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Monday, October 31, 2005

Headlines for Monday 10/31/2005

Obesity Cause: Is It in the Brain?
I'm guessing no. It's probably the mouth

Woman gets donkey for her 50th birthday
"I said I wanted Jackass:The Movie not a moving jackass"

Late Pope's Ford Escort Sells for $690,000
Which is $589,999 over blue book

Naked Photographer Sentenced to Jail
Its only natural for him to be hanging out with the rest of the perverts

Depardieu Says He's Ending Career
Critics say last film mortally wounded career, hopes suffering ends quickly

City Council in N.D. Cancels Male Revue
Fargo Council members couldn't learn their dance routines in time

More Britons believe in ghosts than in God
Its enough to put the fear of Casper in a person

Geraldo's New Daily TV Show Debuts Monday
Investigative reporter to start new show with an in-depth look for an audience

City tackles titillating mannequins
Hollywood actresses flee as city cracks down on sexy dummies

Chesney: Losing Zellweger Hurts Like Having TV Stolen
Zellweger: Divorcing Chesney is like have an ass removed

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