modern liberal’s idea of courage.

Man I wish I could write like that. It really makes you think.

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