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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 5/26/2005

Tax may drain world's top sperm bank
This on top of the fact that you lose interest after you make a deposit

Hardcore teddy banned from bear parade
Kennedy barred from driving float when it was learned parade route crossed a bridge

Auction of late pope's car tied up in court
Seems John Paul II made arrangements to take it with him

Stem cell experts object to Bush 'unethical' label
Much prefer 'unborn baby butchers' for alliteration

Greenpeace launches 'prize' for Amazon destruction
Won't stop until online giant is destroyed

Suspect Still on 18-Story Crane in Atlanta
Atlanta seeks help from Tokyo on Cranezilla problem

AT&T Worldnet Service - U.S. National News - Cellist Who Missed a Day in 35 Years Dies
Spokesman for family says she will probably miss next performance

Doctor Offers Advice to Severely Overweight Child
"Lose weight! You're so fat, If you ran away, they'd have to use all four sides of the milk carton"

Texas Family Finds Baby Opossum in Toilet
Dad remarks "I don't remember eating that"

These are courtesy of The Capitalist from Laffin at the Left
Austria Lawmaker Wants to ID Dog Droppings
CSI: Fire Hydrant gears up for first season

Senators Who Engineered Deal Aim for Trust
constituents say they missed the mark widely

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