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Monday, October 24, 2005

Headlines for Monday 10/24/2005

Officer who stole snack chips reinstated
Randy "Frito Bandito" Reyna was given community service and a lessor charge of misdemeanor munchies abuse

Deputy Allegedly Pulls Gun on Slow Golfers
Determined to shoot a 64 no matter what

Indiana Jail Gets Funding for Toilet Paper
Hoozier hooskow finally finds fecal funding
(Note: What have they been putting in police water lately?)

Danes Design Singing Pillows for Soldiers
I did not!

Desperate Housewives IDs Basement Guy
Fingered blogger proclaims innocence

10 die as blasts rock reporters' hotels in Baghdad
Authorities suspect a suicide belt on a lobster at the buffet in the pool area

Woman Allegedly Steals to Bail Out Hubby
Hubby obviously didn't marry her for her brains

Man allegedly robs bank with pay stub note
It might have help to use a gun but now he can only be charged with aggrevated stupidity

Liver Transplants May Cure Rare Disease
Especially missing liver syndrome

BlackBerry's Creators Don't Forget Roots
Mike to name first born Kunta Kinte Lazaridis

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