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Monday, October 17, 2005

Headlines for Monday 10/17/2005

Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate
Their only hope is to breed more poor pepole and get them to vote Democrat

Documents Show Supreme Court Nominee's Close Ties to Bush
Democrats cry foul and demand Bush nominate a total stranger

'Spamalot' recoups its $12M investment
Audiences were treated to male-enhancement drugs, low mortgages and cheap Canadian pharmaceuticals

ABC News Replacing Koppel With 3 Anchors
Move will honor Koppel's role as dead weight and his ability to keep the show from going anywhere

Stallone returning for sixth 'Rocky'
Script:Balboa takes on Foreman after launching a line of tabletop grilling machines

African Food for Africa's Starving Is Roadblocked in Congress
A tiny detail about Africa's food is still being bought by American money

Video in the News: Where Is Columbus Buried?
Study confirms Ohio capitol buried on I-71 between Mansfield and Cincinnati

Analyses of Floodwater Find Lower Levels of Toxic Chemicals Than Feared
Findings are in keeping with lower levels of everthing feared as reported by the MSM

Ricky Martin says fame left him bored
Has-been singer now finds fame has left him alone

Dragonfly Migration Tracked With Tiny Radio Tags
Lodging and eating habits studied by tracking credit card transactions

Etheridge: I used medicinal marijuana
Singer upset that her insurance didn't cover perscriptions filled by her soundman's second cousin

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