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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peace Mother Sheehan Has a New Book

Cindy Sheehan has written a book. I have not read it so here is my in depth, chapter by chapter analysis.

Chapter 1 deals with Cindy’s loss and how she copes with clothing. “The Lyin Witch and Her Wardrobe” will move you deeply.

Cindy quickly moves on to Chapter 2 wherein she lays bear her soul about her brief incarceration for her cause and its effect on personal hygiene. “I Know Why the Caged Turd Stinks” is an eye opening look into this country’s jails.

Chapter 3 finds Cindy praising the entertainers, like Joan Baez, who stopped by Camp Casey and supported her efforts. “The Sound of Muzak” is a fitting tribute.

Perhaps the most introspective chapter is Chapter 4. Cindy exposes here private thoughts to her private parts which respond by telling her how it feels about losing a loved one. “The Vagina Dialogues” is writing at its best.

The book just builds from there. Other chapters include “For Peace Moms Who Have Considered Suicide When the Cameras Turned Away”, “Rant”, “Moonbat 21”, “Bush Hour 2”, and “Radio Liar”.

Cindy Sheehan’s book will go down as possibly the greatest piece of literary fiction ever written. This has been a Precision Guided Humor Assignment.
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