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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Headlines for Tuesday 10/4/2005

Global sea levels could rise 30 cm by 2100- study
This year's 0.126 inch rise expected to keep millions off the beaches

Statues of Ancient Goddesses Discovered
But you still have to hand it to Venus De Milo

Judge: Deaf, Mute Incompetent for Trial
It's a wonder he ever passed the bar let alone made it to the bench

Author John Gray Says Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt Marriage 'Didn't Have a Chance From the Get-Go
Relationship expert made claim after seven months of separation and a divorce suit

Elian Gonzalez, 11, calls Castro 'friend', 'father'
Gonzalez family calls Janet Reno 'Mother', 'f****r'

Father of Valium dead at 97
He looks really REALLY peaceful

Bar Made From Arctic Ice Opens in London
Expected to close soon due to global warming. Owners plan to sue Bush

World toilet summit lifts lid on public hygiene
Angry women then demanded they but the seat back down after they were done

Witchcraft training gets tax break
Deductions allowed for tuition and grimoires but not Eye of Newt and other school supplies

Oxygen helped mammals grow, study finds
Scientists determined that breathing was generally a good thing for living creatures

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