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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Strangled Afghan Women 'a Warning to Others'

This article talks about three women who were raped and strangled.

Authorities have found the bodies of three Afghan women - one of whom worked for an aid group - raped, strangled and dumped with a warning for women not to work for such groups, an official said on Monday.

Aid workers in Afghanistan have been the target of Taliban insurgents, especially in the insurgency-plagued south and east of the country, but the three women were found in the northern province of Baghlan, where Taliban rebels are not active.

"This is retribution for those women who are working in NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and those who are involved in whoredom," said a Western security official, citing the warning, a copy of which he had obtained.

The note was found attached to the chest of one of the dead women, he said.

The bodies were dumped near a road outside Pul-i-Khumri city, the provincial capital of Baghlan, said the city police chief, Gul Mohammad Mangal.

He confirmed warning letters were also found but said he did not know their content. He blamed criminals for the killing.

One of the three was a 25 year-old woman who until recently worked for a Bangladeshi NGO involved in providing micro credit, mostly to widows.

A group calling itself "Afghan Youths Convention" claimed responsibility for the killing, according to a caller who telephoned a Reuters reporter in northern Afghanistan.

The caller did not say if the previously unheard of group had any connection with any faction or radical Islamic movements such as the ousted Taliban.

A doctor in the city said forensic tests showed the three were raped and then strangled with a rope.

Ah yes the religion of peace strikes again. Odd that the MSM hasn't picked up on this. NOT. To their way of thinking those Islamofacists are merely misunderstood. These women obviously deserved it. I mean how dare they work to better the lives of Afghan women! The scum responsible for this will probably never get prosecuted. Religion of Peace indeed.

And someone who loves islam as much as I do, Vilmar has 3 related items at his blog. More on him later but for now check out the link.

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