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Monday, May 09, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 5/10/2005

Broadcast watchdog bans TV porn channels
Porno stars find themselves on 125 channels with nothing on

Bobo the Killer Chihuahua Seeks New Home
Distraught pooch homeless after his male asthma hound chihuahua lover dumps him for a really fat cat with big blue nose.

Crocodiles put rangers on high alert
Clerics, bards and magic-users failed their saving throws and are on normal alert

China recalls Japanese germ warfare experiments
So if you have a Japanese germ warfare experiment issued between 1998 and 2001 please return it to China for replacement or refund

Mexico first lady fires back at foes in book war
Paperback launchers ineffective but casualties mount as foes retaliate with heavy hardbound bombardment

Experts urge Japan to rethink plutonium plant
Experts cite Godzilla and Rodan as good reasons not to build plant

Danza Loses Control of Go-Kart in Race
Actor then loses control of bladder in ambulance

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