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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What You Didn't See In the MSM News Yesterday

Bird Flu. Alito. These were the things the MSM were focused on. There wasn't so much as a peep about Three school girls beheaded in Indonesia. Why not? Well would it surprise you that the three victims were Christians? They and a fourth girl were on their way to Christian High School. Would it surprise you that the attackers are believed to be Muslims? Six attackers jumped the girls.

"But Dane! Muslims are such peace loving people!" you say. Well the report goes on to point out
Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, but Central Sulawesi has a roughly equal number of Muslims and Christians. The province was the scene of a bloody sectarian war in 2001-2002 that killed around 1,000 people from both communities.

At the time, beheadings, burnings and other atrocities were common.

A government-mediated truce succeeded in ending the conflict in early 2002, but there have since been a series of bomb attacks and assassinations of Christians. These included a blast at a market in Poso, a predominantly Christian town, that killed 22 people in May.
Ah yes the "Religion of Peace".

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