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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 10/20/2005

Deadly Wilma eyeing Florida
After killing her husband Fred, Mrs. Flintsone seeks a quiet retirement community

Does Bed Rest Improve Outcome of Pregnancy?
Bed rest usually improves the input of pregnancy

Saturday night is dead
Foul play suspected; other days were elsewhere at the time.

World War II Airman Found Frozen in Glacier
News of Steve Rogers' discovery terrifies Red Skull

Stem Cell Hub Opens in Seoul
Specialties include Stem Cells and Rice Noodles, Sweet and Sour Stem Cells, and General Tso's Stem Cells

Group Condemns Chicken Choking Toy
Group now set sights on monkey spanking toy

Marriage Doesn't Affect Breast Cancer Survival
Doctors consider removing marriage from list of treatment options

Malaysian Who Pulled Jet With Hair Dies
Cause of death listed as terminal frizzies

Rice to Meet With Congress Over Iraq
Squimish congressmen urge SOS to relocate meeting to someplace on the ground and closer to home

Shatner examined after back complaint
Doctors fear probing where no man has gone before

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