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Friday, May 20, 2005

Headlines for Friday 5/20/2005

Shiites Stage Mass Anti-U.S. Protests
Same Shiite different day

Vienna U. to Produce 'Toilet With Brains':
Electronic voice instruct users to "Sit on my face"

Camel Sits on W.Va. Woman Painting a Fence
Woman comments; "I wuz thinkin I'd walk a mile fur a camel. Then after a mile thur it wuz!

Photos of Underwear-Clad Saddam Published
Former dictator launches new career as Victoria's Secret model

Parks' Sex Offenders Stance Draws Concern
ACLU defends rights of perverts to freely mingle with thousands of kids

Scientists: Stem Cell Work Will Aid Humans
"If we're lying may monkeys fly out of our butts!

New Monkey Species With Goose-Like Call Discovered
Scientist: "Ouch, my butt"

Exclusive: Michael Jackson Will Not Testify, Sources Say:
Jacko might say something stupid like "I like touching little boys tee hee".

Cruise Says Holmes Is 'Magnificent'
Actor fondly remembers late porn star's biggest moments

Aging Rock Acts Still Hot on Concert Circuit
Many fans looking forward to 2005 Senior Moments Tour

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