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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 11/16/2005

Napoleon's tooth fetches $22,600
Tooth Fairy pays out; declares bankruptcy

Woman Drives Station Wagon Into Bookstore
Returns book on home brake repairs

Woman finds dead turtle in package of coffee
She was treated for shell shock and released

Researchers: Hops in Beer May Be Healthy
Later drunken researchers jump in wine saying it may be healthy too.

Television's Brave New World
Would be one with something actually worth watching on it

'Wasp Hounds' Sniff Out Trouble
White protestant groups upset. Sees move as profiling

Rolling Stones Spark Noise Complaints
Mostly from people who bought last album

Grizzlies Near Yellowstone May Lose Status
Move to hunt Yogi should reduce theft of pic-a-nic baskets

Delta Heads to Court to Cut Pilots' Pay
Now we know why pilots drink

Regis and Kelly to Host 'Seinfeld' Stars
Regular Regis and Kelly viewers are accustomed to shows about nothing

'Are Men Necessary?'
Somebody has to program the TiVo

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