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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Revenge of the Sithees

Okay without going into much detail about how I managed to see Star Wars Episode III, let's just say for the sake of this post I did. I now offer up my 60 second analysis.

First was it worth the hype? No. It was far better than Return of the Jedi, and Episodes I and II but it really wouldn't take much to do that.

Was the story any good? No. Without spoiling anything, the story was exactly as was told in all the previous installments. The Jedi are betrayed and killed. Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, and the Emperor forges an empire. Everything in between was flashy fights and weak dialogue but no surprises. However; not since The Empire Strikes Back (my personal favorite flick of the franchise) has the tone been so dark.

Now the most important question; did Lucas use SWE3ROTS to take cheap shots at our President and current administration. I would have to say no. I have heard people make comments about Skywalker's "If you are not for me then you are my enemy" and Obi-wan's "Only Sith deal in absolutes" retort as being attacks on Bush. I think it is more of an attack on conservatism in general and not Bush specifically. Now was the emperor's whole "fabricating a war to steal absolute power" a stab at Bush? Hard to tell. I don't think Lucas is in the same moonbat league as Moore but it would follow the whole Bush = Hitler meme. Padme's comments during the Emperor's vow to keep the Empire safe had a liberal slant. I wish I had an exact quote but it was to the effect "See how we surrender total power. With the cheers of thousands” and "Thus we destroy the very thing we hope to save." If you have the exact words post them in the comments and I will update this.

When this becomes available on DVD, I will probably buy a copy; making the total number of Stars Wars films I own 3. Not because it was great cinematic fare but it was the third best film of the six.

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