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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

When Did Bush’s Presidency Start Failing?

Was I asleep or something? Jim Hoagland, a Washington Post columnist had this to say in his op ed Can wise counsel find Bush's willing ear
Bush's floundering since he was caught off base and off guard by Hurricane Katrina strips the veil from a broad pattern of recurrent inattention to the duties of governance, of misplaced loyalty to incompetent subordinates and a crippling refusal to look back at and learn from mistakes.

Kind of harsh but not completely unexpected from the WaPo. I know the President has taken a severe hit on his approval rating since Katrina but is he on the verge of “lame duckness” with three years still left in his presidency?The liberal press would like you to think so. Hoagland suggests that Bush get himself a good “friend” who would tell him how badly he is screwing up, for GW’s own good of course. Only then can President Bush salvage the presidency and the country from the mess he’s made of it.

Really? I suppose Mr. Hoagland thinks that anyone who thinks that the President isn't on the verge of ruining the nation suffers from the same disease as the President and wouldn't make a good "friendly ear".

I believe that the country would do better if they stopped listning to partisan doomsayers like Hoagland and his ilk.

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