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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 10/11/2005

Original R.E.M. members rock wedding
Angry bridal party stones band for disrupting ceremony

Cold remedies -- new twists on old products
You still feed a fever but now you allow colds to die with dignity

Lincoln National to Acquire Jefferson-Pilot
George and Weezy move into rich apartment and meet their new maid and goofy British neighbor

Spears' Auction Concludes - Without Bra
Singer's topless antics fail to revitalize stalled career

Nobel prize sparks war of words
Then degenerates into brawl as Peace Prize nominees fist fight over award

Palm Springs Hosts First Mr. Gay Contest
Winning contestant was weak in the Singing Show Tunes competition but blew the others away in the Evening Gown competition

Peruvian prison holds beauty contest
Apparently Palm Springs wasn't the only place to have a Mr. Gay Contest

Eminem fuels rumors with hits CD
Discriminating listeners fuel bonfires with Eminem CDs

Fan Catches Two of Astros' Home Run Balls
Spokesman for the Jetsons says family dog is resting comfortably after re-attachment surgery

New Orleans' tourists head elsewhere
Anticipation builds for first ever Mardi Gras of Fargo ND

Woman, 97, Gets Postcard After 27 Years
It was an overdue book notice from the library. Fines now total $1,245,647.45

Wis. Residents Raise Stink Over Manure
Residents claim manure fouls the smell of their dairy air

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